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How's your week been?
  • I'm existing! I'm enjoying gaming again (haven't been able to dive in for a while, just couldn't get my brain to sit and enjoy it), plenty of good anime coming out this year that I've been enjoying.

    Work is work-y. It puts commands into the shell and then it gets the pay again.

  • Fired Rule
  • The next few smaller don't have significantly smaller blast radii.

  • I'm confused
  • It also gives us Darth Maul and Mandalore

  • Caption this.
  • Meat is stored on the bone.

  • Later.
  • Why is Mary Poppins?

  • Judge dismisses classified documents case against Donald Trump
  • Rugburn on the knees is a sign of loyalty, no kneepads.

  • Never seen the show, but come on Costume Department, you can do better
  • Weta Workshop are some cool motherfuckers.

  • Too real
  • disassociates from my own panic attack

  • I'm confused
  • As far as i am aware, outside of a handful of jedi and some of his inner council, nobody knows palpatine is a force user, let alone a sith

  • Somebody Fucked Up
  • I heard/read somewhere they had 5-10 minutes warning after someone reported directly to both police and secret service that they saw the gunman climbing up a building with a gun, so definitely inexcusable.

  • I'm confused
  • It's the Emporer Palpatine gambit.


  • Estrogen level rule
  • Damn, all I leveled up was Caffeine.

  • They're next...... Maybe
  • In exchange for 3 shitty movies, we did get a CRAPLOAD of other Star Wars stuff. Animated: final season of Clone Wars, 3 seasons of Bad Batch exploring immediate post-order-66, Rebels (Mother. Fucking. THRAWN), and more that I don't remember.

    Several live action shows: Mandalorian, Kenobi, Ahsoka (MORE. Mother. Fucking. THRAWN), Book of Boba Fet, and more, I think, but again, I can't remember.

  • What bizarre misconceptions do people have about your field?
  • (Unless the dev happened to not write the error messages, then you're fucked or pay money for support)

  • The circle of life
  • Trees from before anything existed that could break down wood

  • Las Vegas' dystopia-sphere, powered by 150 Nvidia GPUs and drawing up to 28,000,000 watts, is both a testament to the hubris of humanity and an admittedly impressive technical feat | PC Gamer
  • Synchronizing that many screens into one/two continuous displays is not light computing work. Roughly every square foot is its own panel in commercial displays.

  • What bizarre misconceptions do people have about your field?
  • I think that comes from the fact that a lot of people got into computers by learning to take apart and fix things like that.

    That, and the general populace has fuck all for troubleshooting skills.

  • Doom Fans Go Too Far, Port The Shooter To A Sex Toy [extra hardware plugged inside]
  • Pretty much why "it runs doom" got boring. It turned into "we hooked up a computer to this weird proprietary screen to display Doom" rather than "this weird computer hardware runs Doom".

  • Progress collage with a new favorite shot
  • Same. One of these days I'll actually get around to going to the gym (riiiight after dealing with severe executive dysfunction) and knock off a good... 80ish pounds (or at least convert a good chunk of that to muscle mass instead of fat). I got relatively lean arms and thunder thighs out of genetics, it's aaaaaall torso and moobs 😅