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Look what they need to mimic a fraction of our unshittified experience
  • This is just a bad windows install. The overlay problem happens if you remove edge/gamebar without preserving webview2. I am curious what system settings do you change in the middle of a game apart from one click shutdown.

  • Look what they need to mimic a fraction of our unshittified experience
  • I don't need any gaming integration in windows. I turn on my pc, steam opens on startup and i click play. Nothing in windows gets in my way. I don't update my drivers unless i am playing a new game on launch day.

  • The fix is scheduled for the next release
  • I removed my edge browser without deleting webview2. If you use random internet scripts it will remove webview2 which is required by many apps and games. My current windows 11 install have no problems with edge uninstalled the proper way without removing webview2.

  • Riot official response about League of Legends on Linux for Vanguard anti cheat
  • Handheld gamers doesnt contribute much to league of legends, which is a highly competitive mouse and keyboard focused game. And riot have data about the linux gamers who plays lol before anticheat update. So they are right to offer zero support. Also linux never had much support for popular liver service games like EFT, warzone, siege, fortnite.

  • 5 reasons why desktop Linux is finally growing in popularity
  • I am using statcounter for india numbers not steam. Steam numbers are not overinflated by these office pcs. Also india have 1.5billion people so any gain here have a significant impact on stat counter worldwide numbers.

  • 5 reasons why desktop Linux is finally growing in popularity
  • You are here agreeing with me on why linux is a inferior experience on software and hardware front. You are softening the blow by blaming developers and capitalism. You dont have to ask muta, I work in the govt health sector in india and here every pc runs ubuntu. This is same for other sectors. Everything is done on the browser. Also gaming here is dominated by Mobile so these numbers are surely overinflated.

  • 5 reasons why desktop Linux is finally growing in popularity
  • Anyone building a new pc, is going to use modern hardware not EOL hardware. Yes it is great that linux can revive old laptops making it perfectly capable for browsing and word processing, but for a new gaming pc with modern hardware that i build to play modern games i will choose windows over linux anyday.

    Linux going 3 to 4 is because govt office pc. Also why linux have a 25 percent market share in india according to the same stats. Because all these pcs need is a chrome browser and word processing. If you look at recent steam hardware survey linux only have 2 percent market share in which half of them are steam deck users.

    Why should i waste time troubleshooting on linux, when windows have 100 percent game compatibility and i don't have to worry about any future games and proton incompatibility. Also popular games like valorant, league, eft, warzone and services like gamepass, netflix 4k doesnt outright work on linux.

  • The truth about linux having 15% market share in India.

    I am from india. These numbers are inflated due to our population and government and health sector office pc using linux (ubuntu). These office pcs just require a chrome browser and all the work is done on the browser Nobody here cares what os they use in their office pc. I don't see anyone here switching to linux on their personal pc other than the IT students who are forced to install kali linux. And most of them are running linux on virtualbox on windows.

    Steam deck is not even officially sold here and imported ones that are sold cost 950$ for the 512 gb variant. So it is a ultra niche item here. .

    People here buy desktops only for gaming/content creation, which means most households here doesn't need/require a desktop. And these people always prefer mac or windows.

    Also gaming scene here is dominated by mobile games (because gaming pcs and consoles are too expensive and we have the cheapest internet and phone prices) As for pc games it is dominated by valorant, Minecraft and gtav (fivem rp).

    Edit - Many consider this a huge win. But getting market share in the office space for basic browsing and word processing inflates the numbers for actual game/app developers who wants to support linux and they will disappointed seeing the actual usage and they will abandon the linux support. Also the indian market isn't buying laptop/desktops for browsing, they just use their phone because pc hardware is expensive and phones prices are cheap. And anyone who is buying desktops for serious tasks stick to windows and mac.

    Should i switch my jellyfin server from windows to linux?

    I run jellyfin server on pc running windows 10. Am i missing something by running it on windows?

    The finals game doesnt run on linux so i switched back to windows 11.

    Linux is all good if you only play singleplayer games. My friends started playing the finals yesterday and it doesn't run on linux because of EAC. Windows can run all my games without any proton switching and all the nvidia features like ray reconstruction and pathtracing with frame generation just works (alan wake 2 looks so good).

    How is powerplans/performance modes handled in laptops running linux compared to windows?

    I want to buy a gaming laptop from mainstream brands like asus, msi, hp. I wish to install linux for gaming.

    On windows we do have softwares like armoury crate, omen centre etc to control performance profiles. On windows it is impossible to get peak performance without installing those softwares and bios options are usually limited

    How are these things handled in linux? Without dedicated software, can the OS( not bios) achieve peak performance with powershell/terminal?

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