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Pornhub Pulls Out of Nebraska
  • I'm only curious why didn't, I think it's fine only posted here

  • Pornhub Pulls Out of Nebraska
  • Why haven't you crossposted it there then?

  • FlatOut is now Steam Deck Verified, adds workshop support and more.
  • The FlatOut games are 80%-90% off right now too in addition to a 40% bundle discount.

  • Many Americans are still shying away from EVs despite Biden’s push, an AP-NORC/EPIC poll finds
  • You can get a used Jaguar ipace with reasonable mileage on the odometer for less than a new camry if you're willing to go to where it is.

    New vehicles are almost never worth their price.

  • All jokers fault probably
  • Gotham is super polluted right? So it would actually make sense if he was a bit insane from it like everyone else there.

  • Why Bernie Sanders Is Thanking Elon Musk.
  • Your comment is ambiguous, I read it as if your issue was the headline because that is what you wrote. I considered adding they could have found a better article so they wouldn't be stuck with the dumb headline but I figured you were intelligent enough to understand that was a possibility and it would be pointless to include. I didn't realize what a massive conflict addict you are though so now I have to reply to you like you're a toddler. Block me please, for my benefit.

  • Why Bernie Sanders Is Thanking Elon Musk.
  • This community has a matching headline rule, not sure if it's enforced though.

  • Doom 64 Fan Port Lands on Sega Dreamcast
  • The sonic mania and gta3 ports are the other two I can think of off the top of my head but I'm pretty sure there are more relatively recent ones

  • EU Commission acknowledges regulatory flaws with large pick-up truck imports, following ECF co-signed letter
  • States seem to be trying their best to ban them last I checked in on kei trucks. They claim they're not safe enough yet hundred year old cars are still street legal and motorcycles exist just fine.

  • Ioniq 5 & EV6 spotted supercharging, native NACS coming soon?
  • Aside from an adapter I'm sure it'd be possible to convert it to built in NACS, but it might cost you depending on actual part availability

  • Why eating two burgers could be healthier than adding a side of fries, according to a nutritionist | London Evening Standard
  • Interesting, so the idea is to balance your macros to stabilize insulin production and energy levels.

  • Donald Trump calls for Taiwan to ‘pay’ for its own defence
  • So people are making impersonation accounts now.

  • Doom 64 Fan Port Lands on Sega Dreamcast
  • The recent few Dreamcast fan ports have finally gotten me to finish adding a GDEMU to mine

  • He will weep.
  • I don't care what's in your head just keep it to yourself. No-one wants to get misgendered, no-one wants to get mislabeled.

  • He will weep.
  • That sounds like you've described the euphemism treadmill, like how moron was a medical term before it was an insult.

  • Meals that can be made for 33 cents or less! Voyajer

    A Weekend On 97p Per Day - Limited Budget Food Challenge - Day 1

    Breaks rule 1, but I wanted to share as this is the video that got me into limited budget meals in the first place. As far as I understand he follows the constraints from the community, but he didn't calculate the costs of exceedingly low cost things like water and individual teaspoons of things like spice.

    Vanity license plates Voyajer



    Slow down bud

    Vanity license plates Voyajer

    Hotdog water


    Polestar Day | 09.11.2023 | Full presentation | Polestar


    Chicago Doesn’t Own Its Own Streets

    Chicago is held hostage by a 75 year lease of its parking meters to Morgan Stanley, impacting public transport and alternate transportation funding.

    A community about FPV drones/wings/planes, freestyle, racing, etc. Voyajer

    Did HDZero just solve one of their biggest problems? HDZero Freestyle V2 VTX


    The Crazy VW Beetles That Conquered Antarctica