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I asked Food Basics if they're using facial recognition

I wanted to know if my local Food Basics store is tracking me.

I looked at the privacy policy on and not finding any mention of this, but wanting to be sure, I emailed their Privacy Officer.

This is the email I sent:

>Hello, > >I shop at the food basics store at [Address] in [City], > >I would like to know if you use facial recognition or identification technology in the store? And if so, for what purpose, and if the information is stored for how long? > >Thank you, >[Me]

Here is the response I got:

! >Hello, > >I confirm that Metro does not use facial recognition technology or any other technology that allows the identification of individual at the Food Basics stores. > >Best regards >Eliane >Legal Counsel

Just want to share to encourage everyone to learn about and exercise your consumer privacy rights.

Explain Like I'm 5 (ELI5) Baggins [he/him]

ELI5 why so many countries are supporting Israel committing genocide?

When I was in school we were taught genocide is a crime against humanity, now the USA and other countries act like Israel has blackmail material on all their leaders. What causes so many countries to be supporting them like this?


remember guys,

and don't stick your fingie where you don't stick your dinkie


Peel police to announce arrests in Pearson Airport gold heist

The timing of this immediately made me think of the article posted the other day about there being no news since it happened a year ago.

Also found this: Arrests in $20-million Toronto airport gold heist stem from cross-border gun running plot

NaPo archive:


Breakfast of rule

AutoTL;DR support Baggins [he/him]

This bot is literally the most annoying thing on lemmy ever.

I hate it.