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Germany shuts down Islamic Center Hamburg
  • There’s a video you can watch of her being arrested for not doing anything but holding a sign.

    Here's the video. That is very much not what's happening.

    She claims that "she's not at a protest so it can't be an illegal one", meanwhile, back at the taz, she says it was a protest ("Kundgebung"). It might be an odd interaction but then you can also try and politicise the hell out of a cop tangling you up in a discussion and asking your for ID -- which btw they can do without any reason at all. The whole thing was over in 30 minutes, no arrest (in the legal sense). Berlin police at that time was very much on edge as in previous years they had to deal with massive violence during the Nakhba protests. There were permitted demonstrations, she could've gone to those. You can then also say "but she's a Jew who's holding that sign getting tangled up in a discussion with a cop, this is triply outrageous!" -- why should there be different laws for Jews and Muslims? It's all applied equally. That not being the case would be triply outrageous.

    I assume the rest of your wall of text is in just as good faith so I won't bother.

  • Germany shuts down Islamic Center Hamburg
  • How do you know explain them arresting pro-Palestenian voices then during peaceful protests?

    German-Israeli activist Iris Hefets was arrested for the first time in Berlin just a few weeks after the start of Israel’s war on Gaza last October – for holding a sign which read, “As a Jew and Israeli, stop the genocide in Gaza”.

    That is 150% not what he was arrested for. It may very well be the sign he held while being arrested, but one does not imply the other. Never fucking trust Al Jazeera on these things they're far from neutral or factual.

    This matches up with the research I’ve done that Germany is sending arms to Israel.

    99% of arms imports for Israel between 2019 and 2023

    Germany stopped arms exports days after the attacks. Before Nicaragua started its case at the ICJ, btw.

    “We have not decided not to supply weapons. So we will (deliver) and we have (delivered to Israel),” the German leader added.

    Will, when? Have, when? Certainly none since the 2000 PzF shortly after the attacks (anti-tank rockets, not really suitable for a genocide), I'd have heard of that. And when again? Presumably once the Israelis got around ousting Netanyahu and his goons. Scholz is very good at waffling and saying nothing, doubly and triply so when pressed, that's precisely what he's doing there. No official change in policy -- but somehow still nothing gets exported.

    Not to mention other support they’ve shown, like withdrawing funding from the UNRWA which has contributed to the increasing famine and 200,000 deaths right there.

    It has not. Germany has resumed its responsibilities to UNRWA after Israel's accusations turned out to be baseless, and no payments from Germany to UNWRA were due during the brief time payments were suspended -- so none were missed. If there had been missed payments I'm sure Germany would've made up for it.

    You should know all of that if you had read even a bit of the ICJ ruling. Which you probably should do before you accuse a country of supporting genocide.

  • AI trained on AI garbage spits out AI garbage.
  • because that phrase doesn’t ever appear in the training data.

    Eh but LLMs abstract. It has seen "<animal> have feathers" and "<animal> have fur" quite a lot of times. The problem isn't that LLMs can't reason at all, the problem is that they do employ techniques used in proper reasoning, in particular tracking context throughout the text (cross-attention) but lack techniques necessary for the whole thing, instead relying on confabulation to sound convincing regardless of the BS they spout. Suffices to emulate an Etonian but that's not a high standard.

  • Germany shuts down Islamic Center Hamburg
  • Where did you read that they are under obligation to provide anything?

    Read the VereinsG they're required to justify a ban. Said justification has been handed to the IZH, they're free to publish it or sue the state. Those kinds of things are way more thorough than what the ministries put out in a press release.

    If they wanted to, they could’ve provided it a long time ago.

    Not sure about the Hezbollah connection in particular, but the IZH already sued the Hamburg office for the protection of the constitution over their 2019 report. The office had to retract some bits and pieces, the court acknowledged the office's difficult position wrt. having to prove something while keeping its confidential sources, well, confidential, but also ruled that that's their problem, not the IZH's. What the court did not have them retract was that the IZH is keen on abolishing the free and democratic basic order in Germany, is an arm of Iran's regime aiming to export itself over the world, etc etc. It really was details.

    And just as a side note the IZH is long suspended from Muslim umbrella organisations in Germany. They don't like Islamists either.

  • Germany shuts down Islamic Center Hamburg
  • Fördergeld Affäre trying to cut funding to researchers that don’t fit in her political agenda, or the case with Berlin’s Culture Minister/Senator that ended up cutting funding to a cultural center that then sued his office and won

    Granting funds is a political act in the first place, not directly comparable to outlawing an organisation. Completely different standards apply.

