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Is it feasible to turn manufacturing most simple products into open source? Is this the future?
  • For hardware, there is a difference between knowing the schematics and actually editing the schematics. You can have all the schematics you want, but when you try to modify it to suit your needs you need to either remake the schematic or if the original file is shared, edit that instead. As I said, this is my opinion and the ease of modification is generally also part of open source. For a simple part, yes it is possible to remake it. But a complex assembly requires significant effort. Say a roller needs to be spaced a certain amount. You may want to tweak those distances. Before you manufacture it, you check what parts need to be changed to accommodate for your modification too.

  • Is it feasible to turn manufacturing most simple products into open source? Is this the future?
  • Hmmm, I think that depends very much on the license of the schematic then. Can you share the schematic? Is it in editable form? Yes? Then it is open source, if not then it still is not open source. I think there is a lot to argue about in open sourceness of hardware. And I'm not really qualified to make such an argument, but folks at OpenHardware have IMHO a decent opinion on it.

  • Is it feasible to turn manufacturing most simple products into open source? Is this the future?
  • I think that is quite a different thing no? Those are standard vs open source implementation. Standards make sure we can interop and we can have some high level assumptions/expectations about something. But open source means we also know HOW does it fulfill the standard. A calculator can perform the operation 1 × 4 just fine, but we won't know HOW it does that. It could be that they have a dedicated circuitry for it or its using the addition circuitry with a parameterized loop.

  • Any dude that had experience with sex workers here?... How was it?
  • I just wanted to thank OP for this thread since this is quite enlightening about sex workers/industry in general. From where I come from, sex work is technically illegal but not very enforced. But those things also make it hard to regulate the market and make it safe. I learn so much and a lot here.

    As for my opinion before I read about all the intricacies of sex industry, wank it first to think with a clear head. Then if you happen to come to the same conclusion, hey, more bang for your bucks!

  • Android users, what's stopping you from switching to an iPhone?
  • I think sandboxing the filesystem by default is a good security measure. For Android it makes sense since you can sideload an app and that always carries risks. I think it can be improved on the UX side without compromising much on security but that is not my expertise. And note that I have not used iOS devices in ages too so I don't know how they handle the filesystem now.

  • (Help) Name of (sandbox?) game set on space? (Found: Starsector)

    So I usually browse the internet at random and sometimes stumble upon some interesting games. Today as I was going to sleep however, I remember I saw a game that I cannot for the life of me find the name again. Not even in my search history (as I regularly wipe those). Can anyone help me find it again? Here is what I know:

    • I didn't find it from steam. And if I remember it correctly, the developer doesn't publish it there either.
    • The game website is quite "old" IMHO. Their website is styled like space with galaxy and stuff.
    • The game features advertised on the very front page is freedom to become anything. Either a trader or even space mercenary
    • I remember the screenshot of the game UI is like stellaris, with a star view, ship control and such
    • I don't really remember if the game is online only or not. But most likely not

    I know that seems very generic but I am really hyper focused on finding it and failing. I think I also found the game by recommendation somewhere on lemmy.

    Edit: It is Starsector