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Biden blames jet lag and travel for poor debate performance
  • R's will vote r. Protest votes and votes of caution and whatever else you can do to justify not voting Biden is going to spell disaster.

    If Biden dies in office or whatever - at least another Dem will take over.

    Reagan ran his last 2 years with Alzheimer's - just vote for biden that's all you have to do to avoid a catastrophic shit show under Trump

  • Biden blames jet lag and travel for poor debate performance
  • You clearly DO care as you decided to push that particular factoid out of this article.

    I don't care what the excuses are, I don't give a fuck about anything other than trump NOT becoming president.

    So I and you and everyone else in this fucking country with half a gob damn braincell needs to start focusing on the positives you have under Biden and start to TRULY understand how fucked you will be under Trump - especially now that the prez has carte blanch to assassinate people, apparently.

  • Can Biden be replaced as Democrat nominee? Who could replace him?
  • In this case - it is.

    Article II, Section 1, Clause 5:

    No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

    There is NOTHING that prevents anyone from campaigning or running for president that is younger than 35. You have to be 35 to serve as president. There is no ambiguity.

  • Light Phone 3 The Light Phone

    Light is a radically different technology company. We design beautiful tools that respect and empower our users and our first product is The Light Phone.

    The Light Phone

    So, I preordered the Light Phone 3? I considered the 2 for a while but it is just to clunky with its eink screen, texting would be a nightmare.

    What are y'all's thoughts on the new design? Do you think minimalist phones are worth it?


    [Solved] GoG Games not working with Heroic Launcher on POP_OS

    [Switched to Proton Experimental and everything is working flawlessly.]


    I have Baldurs Gate 3 and Cyberpunk on GoG - I just tried to install them using Heroic Launcher.

    Cyberpunk will open the CDProjekt launcher, but then the game wont start. Baldur will say running - but its not running at all.

    I've seen other people saying these games just pretty much work straight up when using Heroic and Im not quite sure what to troubleshoot here as I've not use heroic before (regardless, I got further with Heroic than i did with Lutris for GoG)

    Any one else hit these snags? Let me know what information you need from me and i will gladly provide it, im still a linux noob, but can find what ya need if you can tell me what I need to provide to help trouble shoot.

    Im using Pop_os.

    Thank you in advance!


    Found this awesome guy at the dollar tree

    No idea what to make with it yet, but it's gonna be something!!


    Pop_OS Pulsing Blurry/Fuzzy Screen - Help?

    So - heres a weird one.

    Everything was completely fine until last night and I have no idea what has changed at all.

    When my screen sits idle for more than a second it get fuzzy and blurry. Then it will pulse from fuzzy to clear about every second.

    Every letter I type causes the screen to flash clear, but then immediately goes back to fuzzy after I release the key. Mousing over an entity that causes an interaction does the same thing.

    It is not the HDMI cable. Ive tried 3 cables. Its not my HDMI switch, I've changed all the cable and swapped ports around several times.

    I have a SAMSUNG 43 UHD TV (60hz) that I use as my monitor. It is set to Dynamic Display in Game Mode. This has worked with no issues at all for 6+ months.

    I ran some system updates 2 days ago, but the issue didn't start until last night. Also - its intermittent - so I'm at a total fucking loss. Reboots/Resets of varying types have not seemed to help.

    Any ideas? let me know what else you need from me - Im still a relatively new linux user so be gentle.

    Thank you in advance


    Discussion: Parking lots and solar farms.

    We all know America has a massive problem with sprawl and mandatory parking minimums, however there does seem to be a trend of easing these arbitrary minimums. With that said, we still have massive parking lots with nothing happening.

    What is preventing that land from being leased and turned into solar farms? Or for that matter - active parking lots? Why not build raised structure to put solar farms over top of parking lots - not just here in the us - but everywhere?

    Pro being ... Energy? Shade for cars? Something to look at other parking lots?

    Cons being... Safety? Shady people in shady places? Something to look at other than solar farms?

    I know there are articles on this - but just wanted to hear y'all's thoughts on it since it's been rattling in my head for a minute.


    Just started playing and I love it.

    I started playing this a week ago, I've already purchased 6 decks. I started playing MTG at the tail end of 4th edition but the direction hasbro too mtg really turned me off - since discovering this, I really feel like this will fill my tcg void.

    You all have any tips / tricks? Good wats to build a collection? How to get started in constructed?



    Has anyone managed to get The Finals play test running on Linux?

    Just wondering what you did. I am using Pop_os.