    If Hamburg had this cultural center in view for so long, even years, why hasn’t it used the courts to close it down?

    Hamburg couldn't act alone because part of the association's activity was outside of its jurisdiction.

    And no, I won’t trade democracy for this supposed sense of “security” where governmental offices get to skip a ton of steps and political influence can poison the decision making.

    I'm not even opposed in principle against making association bans a matter of the courts -- but you didn't actually argue in favour of it, either. Your examples concern funding, if all NGO funding went via the courts it'd completely overwhelm them, you didn't give an example of a mistaken ban. Also note how damaging those kinds of things are to politicians. And you can bet your arse that when such stuff is happening the press is getting a lot of anonymous tips as to what's going on.

    It's also quite a bit easier to get an education ministry to stop funding something than to get a ministry of the interior, filled to the brim with legal experts and criminologists, to ban something without proper reason. I'm quite sure if you wanted to it'd be quite trivial to trick the forestry administration into buying shoddy telephones. Not their speciality.

    Parties btw need to be banned not just by courts but even the constitutional court.

    Why is that? Why not publish your findings? And are you so sure about the fact that you can request them through a freedom of information act? I wouldn’t be

    Indeed, why not publish? If the IZH thinks that it's all bunk, why aren't they publishing it?

  • Google Is the Only Search Engine That Works on Reddit Now Thanks to AI Deal
  • Lemmy search already is quite excellent... at least here on, we don't have many communities but tons of users subscribed to probably about everything on the lemmyverse so the servers have it all.

    It might be interesting to team up with something like YaCy: Instances could operate as YaCy peers for everything they have. That is, integrate a p2p search protocol into ActivityPub itself so that also smaller instances can find everything. Ordinary YaCy instances, doing mostly web crawling, can in turn use posts here as interesting starting points.

  • Germany shuts down Islamic Center Hamburg
  • If they keep supporting Israel after this,

    Ever looked at recent weapons exports to Israel? Or rather their absence? The federation is not granting permission for anything but general military goods (helmets, vests, etc). Only reasonable legal reasoning behind it is that the government thinks that they could be used in a genocide, to commit war crimes, such things.

    That is: They're not saying it openly but the German federal government absolutely shit-binned Netanyahu and his Kahanites as genocidal maniacs. Also if we were still exporting weapons Germany's streets would be way less calm right now.

    Diplomatically speaking, Germany would very much rather sit this one out, and is silently hoping for non-fascists to come to power in Israel, again. People who then can at least be encouraged to restart the peace process. Because one thing's for sure: There's no Israeli security without Palestinian freedom, and there also isn't Palestinian freedom without Israeli security. The two things depend on each other. Germany always understood this, and still does: That supporting Israel means supporting Palestine. The non-fascists on both sides, that is.

  • Germany shuts down Islamic Center Hamburg
  • I think it’s extremely worrying that the politically appointed ministers in Germany can issue such orders.

    §3 VereinsG. It's not ministers which do it, but ministries. Huge difference. They're shutting down associations with the same kind of authority and procedure as they're shutting down restaurants which fail to adhere to hygiene standards, and in the same way: Based on established rules and procedures which are based in law. As a minister, you can't just say "hey close that restaurant there I don't like their food", that's not how it works. Best you can do is "hey that restaurant over there, have a look at it". Also this is a co-decision of the federal and Hamburg's ministry of the interior.

    No one can take a look at those files

    Here's the announcement part, the explanatory statement is not public, if you want to get it you can ask the IZH they got a copy.

    I might be mistaken but I don't think they're even confidential, they're just not automatically published. It might be as simple as sending a freedom of information request.

    As you can notice the thing isn't even signed by the minister, but a civil servant.

    Maybe two, three years ago I wouldn’t have said much about this, or I would’ve even supported the state, but seeing the German state over the last year go crazy with such orders,

    Oh my. Hamburg wanted the thing outlawed for ages, they've had a very keen eye on all kinds of Islamists ever since 9/11 (remember where Muhammed Atta studied?) but as the IZH is not only active in Hamburg but also other states they couldn't do it on their own, the federation needed to move. And they took their sweet time, only ever starting to get moving about two years ago after the crackdown on protests in Iran (the IZH is Iran-affiliated).

