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Republicans push conspiracy theories after Hunter Biden verdict: ‘A fake trial’
  • I mean, I'm not going to wade into whatever shit waters it would take to see how right wing audiences are reacting to this.

    It's a nothing burger to end all nothing burgers for those of us on the left. I'm not sure how the right is reacting to it. I don't care. I don't think it changes anything.

  • Thousands demonstrate against far right across France
  • It definitely fits the bill of the "bold move Cotton" meme template.

    I personally side with WWII General Pattons quote on planning:

    ""A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week."

    Too many political leaders think they have until next week to figure out how to deal with the rising tide of fascism globally. They don't. If Macron thinks he's got the nuts or at least a hand that plays, I say push the chips. Because next week you won't have a stronger position.

  • Trump says he'll work "side by side" with religious group that wants to "eradicate" abortion
  • He’s done everything he can within the powers of the executive branch to support reproductive rights.

    Like, I just don't agree with that. I have to push back there because I do think Biden has a job to do that he isn't doing here.

    The role of president or any political leader is always more than to just be reactive to what the other branches of government do.

    Their role is to lead and to provide guidance, not for what congress wants, but for what they the president believe the right thing to do is.

    Obviously a president can't pass laws unilaterally; that was never suggested. But look at how presidents who have been effective at getting an agenda passed have done the work. They get out there and they make the case to the American people for a given thing. Their job is rhetorical. They have to make and sell the case, and convince the American public to support a thing. Its a matter of who is operating on who. Is the president being operated on by forces or is the president operating on those forces?

    Examples of this being done effectively:

    Roosevelt (FDR): During the Great Depression, FDR used "Fireside Chats" to speak directly to the American people, what the impact of the economic measures he wanted to take would be. His first Fireside Chat in 1933, he detailed why a "bank holiday" was necessary to prevent a banking crisis, helping the public understand and support the government's intervention.

    Eisenhower: Eisenhower and the Interstate Highway System. He signed the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956.. Eisenhower promoted this project as essential for US security. He used the cold theCold War and the need for efficient military transport to gain public and congressional support. He didn't have support begin with. He had to use rhetoric to draw people to this cause.

    Obama: Obama’s efforts to pass the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010 serve as a prime example of presidential advocacy. He frequently addressed the public and Congress, explaining the benefits of the ACA. He used speeches, press conferences, and town hall meetings to directly engage directly with peoples' concerns. He used media coverage of these events to promote the ACA. I mean the guy practically went door to door to get the thing passed and he made a show of it. And it worked.

    So there are plenty of ways to fry a catfish here, but the point that I'm highlighting is that it shows a lack of leadership when you supposedly 'support' a policy, but wont get out there and do the on-the-ground work of advocating for that policy to get it passed.

    I've never seen Biden use the bully pulpit, but its precisely the role of the President to do so. And its not Congress he needs to be working on, its the American people. You move the people and you move congress.

  • Trump says he'll work "side by side" with religious group that wants to "eradicate" abortion
  • Well its like I said. I need Biden to advocate for them, not to be supportive of them.

    Its a fundamental and important difference. I really think Biden could win if he makes this the "issue of the election" and uses it to distinguish himself from Trump. Passively saying "Well if the American people want it enough, I'll support it" isn't good enough. He needs to advocate for it; to get onto TV and media and present people with why this is such an important issue and why it should be the case.

    He doesn't get anything 'passively supporting' the issue.

  • Trump says he'll work "side by side" with religious group that wants to "eradicate" abortion
  • Ok, point made. I owe you ten. I'd still like to see Biden "actively supporting"/ "actively promoting" the a woman right to choose in his 2024 campaign language, but if he's working to push both the American people and congress to do so, that is specifically what I asked for.

  • Trump says he'll work "side by side" with religious group that wants to "eradicate" abortion
  • “If Americans send me a Congress that supports the right to choose, I promise you: I will restore Roe v. Wade as the law of the land again,” the president said, with Supreme Court justices in attendance for this address to Congress.

    That isn't the same thing as what I said. Biden is taking a passive position of support. In the same way that the administration might write a budget, Biden's office can propose legislation they would like taken up. He could work with house members to do so tomorrow. He can make this a priority of the administration.

    The key difference I'm seeing that you dont is that passive support isn't equivalent to actively fighting for something. I'm making a commitment that if Biden takes this on as a "active fight", in contrast to something they "passively support", I will to.

