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How Elon Musk's Starlink Turned Remote Amazon Tribe Into Social Media And Pornography Addicts
  • Well, sort of. It’s much deeper than colored rock games. It gives a good explanation of why people idolize sports stars, why it was beneficial to a culture to “read tea leaves” for some things. It basically explores all kinds of traditions/culture that seems dumb to modern people but argues that each one is specific to its area and is humanity’s super power as opposed to just our big brains.

  • Remember when it was a big deal if you chose .zip, .rar, or 7z, etc? Now we all have so much bandwidth it doesn't matter.
  • Nice. Thank you. I’m proud I almost remembered that. I never used telemate but I did partner in hosting a small bbs with a friend. FarpointBBS. We had tradewars and the main dude even got it hooked up to the internet in the late days. As you know, way before the www took off.

  • What is it about the text messages and emails sent by older people that make me feel like I'm having a stroke?
  • I've mostly seen the opposite. older people having taken typing classes while people who started typing very yound never got instruction and even if they had their hands would have been too small at the time. they do get pretty good WPMs though.

  • New York governor to launch bill banning smartphones in schools
  • “I have seen these addictive algorithms pull in young people, literally capture them and make them prisoners in a space where they are cut off from human connection, social interaction and normal classroom activity,” she said.

    literally capture them? you should be literally ejected from office.

  • I need some help choosing a monitor.
  • I'm going to go against the grain here. unless your a super fps player, go for a 4k monitor. 1080/1440 seems like absolute dog shit after you are using 4k for a few years. I like multiple 4ks. if there are any games your system cant push at 4k, you can play at non-native resolutions or upgrade you card. you'll want 4k eventually.

  • What's your favourite search engine?
  • I've been using bing for a few years now they kinda got me in when they were paying people to use it and I was also working with Microsoft and wanted to see what was up. its actually not bad. it being the first one to roll out ai was a bonus too. y'all may hate everything I just said but its been working well for me, and in the rare times it doesn't I try others.

  • asklemmy Willy

    instrumental music: anything similar to Les Baxter and or toubaub crew?

    I'd like more instrumental music. those are my two favorites. who should I listen to it those are your favorites too?


    Last nights Conner’s and TV responsibility

    Last night, I watched ‘The Conners’ (it's on after Jeopardy here, and it's not so bad now that Barr is gone), and I can't stop thinking about it. Hopefully, you saw it, too, but it was bothersome. It started with a 90+ YO woman getting her identity stolen. Fair enough. Then, the family thought that debit would be their issue and staged an “intervention.” This is where I think TV needs to be more educational and should have explained that no, they were not going to “be left with a mountain of debt.” Instead, they find out she wasn't being defrauded and had made the purchases herself. Here is where it jumped the shark. This gave them the idea, from experience with Rosanne's death, that credit card debt usually gets wiped when someone dies. They go on a fraudulent spending spree, and near the end of the episode, they find out the credit company will investigate the issue.

    I guess my point for the conversation is that there are so many tucking crazy loopholes in this episode it was almost anti-educational and pushed an agenda with no reason. I understand a lot of scripted shows are like this, such as Law and Order (except the original, sort of), but this seemed over the top.