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Everything wrong with DroidCam and how to solve it
  • This is sooo verbose.


    1. Install the latest droidcam from github
    2. Install the latest v4l2loopback from source

    And you never mention what problems this solves.. I use the package manager version of v4l2loopback and have no problems, and it auto updates. And I would use a package manager version of droidcam for the same reason.

  • A strange "terminal emulator" idea I got, tho I bet this exists
  • I mean, there are already tons of applications that lets you e.g. update, like apt update/upgrade does.


    while apt is good on this front.. what about the CLIs whose --help gives hundreds of lines?

    Read them. There's a reason some programs have many options. Avoiding the CLI isn't the solution.

  • Monolithic setup vs dedicated devices
  • Kubernetes is super easy with k3s and easier to maintain than Docker

    I don't think I've ever heard anyone say this... Kubernetes is a massive pain in the ass to learn, maintain and troubleshoot. If you find it easy that's great, but it's not for everyone.

  • New release Thunderbird 128 "Nebula"
  • Hrm.. I just changed (in KDE) "right click" in inactive windows to be "Activate and Raise" rather than "Activate, raise and pass click". I never liked this behavior for left-click before, but maybe having it as a right-click will help.

  • Restart an OOM killed docker automatically
  • It's fairly obvious I feel.

    You're saying rather than use a system tool that does the exact thing that you want you should bodge together a cron job that accomplishes your goal but doesn't actually do what you want.

    Like say you want to stop the docker service for some reason? systemctl stop docker will do that. Then your cron job will restart it. That's not the desired outcome. You want the service running IF the service SHOULD be running. Which is a different thing than "always running". And its' exactly what you get for free with systemd without any silly custom BS.

  • Restart an OOM killed docker automatically
  • I don't know the best way


    Don't do this. Either don't go OOM to begin with (somebody else told you how to limit container memory usage} and/or configure systemd to restart docker if it quits. I'm surprised systemd isn't already.

  • How can I go about using the tty only on my system
  • It's about building muscle memory as well though. You are right that many home-gamers will probably never be without their customizations though. But if you do re-installs, setup VMs, try new distros, etc. it's beneficial.

    Just my opinion though.

  • How can I go about using the tty only on my system
  • I disagree on the aliases. I'd recommend using almost none. It builds competence with the commands on all systems even without your special .bashrc. It'll be easier to write scipts and change shells as well.