    In case you're mildly conspiracy-minded, really more smart political strategy and not conspiracy: Increased vigour and urgency could have something to do with the looming AfD ban: They're intent on getting all the Islamists etc. they have in the pipeline banned to avoid certain conspiracy narratives Nazis would no doubt start to spin. Great replacement theory BS.

    ...and yes that kind of prioritisation is something a minister can do. "Put the Hell's Angels on the back burner for now and focus getting the paperwork for the Islamists done" is within their power.

  • Clerics…you have to like them..right?
  • Anime models are kind of notorious for drawing impossible clothes if you don't guard against it in prompts and keep an eye out for them.

    To the point where I noticed that navel and impossible crotch folds before I noticed that extra arm.

    Realistic ones don't tend to have that issue must be the training data, worst of all "impossible clothes" is not tagged reliably. Are those models able to draw proper clavicles? Absolutely. But they'll also glue the collar to the skin because that's how artists like to draw stuff like latex.

  • Restaurants sit half-empty in Turkey this summer as inflation reaches 91% in places sending tourists and locals flocking to neighboring Greece
  • Companies may offer employees a sixth working day for 40% more pay, 115% on Sundays and holidays. Maximum weekly hours are 48.

    They're saying it's a push to combat overtime moonlighting and human trafficking (both an issue in Greece), from another perspective it makes their laws similar to the German ones. Modulo the 40% for the sixth day, our basic rules here are "max 8 hours a day and not on Sundays", that's also six days and also 48 hours. Short-term 60 hours are possible if the 24-week average still stays at 48.

  • After Musk's pro-Trump/Vance bender, X users report issues following Kamala Harris' accounts
  • Even without all that messing with stuff too much is bound to clash with protections those kinds of sites have around editorialising. That is, by doing such stuff X says "we're not actually a pinboard, we're a newspaper, we're editorially responsible for what's on there", and then prosecution can come along and say "so, your newspaper published an article calling for <crime>, didn't it? That's your speech now, not speech of some random user, isn't it?".

  • Nigeria fines Meta $220 million over data violations
  • Insanely corrupt nonwithstanding, from the outside my impression of Nigeria's government was always that they're smart enough to not saw at the branch they're sitting on. Hence also the comparatively good education system: Embezzling funding there might be quite profitable, but it's even more profitable to have at least half-way educated people run an at least half-way developed economy and then embezzling funds from there. It's much more profitable to steal the harvest than it is to steal the seeds. Compare with South Africa and their electricity grid.

  • Why the far right is surging all over the world: The “reactionary spirit” and the roots of the US authoritarian moment
  • The left is making inroads on some areas, and not on others. In particular, it's making progress on the social justice front without having much to show for on the economic front. I don't think it's particularly fruitful to get into a discussion of "is it because one is harder or because people have slanted priorities", the important part is to recognise that that disparity in progress exists, it's real, people feel left behind and betrayed, the right is brilliant at exploiting emotions, and you're not going to convince someone working three jobs to barely make rent that the actual issue is pronouns.

    Quoth Berthold Brecht, in the Threepenny Opera:

    You gentlemen who think you have a mission
    to purge us of the seven deadly sins,
    should first sort out the basic food position,
    then start your preaching! That’s where it begins.
    You lot who preach restraint and watch your waist as well,
    should learn, for once, the way the world is run:
    However much you twist, whatever lies you tell,
    food is the first thing, morals follow on.
    So first make sure that those who now are starving
    get proper helpings when we all start carving.

  • The ICJ Ruling Confirms What Palestinians Have Been Saying for 57 Years
  • FIFA is absolutely private. They're an association. Which is also the case for their members, which are national football associations, and that's generally also the case for the members of those, which are the clubs. Long story short the reason FIFA sucks is because its members don't properly reign it in. Part of the issue is that it's not just handling the world cup, it's also handling erm development aid, lots of money flowing to poorer regions so that they can buy cleats to develop more players which is all well and proper trouble is it invites corruption.

    OTOH they're not actually as powerful as it seems, in the end the Brits are severely over-represented when it comes to laying down the laws of the game.

    The IOC is also an association, also under Swiss law, but a quite different beast: They're basically a gentleman's club travelling around the world making deals. It's not like the world association of track and field or whatnot (which do exist for pretty much any sport) are members of it.

