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CNN Will Buck Tradition and Put Commercial Breaks in Biden-Trump Presidential Debate
  • What democracy? The will of US citizens have practically no factor in which laws pass, big money on the other hand...

    That being said, congressmen & president are somewhat democratically elected - and voting is thrice as influential if you're in a low population state!.
    So you can influence if big money A's laws get passed, or big money C's (big money B gets their way regardless).

  • If Trump wins, what would hold him back?
  • A massive heart attack, the man child eats like an unrestrained 5 year old.

  • 10-year-old swept into storm drain to become an organ donor, dad says
  • This 3 foot pipe is also considered a storm drain. Unclear in the article if he was sucked down a street drain with unnecessarily large opening, or a drain for a creek.

  • California is about to tax guns more like alcohol and tobacco − and that could put a dent in gun violence
  • Where do you think illegally acquired firearms are sourced from?

    PDF: ATF NFCTA vol2 part3, Crime Guns Recovered and Traced
    ATF traced 70.2% (1 million firearms) of submitted 'crime guns' to having originally been purchased from a dealer. An additional 22.6% (⅓ million) were from pawnbrokes. [page 7]
    In 12.2% of the cases [page 26] purchaser and possessor was the same.
    One or more guns are stolen in 63% of household burglaries.

    From conclusion page 41:

    Traced crime guns typically originate from the legal supply chain of manufacture (or import), distribution, and retail sale. Crime guns may change hands a number of times after that first retail sale, and some of those transactions may be a theft or violate one or more regulations on firearm commerce.

  • The game was rule from the start
  • Throwing a handful of mods on, can give it a much less dated vibe. The pacing in Goodsprings is quite slow, if you can't stand it, head onwards as soon as you have a semi decent weapon.

  • iPad rule
  • Smaller kids still love playgrounds, even if they also want/love screentime. Heck, it is not infrequent there are a group of younger teenagers at the playgrounds we frequent.

  • Recognizing when you're living in your best years
  • Adulting is hard 😑 didn't exactly help I emigrated to my spouse's home country, we had our child, I (finally) got my career properly going, and we bought a house, all in a span of two years. But, even without all that, adulting would be a lot. Up until I started actually feeling like an adult, I wanna say somewhere in my 30s, it usually seemed like adults had their shit together. Either life used to be somewhat easier, or part of adulting is getting really good at pretending you have your shit together...

  • My experience with Walmart+
  • Yes, but Boost makes an interesting looking preview (when set to fixed height): Very tall chat image, with creative blank space

  • Emoji Rule
  • Well they did get their data from geotagged tweets, which I imagine skews the results just a bit towards nationalism.

  • Florida man points AR-15 in Uber driver's face, forces him to ground for dropping daughter off: deputies
  • Well that's good, but even if we are generous and say half the ~80 million gun owners in the US, are as responsible with their weapons as you are; that leaves a fuckton of gun wielders who are not responsible.
    I am not outright anti-gun, but it makes no sense to me it took two tests and several weeks of waiting, to get a driver's license; and if I want to do e.g. more than basic electrical or plumbing changes in my home, I should get a permit and there will be an inspection. Yet I could waltz into a store, buy guns like I was a personal army, and at worst I would have to wait a couple days to pick them up. As far as I know, there are 0 requirements or inspections for if you have a gun safe; let alone any form of test or licensing of if you are just barely competent and safe weilding them.

  • Homeless woman was living inside Michigan rooftop store sign with computer, coffee maker
  • There's a lot of bullshit in zoning to begin with. Why exactly can't we have mixed commercial and residential areas in suburbia? Slap some apartments on top of grocery stores, bakeries/restaurants, and shops; or is forbidden to have much of anything within walking distance of homes?

  • I just won an auction for 25 computers. What should I setup on them?
  • Just two 15A breakers is enough actually. Outlets are supposed to be able to sustain 80% power, so you should be able to pull 1.44kW from a singly puny Nema 5-15.

  • I just won an auction for 25 computers. What should I setup on them?
  • Just two 15A breakers is enough actually. Outlets are supposed to be able to sustain 80% power, so you should be able to pull 1.44kW from a singly puny Nema 5-15.

  • 10-year-old boy confesses to fatally shooting a man in his sleep 2 years ago, Texas authorities say
  • They unfortunately do, but at that age the brain is still partially goo:

    According to the National Organization of Victims of Juvenile Murderers, cognitive function develops concrete to abstract between the ages of 12 and 15. This means that a person can genuinely understand that specific behavior brings specific consequences. However, research has shown that a teenager's brain does not resemble an adult's fully matured brain until they reach their early 20's. Source: Google's summary for "has a 12 year old brain developed enpugh to understand murder

  • GPS Tracking (Android) App
  • I have always like GPS essentials for various other location tasks. While I have never used it, there's a track mode under streams. Data can be exported in a handful of formats.

  • Hooooooooooooooooooot
  • I'm the spirit of this comment, water is just cold steam.

  • It’s too thrilling
  • The milk will still be burnt, regardless of if the spoon stops it from bubbling out of the pot.

  • so much for modern medicine
  • Sounds like doctors, clinics, hospitals, and many pharmacies + some schools.
    If you're having difficulties, your state's department of health is responsible for the VFC program

  • xkcd #2914: Eclipse Coolnesss
  • Shadow snakes? At least that's the name I recall from Smarter every day talking to an eclipse pro/fan.
    Sounded very cool, if I recall right it's a phenomenon you can observe shortly before, and especially right after, a total eclipse.