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Gunshots reportedly fired at Donald Trump rally - as former president rushed off stage
  • Rhe article has been updated, it appears he was a registered Republican.

  • Unhappy with new greenwashing rules, Alberta and fossil fuel companies push back
  • Of course it causes concerns for the industry to have to prove your lies are true lol

    Also I keep seeing adds that promote gas and bashes legislations.

  • AOC Moves to Impeach Supreme Court Justices Thomas and Alito
  • Soooo, there is a minimum age but not a maximum ?

    Yet cognitive decline starts way earlier than people are willing to admit !

  • A bob Ross painting I did
  • Exactly what I wanted to make sure someone commented when I loaded the thread after seeing the pic.

  • The Head of NASA Is Being Awfully Catty About China's Amazing New Moon Samples
  • The far side of the moon is the side that will see the most asteroid hit I am guessing.

  • Rule (Penance 8/100)
  • I don't know, it works since I read the whole thing in the right order.

  • Supreme Court to weigh whether regulators were heavy handed with flavored e-cigarette products
  • I get it but it still would be great to have stepping down levels of nicotine. Why 20 only. I want to quit not replace.

  • Supreme Court to weigh whether regulators were heavy handed with flavored e-cigarette products
  • Here in Canada they are replacing refillable vapes with those trash filling disposable and the only nicotine level available are 20 or 0. No more 12, 6, 3mg, noooooo that would actually help reducing nicotine intake.

  • He likes to watch
  • He did say he made them in his inage.

  • Cognizant descent
  • Oh does it ever.

  • Cognizant descent
  • I run the pie with a Kingston 100Gig ssd with a usb adaptor.

    I used to be torrenting all the time and can adapt to new software and techniques easily. I also played with tech all my life from basic electronics, computers hardware and software etc... Lately I kind of don't watch movies and have Tidal for music so I just don't use PC's much other than playing YouTube on my TV before bed.

  • Cognizant descent
  • Being interested is not my problem, the more I want to read something the harder it is to not drift in my mind and have to restart a few lines before. And after a few pages I just start to nod and fall asleep. It's hard to describe. The worst is even if I power through a book I can't remember it the next day. Some events might bring back part of the story in my mind but it's never enough to even make a quote. It's the same for movies although I dont fall asleep I can't remember it the next day. I hate that, and it's not like I have no memory at all I will remember stupid shit other did or where they left stuff etc but the more I need or want to remember something the more I risk forgetting.

  • Cognizant descent
  • Will give a look tonight, my laptop died but I have a rpi4 running that might be enough to sail the high seas again for this old sailor. It's been a looooong time since but I will find my path once again.

  • Cognizant descent
  • Not in the States but thanks for sharing anyway, it may help others.

  • Cognizant descent
  • Thanks I will try it when I can afford it. I just put it on my wishlist.

  • Cognizant descent
  • Fuck off, you think you know me ? You would have not made it having been through half of my life. I keep fighting in hopes that things get better and KNOW my shortcomings. If you think I haven't tried reading books you are way off track. I have had a huge collection of books and LOVED reading but the fact is it takes me over a year to read a normal book as I fall asleep after two pages and have to reread every line multiple times and of course I don't remember the line I just read but you think that everyone is the way you are and assume. I guess you think I'm a lazy fuck who never tries anything to get better do you ? Fuck off and goodbye!

  • Cognizant descent
  • I can't focus enough to read a book and of I try hard enough I fall asleep after page two. Guess it's not for me.

  • 'It's Horrifying': West Virginia Judge Revokes Bond of White Couple Who Reportedly Kept Their Black Adopted Children Locked In Shed In 'Despicable' Conditions with No Water, Lights and Little Food
  • Well they did have another 6 yrs old that was visiting with another couple from their church so... I believe you got it right 👍

  • Medieval owl scale
  • A fair mixture of 1 and 9.

  • US prosecutors want Boeing to face criminal charges
  • Or kill actively kill whistleblowers to keep them quiet!

  • WTF VieuxQueb

    We need to pollute less and yet !

    We need to wrap this plastic bottle in a plastic bag !


    New house mate !

    Here is my upstairs neighbor/friend/landlord new addition to the house !

    Such a beauty! ❤️😍


    isn't this doxing ? is it legal ?

    I stumbled on this news and started wondering if it's legal. It seems to me it shouldn't, since it's pretty much doxing. But I don't know at all.


    why I cant see all comments most of the time

    I use Connect, and it shows comment count but when I open the post I get no comments waaaayyyy too often, if I open the post in a browser I get all the comments why ?

    It's really annoying and prevents good conversations.

    I even get replys I can't interact with I see their comment un my notifications but I cant open it or reply.

    Dogs VieuxQueb

    Christmas Chihuahua

    Waiting patiently for her Christmas 🎁 presents !


    y'as-tu des sacres non religieux ?

    J'allais m'endormir quand mon cerveau c'est posé une question ?

    Y'as-tu des sacres québécois qui ne sont pas basé sur la religion ?

    Je cherche et je trouve pas !


    Retailers, workers in northeastern Ontario deal with more theft in their stores

    Edit : Changed link to non AMP one.

    Edit2 : Apparently I HAVE to use the original shitty title from the article.

    Grocery theft is on the rise but we won't tax the rich or bring back down the prices, we will jail those in need instead.

    Money is better spent in the police forces anyway /s


    does this mean ISP are forced to spy on us now ? Internet Service Providers Must Now Block Pirate IPTV Services After MLB Wins Court Order | Cord Cutters News

    Canada has been rolling out anti-piracy protocols in recent years at the request of rightsholders. The injunction requires internet providers to block unauthorized broadcasts and takes a special interest in live sports. The NHL was the first league to apply for a pirate IPTV blocking order, which wa...

    Internet Service Providers Must Now Block Pirate IPTV Services After MLB Wins Court Order | Cord Cutters News

    I hate what the internet is becoming thanks to those mega billion Corp.


    App for lemmy that is like Relay for reddit

    I used Relay for reddit and would like a app that works similarly.

    Currently I use Connect for Lemmy, but there are a few things missing.

    A big one for me is a button to hide all post I have interacted with (clicked the picture, up/down voted, read comments etc.)

    Also it should change the text color if I clicked the link not just read the comments.

    I use list mode, in Relay there is a easy access switch that lets you change the picture side (onthe right or on the lwft) on the fly.