  • Bella Hadid's Adidas advert dropped after Israeli criticism
  • It's not like manufacturers had much choice in what they produced back then, the Nazis had a command economy. It was basically be expropriated or do as we say. The whole Nazi accusation stuff goes deeper than that, though, in particular, it includes a whole family feud:

    During the war Rudolf Dassler was called to the front, while Adi Dassler stayed home. Rudolf came to believe, and the truth has never been properly established, that Adi pulled strings to have him sent to the front and after the Allied powers first shut down the company (because war supplier) and then re-opened it (because Jesse Owens) Rudolf told the Allies about the forced labour aspect. Frenchmen, btw.

    The brothers quickly became irreconcilable and split the company. Rudolf then founded Puma taking with him basically all the sales staff, Adi was left with a ton of shoemakers and re-named the company Adidas. Their families and companies are feuding to this day.

    That is to say: You don't impress Adidas by saying "boycott Adidas". Go with "buy Puma", instead.

  • CrowdStrike downtime apparently caused by update that replaced a file with 42kb of zeroes
  • You call it unregulated, but that is the natural trend for when the only acceptable goal is the greater accumulation of wealth.

    Nah unregulated is the exact right word and that isn't the kind of neolib you're out for. Those would use "free" instead of unregulated, deliberately confusing unregulated markets with the theoretical model of the free market which allocates resources perfectly -- if everyone is perfectly rational and acts on perfect information. Which obviously is not the case in the real world because real-world.

    There's a strain of liberalism which is pretty much the cornerstone of Europe's economical model, also, generally compatible with socdem approaches, and it says precisely that regulation should be used to bring the real-world market closer to that theoretical ideal -- they're of course not going all-out, you'd need to do stuff like outlaw trade secrets to actually do that, have all advertisement done by an equitable and accountable committee and shit. But by and large regulation does take the edge off capitalism. If you want to see actually unregulated capitalism, have a look at Mexican cartels. Rule of thumb: If you see some market failure, regulate it away. Like make producers of cereal pay for the disposal costs of the packaging they use and suddenly they have an interest in making that packaging more sensible, can't externalise the cost any more.

    Defeating capitalism ultimately is another fight altogether, it's nothing less than defeating greed -- as in not the acquisition of things, but getting addicted to the process of acquisition: The trouble isn't that people want shit the problem is that they aren't satisfied once they've got what they wanted. Humanity is going to take some more time to learn to not do that, culturally, (and before tankies come along nah look at how corrupt all those ML states were and are same problem different coat of paint), in the meantime regulation, rule of law, democracy, even representative democracy, checks and balances, all that stuff, is indeed a good idea.

  • Butter is serious business
  • When someone says “I’ve been sober for a year” and a commenter says “I’m proud of you, OP”, is that narcissistic?

    No, it's an instance where what people say is not what they feel: The second doesn't comment on their own pride, but is expressing something like admiration. At the most, pride in being friends with such a fine chap who would manage to be sober for a year.

    Mostly, though, it's just a fixed phrase of encouragement and praise, unrelated to the actual words used. The fixed phrase could be "cowabunga!" and it'd mean the same.

  • The Rise and Fall of the Cray Supercomputer

    5 Bevy 0.14

    Bevy is a refreshingly simple data-driven game engine built in Rust. It is free and open-source forever!

    Bevy 0.14
    0 Bevy 0.14

    Bevy is a refreshingly simple data-driven game engine built in Rust. It is free and open-source forever!

    Bevy 0.14
    0 Bevy 0.14

    Bevy is a refreshingly simple data-driven game engine built in Rust. It is free and open-source forever!

    Bevy 0.14




    Ukraine’s race to keep the lights on | DW News

    > 120 days – roughly four months: That’s how much time Maxim Timchenko reckons Ukraine has until cold weather sets in, raising the pressure on Ukraine’s crippled power infrastructure. Timchenko is CEO of the country’s largest private energy operator, DTEK, which has lost power plants in recent Russian attacks – part of a Russian offensive that has wiped out half of Ukraine’s power production. He tells Steven Beardsley how he’s now trying to scrape together every bit of generating capacity he can find, including from renewables.


    Russian-Germans and the Ukraine War Re: Russian-Germans and the Ukraine War - Watch the full documentary | ARTE in English

    Since 24 February 2022, the Russian community in Germany has been torn apart. In the city of Würzburg, where many Russian Germans live, shortly after the start of the war the militaristic "Z" symbol was spray-painted on a church. Two years later, we return to the Heuchelhof district of Würzburg to l...

