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Uh oh
  • Yes, and I have. This solves me the personal grief of being reminded of their bad practices but does nothing to actually solve the problem. Not that I think "awareness" is a great or in anyway meaningful solve, but if talking about the issue leads to a few other people also blocking Duolingo then at least I won't feel like I am forced to merely accept the situation as is with no protest.

  • Uh oh
  • Yes, I'm aware of that, but ubiquity doesn't make it okay, and my ire for Duolingo is specifically because they have been the most successful exploiter of this circumstance

  • Uh oh
  • I'm not saying OP is a shill, I'm saying that Duolingo manufactured the "Duo is coming to get you" meme intentionally, and people are happy to be stooges so happily accepted it. I don't think OP has any affiliation to Duolingo, but they're still normalizing their stupid trend so they can continue to leave meme comments on individual pages and get free advertising. It sucks.

  • Uh oh
  • That's not what I mean. What I mean is that Duolingo frequently comments on individual user posts on tiktok, which tiktok raises as a high-visibility comment because Duolingo's size makes the algorithm think it's quality content. This means that Duolingo isn't just advertising on their own tiktok page, obviously that would be fine, it means that they get to piggyback on viral content from completely unaffiliated users massively spreading their brand while providing no compensation of any kind to the creator of those viral videos. It wouldn't be okay for somebody to run an ad before your content without your consent (we aren't talking about the ads you consented to run by tiktok/youtube/whoever), so it shouldn't be okay to use the comments as free advertising space too.

  • Uh oh
  • Fuck Duolingo and any other company that thinks it's okay to comment all over social media. If you aren't paying those people sponsorship deals to promote your brand, it should be illegal to hijack their page with your product.

    Shit is disgusting and there is literally no worse offender of this loophole than Duolingo.

    I recommend any time you see them in the wild telling them how disgusting it is that they think they can put up their billboards in other people's lawns.

    Fuck that bird. Don't even support their entirely manufactured meme status. Just give them zero fucking attention

  • Recommended something to a co-worker yesterday
  • Which is interesting, because the point of the phrase is to imply something is so commonplace that it practically has no value. It's so commonplace you can get a dozen of them for a dime!

    So technically while the relative value of the dime in this phrase decreases, the relative value of the phrase itself increases as the dime's value ever further approaches negligible, ever better emphasizing the point!

    Words are fun.

  • Power of friendship and orcs rule.
  • Gotcha. Sounds like a blast, honestly. One of my most played games this past year has been Metal: Hellsinger, and I'm a sarcastic dark comedy metalhead, so it sounds right up my alley!

  • Power of friendship and orcs rule.
  • I watched it with my child niece. The first two seasons are legitimately great for a children's show with a surprisingly deep narrative.

    But then season 3 or 4 the production team changed and it went from being deep like Adventure Time to just being generic "good enough" kid's show.

    Legitimately kind of a sad thing, actually

    edit: typo

  • Briahna Joy Gray fired from The Hill days after rolling her eyes at sister of Oct. 7 hostage during interview [Jon Levine & Patrick Reilly | Jun 06 24 | NYPost]
  • Abso-fucking-lutely 100% the correct take right here. We need to absolutely be wary of opportunists trying to remove nuance from the situation. That doesn't mean don't be realistic about the horrors, that doesn't mean treating the vile guilty parties with kid gloves, it just means ensuring we don't let our outrage carry us away with the current. And we have to be honest with ourselves that there are legitimately an astounding amount of outside forces and actors trying to manipulate the situation from all sides to score wins and promote dangerous ideologies.

    Seek justice, seek peace, yes absolutely, but don't let yourself become an unwitting soldier in somebody else's war.

  • Why the sudden increase in removals?

    Not trying to start anything, and if this is the wrong place to post about it I apologize, I'm not sure where else to broach the topic, but as a user I've noticed an enormous increase is moderator action today and I'm curious if there was some catalyst that the userbase should be aware of. Prior to today, the modlog shows only a few mod actions most days, and previous entire months can fit within one screenview. Furthermore, most of those actions were locking posts or removing and reprimanding specific offending comments. Yet today there is an entire wave of moderator actions, including such vague notes as "Troll Post" on meme posts with significant engagement.

    I promise I'm not trying to start drama, I am just concerned as I love Lemmy and want to see it and the community thrive, and I am concerned about the same issues that plague Reddit could potentially find their way here.

    That said, I also understand this isn't a democracy, so if the reply is simply "that's how it is," I guess I'm going to just shrug and accept it.


    Vespair Shares: "You Are the Right One" by Sports (indie rock/ambient pop, 2015)

    Tell me what song that main guitar riff reminds you of


    Vespair Shares: "Cooler Than You" by Carly and Martina & Dresage (ambient pop, 2023)

    Dresage should be on your radar in general; they make great music


    Vespair Shares: "You Don't Deserve Me" by CassMae (pop, 2021, English & Hindi language)

    Regarding the video, the artist is visually-impaired


    Vespair Shares: "I'd Rather See Your Star Explode" by Slaves (post-hardcore/alternative, 2018)

    Jonny Craig is a complicated man, but that voice is nigh-legendary


    Vespair Shares: "We're All Eating Each Other" by Juliet Ivy (indie pop, 2024)

    I just heard this song for the first time yesterday. The slow-down effect is cool and the chorus is hilarious as fuck. Definitely worth the listen


    Vespair Shares: "Von Dutch" by Charli XCX (hyperpop/electro house, 2024)

    Holy shit that bassline is gritty as fuck


    Vespair Shares: "Pink G-String" by Scene Queen (bimbocore/hyperpop, 2022). Fair warning, you might hate this.

    You won't be wrong if you say this song sucks, but also that bridge is fucking hilarious. "Twerkle pit" randomly pops into my head all the damn time.