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Rulepost from Reddit: I made a tier list of Sonic characters based on how surprised I'd be if they came out as gay.
  • The twitter takeovers are game promo events where the voice actors answer twitter questions in character; realshadowfan01 is an actual guy on twitter. Sega's recently been having fun with sonic 'canon' outside of serious game plots (eg one of the gags in the takeovers about Shadow eating coffee beans with a spoon was referenced in the Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog)

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  • Imagine being a social worker trying to find people housing and one of the guys in the tent city tells you he already rents a place and just wanted see what living in the park was like.

  • Hey kid
  • Don't worry about it though bud. Long before the sun's light goes out, the structure of the stars break apart, all particles scatter, and the universe finally dies; you will die. The light in your eyes will extinguish, your bones and flesh will fall apart, and the atoms that make you will scatter throughout the earth.

  • It is very therapeutic to garden, though.
  • Yeah like look up organopónicos in Cuba. Thanks to the collapse of the import market that fuelled industrial agriculture and government support of local growers, a good chunk of food in the country now comes from ecology-sound urban agriculture.

  • Archaeology
  • Even if there was something to learn I don't want anyone digging up my grandma. If someone's descendants are saying "Don't do that to our ancestor's grave, it's disrespectful in our culture" then you're defiling a grave.

  • This one is for the ladies
  • In cases of cellular stress p53 is activated via phosphorylation. It will then direct the cell to pause its division and to either undergo DNA repair or kill itself. p53 is one of the body's most important defences against cancer. Mutations causing p53 dysfunction are found in more than half of cancer cases.

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  • Beneath the salt sea of humanity's weeping, a terrible chasm abides. It couldn't be darker, it couldn't be deeper. It is stained with a bloody red tide. but we stay silly :33