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Biden calls for justice after footage released of police killing Black woman
  • No, I said the civil rights laws exist, making the most egregious behavior harder to get away with.

    ... Again, that doesn't make sense. Do the laws make their behavior better, yes or no?

    Because once again you're saying they do, but somehow they're not as well. Schrodinger's ACAB.

    Here, have some literature about past, current, and future reformations and best practices.

    Have some on churn:

    Police killings not being statistically higher or lower between 2013 and 2016:

    Police shootings of black people and unarmed lowering in 2020:

    Little hard data to show that policing hasn't improved since the civil rights era but I have a hard time believing differently:

  • Biden calls for justice after footage released of police killing Black woman
  • So maybe you're not familiar with churn then. Churn is the turn over rate for employees. I also think you misunderstand what reformation means, how long it takes, and that there's no tipping point of when something is reformed or not. It wasn't magically Roman Catholicism to Lutheranism after Luther penned the 95 Theses lol.

    1. You already said that civil rights have gotten better.

    2. You already agreed there are new laws and increased oversight regularly.

    3. Employees turn over as there is natural churn. Combined with churn from increased oversight and scrutiny preventing bad people or stopping heinous shit. You also have lawsuits and criminal proceedings to get rid of bad police.

    4. How do you propose 1 works without 2 and 3? How do you posit that police aren't better almost year by year if the entire bushel is spoiled?

  • We Need to Rethink Exercise – The Workout Paradox

    Television BlanketsWithSmallpox

    Scavengers Reign episode 12 finale discussion


    Megadeth Drummer Hears Paramore For The First Time Piped

    An alternative privacy-friendly YouTube frontend which is efficient by design.


    Full Sized Crow of Judgement


    Anti-Marijuana PSA: "The Death Drug" (1996)

    Gaming BlanketsWithSmallpox

    Why don't idle games mine for crypto?

    It feels like wasted power. You could at least be earning something off it. The creator can either take a cut if it's free or lump sum for paid.

    I've seen a few idle games take up a lot CPU resources, not necessarily GPU so it had me wondering. Why not make it mine?

    Pictures BlanketsWithSmallpox

    Illinois Eclipse Illinois Eclipse, forgot my Behelit though.

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    From my camera phone.


    Ape gives audience the Ol Razzle Dazzle before flinging hot feces on them.


    I wore my old one so much it had to get retired, Edward.


    It's my ass kicking outfit, bitch.

    I'm reminded of ProzD whenever I'm not using the Apply Outfit option in My Time at Sandrock.


    Estimated Time of Arrival: Just wanted to add...

    Normal Top: Edit: Savvy Middle: E: Dumb Bottom: ETA:




    Game wikis just aren't as popular anymore?

    Has anyone else noticed that Wikis for most games just aren't as complete anymore?

    I'm the one helping to fill in stuff these days when I swear most games had pretty fully Wiki pages within a week of release. Have most of these just moved to actual Gaming article websites? They sure as hell haven't gone to Gamefaqs lol.

    I've recently played Diablo 4, Remnant 2, 30XX, Armored Core 6, and just started Have a Nice Death... and I've had to help with additions on nearly every free Wiki... Never used to have to do this...