    As far as I know, working with the house to get a bill to encodify a right to an abortion is not a campaign promise Biden has made. He's offered passive support that if someone else does the work, he would support it. These two things are not equivalent.

  • Noam Chomsky, 95, ‘no longer able to talk’ as intellectual’s ‘health deteriorates’
  • Like I said, the only thing clear in this conversation is that you know actually nothing about anything in it. You don't know what Chomsky is saying because you haven't read him. You are stuck in this weird little self sucking loop where you think you are making a point, but you aren't. You don't know Chomsky, you don't know language, language theory, or computer science. You should just be apologizing for your ignorance and saying that you'll do the work to be taken seriously next time.

    The only thing here that's a shame is you.

  • The number of hate groups in the U.S. has almost doubled in two years
  • That's a good question. Anecdotally, when the fight isn't there, grass roots org tend to diffuse and diminish. I mean look at BLM and the networks that were present in 2020 versus 2021. Once Biden was in office and Trump wasn't there as opposition, the movement practically evaporated. I'm not sure anecdotes are sufficient for these modern times however. I know that groups like Patriot Front have expressed difficulties recruiting. It also might be a "we didn't look as carefully as we did previously" kind of monitoring bias.

    There are mutual aid groups that were doing extensive monitoring in 2019-2022. I couldn't speak to whats happened, but I would generally tend to trust the numbers being put out without better information.

  • Trump says he'll work "side by side" with religious group that wants to "eradicate" abortion
  • Cool.

    He should say that pursuing a law to codify a woman's right to an abortion is a major plank of his 2024 platform. I'll vote for him if he does that; hell, I'll go get ten people who aren't registered, and make sure they vote as well.

    He can win on this issue alone, but he has to do more than luke-warm ideations and milquetoast 'support', as if it needs to be someone else taking up the banner to do so. I don't need him to express passive support for issues like abortion rights, which is all those citations offer.

    I need to hear him say he's going to own the issue and fight to make it a reality. Passive support simply isn't good enough.

  • Noam Chomsky, 95, ‘no longer able to talk’ as intellectual’s ‘health deteriorates’
  • I think there is also something structural about academia, at least culturally, that supports the kind of monolithic views of how things work, even when they've never been shown to be demonstrated by the evidence. Linguistics is far from the only field where I've seen this scenario play out.

  • Wallstreet Bets TropicalDingdong

    Forgot to check at EOD..

    Oh and it looks like its up another 50% ah.


    Its going to be one of "those" days tomorrow.

    Wallstreet Bets TropicalDingdong

    I'm getting a very "January 2020" vibe...

    Wallstreet Bets TropicalDingdong

    Hey you dumb apes. Roaring kitty just announced a live stream in 24 hours from now and guess what.

    The stock is up 30% you 📰 🖐 's

    Note: This would be RoaringKitty's first live stream in 3 years.

    Wallstreet Bets TropicalDingdong

    MRW when I closed out my ARM calls yesterday, up a cool 100%

    My reaction when those calls put on another 200% today:


    Door Appreciation Society TropicalDingdong

    How to Build a Door that LASTS and looks Great?

    Historical doors from ~1700-1900.

    Wallstreet Bets TropicalDingdong

    DD: I think people are sleeping on ARM...

    Since ARM got listed at $45 back in October, its seen a pretty good run-up. It peaked at around 160 after its listing and has been able to hold up at least 90 since then. Neat but nothing spectacular. Nothing crazy but prob a good ROI if you were interested in buying the day of.

    Since then we've seen Apple further commit to the ARM based M4 chips. Now its Microsoft seems fully committed to ARM based processors for whatever their new "AI on platform" product is going to be.

    We're also seeing a whole new form-factor of device with the steam deck and its new competitors. ARM is not there yet in terms of being able to run all of the software that has been built around the x86 architecture, but we also just got the news of Microsoft releasing the PRISM x86 to ARM interoperability layer. Now is it good? Idk. Likely ymmv.

    So lets summarize. The two biggest hardware+ecosystem players both seem fully committed to ARM. ARM runs cooler, and more power efficient than x86, but until very recently, no one was designing around it for 'performance system'; its domain was that of embedded hardware and phones. We have a whole new class of products gaining market penetration in the form of hand-held gaming PC's or steam deck type products. These products would benefit MASSIVELY in terms of performance with better performance/ power ratios. Likewise, with the advances in ML, manufacturers are looking to move inference onto device. And this is exactly what Microsoft and Apple appear to be doing. All of this depends on ARM.

