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Model of the flagship of the Ming Treasure Fleet, with Christopher Columbus's flagship for scale
  • I think the question being asked was more whether or not the Ming treasure fleet undertook blue water voyages, and as near as I can tell, the portion of the Indian ocean that they sailed across doesn't really meet the criteria of "open ocean" (but my interpretation could be very wrong).

    Whereas Columbus crossed the North Atlantic, which is very much open ocean.

    Ship design varies based on the types of voyages made. The reason a lot of WWII-era USN and RN ships have a sharp upturned bow is to better weather the rough seas of the North Atlantic. If voyages are going to be more commonly close to shore, then the ships can be larger and flatter-bottomed, because the swells and waves won't be as brutal as in the open ocean.

  • Biden pardons thousands of US veterans convicted under law banning gay sex
  • You can 100% get a clearance if you've smoked within 7 years of applying for one. Hell, you can get a clearance if you smoked within the last year. You just have to a) disclose the fact, b) be able to show mitigations as to why smoking weed won't be an issue while you have a clearance, and then c) not do it while you have a clearance. It ends up being not so much about the fact that you smoke weed as it is that you're not following the law, and that's the real clearance risk (from their POV). Getting a clearance is really about proving you're trustworthy to the investigator.

  • The U.S. and Ukraine Held Peace Talks in Switzerland but Refused to Invite Russia
  • Didn't Russia just say, within the last week or so, that they would only accept an end to the war if they essentially got everything they want? So why would it be productive to invite Russia when they could literally end the war today by stopping their illegal invasion, but won't because they refused to accept anything they see as a loss?

  • I don't even know where to begin on this one 2144 N Cambrian Avenue, Bremerton, WA 98312 | MLS #2183757 | Zillow

    This 3330 square feet Single Family home has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It is located at 2144 N Cambrian Avenue, Bremerton, WA.

    2144 N Cambrian Avenue, Bremerton, WA 98312 | MLS #2183757 | Zillow

    There are so many gems in this one, least of which are the bathrooms.