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Leaky bags
  • Hey remember the phase like 10 years ago when shower gel companies were selling shower gel with fucking little plastic balls in it as an exfoliant?! Can you fucking believe that was a thing that really happened fml

  • Microblog Memes casmael

    JP is unamused



    About as good as you can get with an iPhone

    Not bad tbh. Mobile phone cameras have come a long way, but I remain highly sceptical that they will completely replace standalone cameras, as Sony has claimed.


    I guarantee if they could they would

    Kinda morbidly fascinating to see Google devolve into a horrible bucket of shit


    But first they would need to invent some tape

    They could have fitted the whole ring / tape / mouse assembly into a small paper bag Aragorn could have kept it in his jacket and fed it little bits of lembas on the way how lovely x


    I’m actually something of a dumbo chungus myself

    Bong is one of the funniest words in English and you can’t change my mind

    outoftheloop casmael

    Who the fuck is bill Maher and why is he such a scab?

    I have seen this man in pictures before but couldn’t tell you who he is

    shitposting casmael

    When they do quite a lot there

    Printing, the lot


    obsessed, i tell you

    Some memes are easy, some memes need an explanation. Fortunately this one comes with context - highly convenient. Perhaps we should be pushing for legislation to make this mandatory. Big Meme has had free reign for too long


    I wonder what they did before

    I Will try to post more OC going forward x


    The square sided iPhone looks shit

    I much prefer rounded corners. Also the big one is too big and the normal one is too small. Nice try Tim Apple. 🍏

    Street photography casmael

    The Record Keepers


    You traded the popemobile for this?!

    He did not, in fact, trade the popemobile for this.


    The obscure taste of solitude

    London through an ice cream van [OC]