    I installed it with Steam and it seems to almost boot, then crashes, I figure it's just because it's beta - maybe it'll be more stable and work when it actually launches.

    Or maybe not because anti cheat - who's know, just looks fun.


    Welcome all new Lemmy users!

    Greetings everyone

    I just wanted to say there is a Gaslands community here on Lemmy!

    If you want to help push the pedal to the metal - start by posting some of your cars, terrain, or battle reports!

    If you've never played Gaslands or are just Gaslands curious! Let us know and we would be happy to answer any questions you have!

    Enjoy your time here! Thanks for browsing!


    I've just installed Boost for Lemmy to try it out over sync...

    It's been 2 minutes and I have already uninstalled sync. This is a FANTASTIC app. Kudos devs. I will be sending $ shortly.


    Im not sure why, but making the swap to linux has made me play more if my games.

    So I swapped over to Pop!_os a couple of weeks ago, having never used Linux in my life. Honestly I blame Lemmy, but I am good with it. It has been a fantastic change.

    During this swap - I was trying to find some games to install. I guess this forced me to re-assess my digital collection and rediscover things.

    I started playing slay the spire, control, guild wars 2, against the storm, path of exile, caves of qud, and just so many other things I forgot I had or moved on from.

    Anyway - just an observation that Linux has somehow managed to rekindle the gamer in me after a stressful last year.

    Anyway, thats all. Thanks to all of y'all for helping me troubleshoot everything.

    Edit: ...more OF my games.


    Does anyone here have any experience with the Light Phone 2?

    I find myself on my phone way more than I want to be. It is a distraction. However, for everything it does distract me from, it still is a useful tool.

    I have tired usage blocking apps. But since I can just turn it off - it doesn't really work.

    I take pictures to remember things, and I worry that the light phone not having a camera will be a problem... but I am also just thinking I could just write things down I guess.

    Anyway I'm just wondering if any of you switched to a dumb phone and have noticed a positive impact on your life.


    Lightweight Distro for 2007 Macbook help

    Still very new to the whole Linux world and I am looking for some help.

    I just acquired an old 2007 MacBook, it's in great shape & runs osx lion perfectly - but I want to put Linux on it so I can turn it to an extremely light casual gaming / pico-8 practice / media machine

    I know that it is 64 bit

    I have tried to boot both Elementary OS and Zorin OS Lite - but both just don't progress after selecting install from the boot screen.

    I did manage to get PuppyLinux to run... however - I am not quite experienced enough yet to know my way around that yet... and I am a vain man who comes from a Ux design background and it's difficult for me to get past how PuppyLinux looks.

    I have not tried Xubuntu yet, I think that will be next on my list of stuff to try tonight, but I was curious if anyone else has had any success reviving old 2007 MacBooks and just wondering what you used.

    Thanks in advance 🙏

    Edit: Model is MacBook A1181


    Brand new Linux Mint user having lag issues with external monitor.

    Ahoy - I am as green as green can be when it comes to using any Linux OS, so please forgive any ignorance, I am learning as I go, I only installed this yesterday and I have zero Linux experience.

    I use a Samsung smart TV as my external monitor and my computer is a Lenovo Legion y540 gaming laptop with 16gig of ram - its about 4 years old at this point i think. It still plays the games I like to play with no issues at all and when I was using windows, my tv worked great as my monitor for all of my games fps' and otherwise - sure its not like top of the line gaming specs, but it works for me ya know.

    Now that I have swapped over to linux mint, i am having very very very noticeable lag on the external monitor. My mouse cursor is delayed by like a quarter of a second, and almost by a second when I boot up a game.

    I am using the most current open source driver for my graphic card, because if i use the recommended NVIDIA driver, the monitor wont recognize at all.

    I have a GeForce GTX 1650 Mobile in this laptop.

    I've tired looking into this last night but was stumped, so any guidance from you all would be wonderful.

    Thank you in advance

    Also please let me know what other info I can provide (and how I can provide it - again - super new here on Linux Mint)

    Edit: I resolved the issue by using Pop!_os instead of Mint, I assume it is a driver issue because Nvidia - however there are several suggestions I did not try below that may have worked as well - but I think Pop!_os will be much more on brand for me. Thanks for the help all!

    Armored Core citrusface

    How is everyone liking AC6 so far?

    I think it's been incredibly good.

    It's tough and rewarding. I'm stuck at the level where you fight the stealthed ACs right now so I am working on changing up my build, but I haven't been excited by a game this much in a long while!

    Can't wait to climb the arena and try the multiplayer mode.