    Now the bad. ARM had a bad earnings last quarter and the price dumped from 160 to 90. Its recovered to 115 since then. However, it didn't have the press that it does now. The new Microsoft line wasn't out yet. We hadn't heard of or seen the release of the M4s. I think there is good news out there in the mix for ARM this quarter.

    Ultimately, some company is going to have to get in there and compete for AI acceleration, and doing so in a more cost effective, more power efficient way seems like a no brainer.

    If you are thinking about microprocessors, you first question should always be "Where is Jim Keller eating lunch"? The answer? Tenstorrent. They aren't publicly traded yet, but guess what architecture they are building around?

    You guessed it. ARM/ Risk-V. You follow Jim Keller around not because Jim Keller knows the future, but because the future follows Jim Keller around.

    TLDR: ARM is massively undervalued and represents the future of computing for smaller, cooler, more powerful computing and AI. Its what Jim Keller has decided to spend his time on. If you just throw your money at whereever Jim Keller is currently working, you'll make bank.

    Positions: Shares that I bought at listing that have given me a very noice ROI (not selling options on them), and the August 15th $115 calls. I'm planning to hold the calls through the earnings run up, and I'll hopefully sell some of them to cover the cost of the position to hold at least a few through earnings. ARM is still very new, so earnings could be a mixed bag.

    United States | News & Politics TropicalDingdong

    GOP Leaders HECKLED TO THEIR FACES at Trump Trial

    Members of GOP violating Trumps gag order on his behalf.


    Roy Wood Jr. on the Responsibility of Comedians, the Future of Media & His Exit from The Daily Show

    Don Lemon is joined by Comedian Roy Wood Jr. for a personal look at the actor's life after leaving The Daily Show. They discuss the current state of news and comedy's growing role in politics. Don confronts Roy about his performance at the White House Correspondents dinner, and in turn receives a heartfelt apology.

    WATCH & Subscribe on YouTube @TheDonLemonShow!

    Listen on Apple, Spotify and iHeart Radio!

    00:00 - Intro

    01:40 - Post Daily Show Life/Consuming Media

    08:30 - Being Associated with The Daily Show

    09:09 - Leaving The Daily Show

    19:20 - The Media Landscape/Political Satire

    25:00 - Joking About Donald Trump and Politicians

    31:56 - Should comedians be held responsible?

    34:38 - White House Correspondents Dinner

    38:02 - Crossing the Line in Comedy

    44:30 - Racism in Comedy

    48:07 - Roy Wood Jr.’s favorite comedians

    50:05 - Kendrick /Drake Beef

    54:27 - Black Men Supporting Trump

    56:00 - Coming up for Roy Wood Jr.

    56:30 - Roy’s Apology to Don Lemon’s mother


    Bassem Youssef UNFILTERED on Israel, Gaza, & the Future of American Media | The Don Lemon Show

    Don Lemon sits down with Comedian and TV host Bassem Youssef for a HEATED discussion about Israel and the situation in Gaza. They dive into the presidential election, Biden's support for Israel, & the responsibility of the American media. What should Biden do? Is American perception of the conflict shifting? Tune in to find out!

    WATCH & Subscribe on YouTube @TheDonLemonShow!

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    00:00 - Intro

    00:50 - Situation in Rafah

    02:43 - Is Israel being held to account?

    04:27 - What about October 7th?

    06:50 - Biden's Support for Israel

    10:25 - Is Israel an "apartheid" regime?

    13:45 - What should Biden and U.S. politicians do?

    18:26 - Can the aid be used by Hamas?

    19:08 - Origins of Hamas

    22:15 - Peace Deal

    23:43 - U.S. / Israel Relationship

    27:05 - Presidential Candidates Supporting Israel

    29:05 - Trump on Biden's Israel Policies

    31:28 - Generational Gap on Gaza and Israel

    32:50 - Hillary Clinton's Statements

    35:10 - College Protests

    36:50 - Bassem's Family

    38:05 - Why does Bassem Youssef resonate with so many?

    41:25 - Polling and Voting

    43:05 - Zionism

    45:30 - How has this affected Bassem's career?

