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Version 256 of systemd boasts '42% less Unix philosophy'
  • I’ve been hearing really nice reviews of Void …

  • House Republican wants to re-name the U.S. coastline after Trump
  • just the coast of Florida – the inner coast home to red tides and the outer coast home to drifts of seaweed hosting flesh-eating bacteria

  • Homemade double fried Karaage, homemade Togarashi, homemade Onigiri
  • now just a little touch of furikake on the onigiri

  • The debate gets interesting sometimes
    • the victims are the American people, not whichever politician you’re waving your team flag for
    • the aggressors are the politicians too busy pocketing their corporate bribes to pay attention to their constituents
      • “polls into the 21st century showed that a plurality and a majority opposed overruling Roe” (Wikipedia)

  • The debate gets interesting sometimes
  • the decision that Blue did absolutely nothing to protect even though they knew full well Red would kill it any chance they got?

  • Guys I’m against peta who kills 50,000,0000 puppies a day
    • ¿Por qué no los dos?
    • Animal agriculture industry is seriously fucked up
    • AND
    • PETA is a really shitty organization
  • Soup
  • “and music still on MTV”

  • Are a.i.(s) newbee's programming bff(s) ?
  • just as long as you can tell the difference between whether it’s holding your hand or leading you by the nose

  • Sorry, those thoughts have already been overwritten
  • “why did I walk into this room?”

  • The radical combination of degrowth and basic income
  • one of the big results out of the various UBI trials so far is that even with so-called “freeloaders”, overall productivity goes up – and we can see similar results in housing (providing housing for the unhoused saves money for the whole society) and health care (taking care of everyone costs less than gatekeeping whether you “qualify”)

  • Bacterial melanin clothes may protect us from UV rays in the future - Yanko Design
  • a skin-tight second-skin in a hot climate …

  • Duran Duran's Rio cover model identified 42 years later

    The original inspiration for Duran Duran's iconic Rio album cover has finally been revealed, four decades after the LP's release.

    Duran Duran's Rio cover model identified 42 years later
    X is about to start hiding all likes
  • can’t have conservative snowflakes getting triggered

  • Microsoft's Recall Feature Is Even More Hackable Than You Thought

    A new discovery that the AI-enabled feature's historical data can be accessed even by hackers without administrator privileges only contributes to the growing sense that the feature is a “dumpster fire.”

    Microsoft's Recall Feature Is Even More Hackable Than You Thought
    22 After its reputation went up in flames, Humane warns users its charging case may too

    Humane is warning customers not to use the AI Pin's charging case due to a potential “fire safety risk.”

    After its reputation went up in flames, Humane warns users its charging case may too

    cinereus he - 42 keys, column stagger, splay in a 60% case

    • Mekanisk Klippe case in Ultramarine
    • cinereus he PCB with assembly by JLC
    • FR4 plate in JLC Blue (missing Ultramarine’s hint of green)
    • Gateron Melodic switches
    • MTNU Susu keycaps
    • running Vial firmware
    • a BIG thanks to Noah Kiser’s PCB design videos and JLC’s PCB fab and assembly services
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    Youtube / Piped

    > “Authorized by the Chosen One”


    Rio album cover - Patrick Nagel (1982)

    cross-posted from:

    > cross-posted from: > > > Rio album cover - Patrick Nagel (1982) > > > > - From Muddy Colours > > > > "It’s easy to dismiss the technical prowess of Nagel’s work, as his style is easily replicated digitally nowadays. But keep in mind that all of his images were actual paintings, typically acrylic paint on stretched canvas. In total, he left behind a body of work of more than 400 paintings. But more importantly, he created a style that truly defined, and influenced an entire decade. The ‘Nagel’ style is now synonymous with the look of the ’80’s’. > > > > Patrick Nagel died tragically at the young age of 38. During a 15-minute celebrity “Aeroba-thon” to raise funds for the American Heart Association, he suffered a fatal heart attack due to a congenital heart defect that went un-identified his entire life."


    How Anarchy Works [Andrewism]

    Piped / Invidious

    [yes, we got a new Andrewism video for Labour Day!]

    > “Anarchism - a political philosophy and practice that opposes ALL hierarchies along with their ‘justifying’ dogmas and proposes the unending pursuit of anarchy, where free association, self determination, and mutual aid form the basis of our society.”


    Where? [Zac Gorman, 2013]


    Workers’ Memorial Day – April 28

    image from Labor Archives and Research Center, San Francisco State University

    Workers’ Memorial Day – “an international day of remembrance and action for workers killed, disabled, injured, or made unwell by their work.”


    tuk_tuk – a 42-key katana-stagger in a Minivan case

    open source, files on Codeberg

    this was a big learning experience, first time doing a proper PCB instead of using yet another Pro Micro equivalent – this would not have been possible without Noah Kiser’s tutorials on Youtube, all the work that went into QMK and Vial, and the ease of JLC’s assembly service (no way I was ever going to solder an RP2040)

    shocked and giddy with how easy the whole process was – plugged in the fresh PCB and it went straight into bootloader mode – uploaded the \*.uf2 and it worked first time!

    • symmetric split-ergo style layout (6 × 3 + 3)
    • katana stagger
      • personally find this works really nicely and keeps the feel of an ortho or columnar board
    • fits into Minivan case (12.75u × 4u)
    • attempt to use as many existing mounting holes as possible (6/7)
      • main issue was maintaining symmetric layout with two mounting points in bottom row
      • personally find the resulting odd gap to be uncomfortable
      • if I do an update, I would remove the awkward spacing and slide the whole bottom row to the left a smidge (resulting in an uncomfortably-asymmetric symmetric layout)
    • learning to use JLC’s PCB assembly instead of a Pro Micro equivalent
    • providing a proper Vial firmware
      • (default layout is based off Reviung41 layout)

    Bella ciao cantata dal coro R'Esistente del Pratello

    Piped / Invidious

    Wikipedia: Bella ciao

    Astronautalis - Bella Ciao - Youtube / Piped / Invidious

    Chia Madani - Bella Ciao - Youtube / Piped / Invidious

    (and yes, I have an irrational dislike of the La Casa de Papel version)