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The Ten Commandments must be displayed in Louisiana classrooms under requirement signed into law
  • I can tell you why three of them are problematic:

    1. No bacon because pork isn't kosher.
    2. Polyester and cotton are mixed fabrics.
    3. You can't cook an animal in the milk of it's mother, so no cheeseburgers.

    edit: as pointed out below, cooking on the Sabbath is the fourth.

  • Rumor That Donald Trump Is Launching His Own Crypto Inspires Countless Scams
  • Not so much the cultists as it is foreign agents and America's wealthy buying influence.

    Crypto, book deals, art, NFTs, stock buying, are all ways one could funnel money to a political party or candidate that don't technically count as campaign contributions.

  • Metroid Prime 4: Beyond – Announcement Trailer
  • Let's face it: that trailer was just bad. We already knew MP4 was in the works; there was nothing that was shown for us to get excited for. No new enemies, no new suits, no new abilities, no new weapons. If I had to guess, I'd say the team was told to put something together for Nintendo Direct at the last minute, so they threw together footage from the intro level. It worries me that Nintendo wants to drive the hype from the existence of MP4, instead of the content of MP4.

  • Alex Jones Is Now Trying to Divert Money to His Father’s Supplements Business
  • Alex Jones' parents are members of the John Birch Society, and his dad not only helped Jones get InfoWars off the ground, he is also part owner of the trust that is the owner of Free Speech Systems (the parent company of InfoWars).

    That shit apple didn't just not fall far from the shit tree, it fell straight fucking down.

  • Will Trump go to prison for felony hush money conviction? Experts are split - ABC News
  • Gotta think long term.

    The problem with this approach is it literally is the weaponization of justice that the right loves to screech about. Timing Trump's trials or sentences to hurt him the most politically is twisting justice to our own ends, even if done in a theoretically altruistic manner. True it might lead to the best outcome for the country, but is that the risk we want to take- that if Trump does win, he won't see any punishment for his crimes at all?

    On the other hand, I recognize this is the exact moral quandary that the right loves pushing non-conservatives into, and while we're arguing amongst ourselves about the best way to unfuck this pretzel they're busy burning it all to the ground. So I wouldn't say you're wrong necessarily, just that it's an uncomfortable path to tread.

  • Pro-Trump influencers fire up fears of migrant 'invasion' ahead of U.S. election
  • On the one hand, I want you to say it must still be 2017 because there's no way time is moving that fast.

    On the other hand, 2017 was the first year of Presidential Dipshit McCheatsatgolf's misadministration and there's no way I want that to still be a thing.

  • X is about to start hiding all likes
  • Regressives should be silenced. Anyone who says "We need to return to a time when X" really just means "I don't like that my race/gender/nation/sexual preference/religion doesn't have as much control as it used to".

  • Windows 12 May Require a Subscription

    References to subscription 'edition,' 'type,' and 'status' found in a test build of Windows.

    Windows 12 May Require a Subscription

    [A]n INI configuration file in the Windows Canary channel, discovered by German website Deskmodder, includes references to a "Subscription Edition," "Subscription Type," and a "subscription status."