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Slow recovery from IT outage begins as experts warn of future risks
  • I’m not sure you can blame the CEO. As much as I despise C-level execs this seems like a failure at a much lower level. Now the question of whether this is a culture failure is a different story because to me that DOES come from the CEO or at least that level.

  • Halo on Paramount+ has been canceled after only two seasons
  • Fallout is proof you can make a video game show good and still be true to the original game. Halo was a completely different story they tried to throw the Halo brand on and didn’t give two shits about the game. Bungie should have sued them for slander…. or whoever owns the brand now.

  • CrowdStrike downtime apparently caused by update that replaced a file with 42kb of zeroes
  • Third parties being able to push updates to production machines without being tested first is giant red flag for me. We’re human … we fuck up. I understand that. But that’s why you test things first.

    I don’t trust myself without double checking, so why would we completely trust a third party so completely.

  • What’s pvp? An sti?
  • Dude I’m 53 and this is exactly me (so mid gen-x?). I’ve been playing video games since I was 8 (of course back then it was pong and an Atari 2600). I hate the toxicity of any online play.

  • What’s the difference between the 1990s supergroup that sang “High Enough” and some moldy sweet potatoes?

    One is Damn Yankees and the other is danky yams.