    Re: Russian-Germans and the Ukraine War - Watch the full documentary | ARTE in English

    Where did AfD voters come from, and where did they go?


    Even more voter movement charts.

    Bonus: "Do you think Germany's economic situation is good or bad?" !

    not even asking about personal economic conditions, just the overall state there's a massive fucking difference in perception.


    Provisional results are in


    PSA: Alternatives for the most popular communities

    For all your boycotting needs. I'm sure there's some mods caught in's top 10 that are perfectly upstanding and reasonable people, my condolences for the cross-fire.

    1. [email protected] and [email protected]. Or of course communities that rule.
    2. [email protected]
    3. [email protected]. Quite small, plenty of more specific ones available. Also linux is inescapable on lemmy anyway :)
    4. [email protected]
    5. [email protected]
    6. [email protected] and maybe [email protected], itself seems to be up in the air. [email protected] says [email protected]. They really seem to be hiding even from another, those tinfoil hats :)
    7. [email protected]
    8. Seems like [email protected] and [email protected], various smaller comic-specifc communities as well as [email protected]
    9. [email protected]
    10. [email protected]

    (Out of the loop? Here's a thread on mods and their questionable behaviour)


    The Birth, Boom and Bust of the Hard Disk Drive


    Has Generative AI Already Peaked? - Computerphile

    > A new paper suggests diminishing returns from larger and larger generative AI models. Dr Mike Pound discusses.

    > The Paper (No "Zero-Shot" Without Exponential Data):


    The Difficult Birth of the Scanning Electron Microscope


    Chechnya's Bizzare Ban on Musical Tempo


    What is the cheapest way to beat climate change?

    > There are lots of ways we are tackling the climate crisis, bringing down emissions and sucking carbon out of the atmosphere. But which method is the most cost-effective? For a given investment, which draws down the most carbon emissions? In this video I answer that question... and then talk about why that answer doesn't necessarily mean much.


    Putin's 87% trick explained


    European Parliament adopts Artificial Intelligence Act Artificial Intelligence Act: MEPs adopt landmark law | News | European Parliament

    On Wednesday, Parliament approved the Artificial Intelligence Act that ensures safety and compliance with fundamental rights, while boosting innovation.

    Artificial Intelligence Act: MEPs adopt landmark law | News | European Parliament

    Press release of the Parliement itself


    • Safeguards on general purpose artificial intelligence
    • Limits on the use of biometric identification systems by law enforcement
    • Bans on social scoring and AI used to manipulate or exploit user vulnerabilities
    • Right of consumers to launch complaints and receive meaningful explanations


    On Wednesday, Parliament approved the Artificial Intelligence Act that ensures safety and compliance with fundamental rights, while boosting innovation.

    The regulation, agreed in negotiations with member states in December 2023, was endorsed by MEPs with 523 votes in favour, 46 against and 49 abstentions.

    It aims to protect fundamental rights, democracy, the rule of law and environmental sustainability from high-risk AI, while boosting innovation and establishing Europe as a leader in the field. The regulation establishes obligations for AI based on its potential risks and level of impact.



    The Dangerous World of Ukraine's Artillerymen

    > We interview half a dozen artillerymen, medics, and others, in this exploration of the life of artillerymen in the most intensive artillery war on the planet, the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The interviews are extensive and unfiltered. They cover topics like living on the front, cluster munitions, living underground, the mental health of soldiers, alienation from civilian life, what motivates them to fight, surviving in the winter, what they do for fun, and many more stories.


    Der Parabelritter erklärt das eigentliche Problem in der Agrarpolitik: Die Abschaffung von Familienbetrieben war über Jahrzehnte politisch gewollt und der Bauernverband mischt kräftig mit.

    Mensch jetzt hab ich schon so viel in den Titel gepackt bleibt ja gar nichts mehr übrig für hier.


    The American Origins of Putin's Madness

    This is a long one, flipping a common understanding of things on its head: Instead of seeing certain things e.g. tankies believe as Russian-caused disinformation (most prominently, colour revolution theory) it traces that stuff back to Lyndon LaRouche and chalks up what Russia is doing to KGB-brains swallowing an American conspiracy theory as truth: It's not that Russia has master-minded some disinformation campaign against the orange revolution, Maidan etc. to justify the invasion, the Siloviki actually believe that shit.

    If you ask me that makes a jading amount of sense.