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[Meme] Nuance? What Nuance?

Thought about comparing different modes of transport, but realized it would be way too subjective. For example, if 5 km are in biking range is dependent on biking infrastructure, available public transport, how in shape you are...

But then I realized I can just simplify all these things away to get the optimal transportation flowchart. Simple is always better, right?

  • Tatoos sind so cringe, echte Zuhausis suchen sich Sternbilder die deren Lebrflecken ähneln.

    "Ich war schon immer ein großer Fan von Ursa Major, deshalb sind die auf meinem linken Oberschenkel verewigt."

  • Ich💩iel
  • Keine Sorge, hab nicht vor herauszufinden, wie die Website funktioniert; du darfst ruhig letzter bleiben.

    ...aber was ist der Vorteil? Speicherplatz? Ist es dann nicht einfach wie Windows' One-Drive, was auch niemand freiwillig benutzt?

  • Do you think people would be okay with 'Recall' if Apple did it?
  • I never bought any Apple product and thought they were overhyped, so it might be easy enough for me to say, but no, I personally wouldn't have been Ok with it.

    I can see more people begrudgingly using it if Apple did it though.

  • Nach der Europawahl: Union wil das Verbrennerverbot kippen
  • "klimafreundlicher E-Fuel" ist ein Märchen.

    Tut mir Leid, da nicht technologieoffen zu sein, aber der einzige Grund, weshalb darüber überhaupt geredet wird, ist damit der Verbrennermotor weiterhin verkauft wird. Das Ziel ist nicht von E10 heute auf E100 in 10 Jahren zu kommen, das Ziel ist noch 10 Jahre E10 zu verkaufen, und dann rummaulen das der Sprung nach E100 viel zu plötzlich kommt, und 50% Ethanol ja wohl ausreicht.

  • xkcd #2944: Magnet Fishing
  • I'd totally be up to magnet fish, but our bomb disposal department finds enough explosives from ww2 as is. Though I could use a pair of rusty bolt cutters used in some crime, as shown on the Wikipedia article ...

  • 2024 European Parliament election in Germany
  • The left-leaning parties disappointed me with their posters this election. There was 1 that said "Set a mark against fascists" and showed an anti-afd protest, and another with a similar message.

    I know they are the nazi party, I want to know what YOU stand for. I'll have to guess political scientist found out nobody really changes their mind from a poster, so the only thing they do is remind people of their party that they need to go out and vote.

    If that's the case, the poster may be better than I give it credit for. Still, doesn't seem to have worked.

  • Europawahl: Geht wählen! - Laberthread
  • Leute auf Fediverse sein wirklich wie "Du glaubst ans Wählen? Das verbleicht in Effektivität zu Nazis kloppen" und kloppen dann keine Nazis.

    Ich glaub bei mir bleibt es beim Wählen gegen, höchstens zum startk Anstarren von Nazis. Gibt ja wohl doch so 100 im Wahlbezirk.

  • Urban Microcars
  • That sounds like you guys over there get into serious traffic accidents regularly. The last few accidents in our family (as far as I know) were all collisions of someone bumping into our car from behind at very low speeds, hardly any less safe in a smaller car.

    What I would consider is if I can see a child playing if it sat somewhat close to the car while I'm behind the wheel. These kind of accidents are way too common in my opinion.

  • How to become TRUE King

    Oops, sorry Bacteria Looks like I just learned how to Photosynthesize Guess your entire arms race is just fucked This is my planet now.

    Scientific illustration of a Neanderthal trowing a rock, but instead it's an algae and an Oxygen molecule.

    Germany to miss 2030 climate goal: experts
  • Our Minister of transportation has been a disaster for our most climate minded government yet.

    He continuously refuses to present any plans on how to reduce emissions in his sector. His emission reduction targets for the past few years were missed, but instead our climate bill was changed so it doesn't have immediate consequences as long as other sectors meet their targets. Investments in communal and private rail were cut by 20 million €, while 150 Million were given to Volocopter, a start up for personal-use passenger drones. "State-owned" rail did see minor increases in investments, but most of that money is locked for now until the government and "Die Bahn" company agree on financing it.

    The only good new thing in transportation right now is the 49€ a month ticket for all public transport in Germany, and even that fails to make commuters switch to public transport as public transport remains unreliable and inconvenient outside of cities.

  • Landwirte kämpfen gegen Schnecken - Viele Pflanzen zerfressen
  • Zu beneiden sind die Landwirte ja auch nicht. Der Spritt wird teurer, die Maschinen mit Elektromotor sind schlechter und teurer, auch die mit 'nem Verbrenner darfst du nicht mehr reparieren, das Saatgut gehört dir nicht mehr und Patente darauf werden ohne Besserung verlängert, und dann sind auch noch die Subventionen in Gefahr und der Umweltschutz will dir die billigsten Pestizide wegnehmen.

    Da wäre ich auch versucht, mir die Finger in die Ohren zu stecken und zu behaupten, wenn die Regierung einem endlich den Status Quo aufrecht erhält könnte man sich ja auf die Arbeit konzentrieren. Status Quo Partei ist nun mal Rechts/Mitte.

    Dass das hier nunmal nicht wirken kann und es definitiv schlimmer kommt wenn man nichts macht, ist egal. Man hatte die letzen 10 Jahre darauf gesetzt, jetzt zieht man es durch.

    (Bin weder Landwirt noch Psychologe, so stell ich es mir nur vor. Muss nicht der Wahrheit entsprechen.)

  • Which will you choose: the future or the past?
  • Of course telling past me a thing makes more sense. I have a basic understanding of the past and what I say has a good chance of improving past me's life.

    I cant even imagine what my biggest decision in the next few years is going to be, there's a good chance whatever I ask will be a waste of time. The wiser of me should dictate what we talk about.

  • A cool guide Homestead on One-Tenth of an Acre
  • I grew Chard one Summer during the pandemic. I had some old garden magazine with a similar sketch, but focusing on the vegetable beds. They described how incredibly space efficient chard is, and how it should be grown in any garden centered on self-sufficiency.

    So anyways, I'm all for community gardening now and can not look at another leaf of chard for the next decade. That stuff really knocks the dream of self-sufficiency out of any gardener. It's ridiculous how much Chard just 2 rows of plants can produce with minimal time spend tending to them, but don't believe anyone who says its leaves tastes like spinach and the stems like asparagus. It tastes like green mush and is best chucked in the freezer to die a slow death, maybe to be micro-dosed into some smoothie.

  • Vandalism Rule

    PSA: Don't vandalize Wikipedia, just use "inspect element" for funny screenshots.