    46:40 - The future of the media

    47:15 - Media Coverage of College Protests

    Data Vizualisations TropicalDingdong

    Differential polling error, 2020 election

    Differential polling error is calculated for the 2020 election as the relative difference in polling error for two candidates (Biden and Trump).

    Relative error is calculated as (observed−expected)/observed, where the “observed” value represents actual election results, and the “expected” value denotes the predicted results from polls. Differential polling error is actuated as the relative error for candidate Trump minus the relative error for candidate Biden.

    This statistics combines the relative polling under and over performance for each candidate. For example, in the state of Utah, if Joe Biden is under-performs his polls by 4% (-4% relative error), and Trump out-performs his polls by 8% (8% relative error), the differential polling error for this state would be (8%) - (-4%), or 12%, meaning that for this state, candidate Trump had a 12% advantage relative to polling.

    I omitted 3 voting states or districts for this analysis: Hawaii, Alaska, and District of Columbia.

    Hawaii and Alaska would have made the state by state visualization tiny, and made a not very attractive map. The District of Columbia can be considered an outlier in this study in that Trump signficantly under-performed his polling there (but his polling in DC was incredibly low). Trump was polling at around 12% in DC prior to election day, and gathered around 5% of the vote on election day. His relative performance would be about 120%, which would have thrown the color scheme way out of wack.

    Data Vizualisations TropicalDingdong

    Relative error in polling performance, 2020 election cycle

    Polling performance for the 2020 election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Relative error is a metric for evaluating the accuracy of poll predictions relative to actual voting outcomes. Relative error is calculated as (observed−expected)/observed, where the "observed" value represents actual election results, and the "expected" value denotes the predicted results from polls. This statistic helps to identify the proportion by which polls under or overestimate support for a candidate. In this figure, a positive relative error indicates that the polls underestimated the candidate's actual support, while a negative value suggests an overestimation.


    TRUMP LOSING IT! Dina Doll & Brian Stelter on the Trump Trial | The Don Lemon Show

    Don Lemon is joined by Vanity Fair Special Correspondent Brian Stelter and @MeidasTouch Legal Analyst Dina Doll to discuss the latest news around Trump's criminal trial. Will any of this impact the election? What can we expect with the next witness? Tune in to find out!

    Watch & Subscribe on YouTube @TheDonLemonShow!

    Listen on Apple, Spotify, and iHeart Radio!

    00:00 - Intro

    00:44 - Trump Continues Legal Defiance

    05:36 - Disparaging The Court on Camera

    07:00 - Trial Trump Burnout

    12:30 - How Will Daniels Testimony be Perceived?

    14:53 - Hilary Clinton on SCOTUS Immunity Trial

    20:40 - Michael Cohen Taking the Stand

    24:50 - Where is the MAGA Support?

    27:10 - Kristi Noem Thrown to the Wolves


    NIGHT SCHOOL: Hot Topics, Live Guests and Viewer Q&A (5/9/24)

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


    Scheduled for May 9, 2024 #marclamonthill #nightschool #mlh Join Marc Lamont Hill Monday-Friday at 10:30pm EST to unpack the hottest topics trending in politics, culture, and entertainment. Guests will join live, and the audience will be able to participate in MLH Office Hours and ask questions at the end if time permits.

    Like, comment, share, SUBSCRIBE, and JOIN the MLH Membership Program for exclusive content and access to perks:

    Stay connected with Marc Lamont Hill:

    👉🏾 Instagram:

    👉🏾 TikTok:

    👉🏾 X (Twitter):

    👉🏾 Facebook:

    #nightschool #mlh #marclamonthill


    Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks TAKES AIM at Trump, Netanyahu, & the D.C. Elites | The Don Lemon Show

    Don Lemon is joined by the Host of @TheYoungTurks , Cenk Uygur to dive into the biggest updates in the Trump criminal trial and the Gaza Protests. Will Trump get a mistrial? Are democratic elites to blame for the delays in Trump's trial? Tune in to hear all about it.

    Watch & Subscribe on YouTube @TheDonLemonShow!

    Listen on Apple, Spotify, and iHeart Radio!

    00:00 - Intro

    00:28 - Stormy Daniels Testimony Continues

    04:14 - Anymore Cases to Trial?

    08:41 - Will Trump See a Jail Cell?

    12:47 - Biden Pauses Weapon Shipments to Israel

    15:45 - Failed Ceasefire Deal by Egypt

    18:50 - Have Universities been Heavy Handed?

    26:56 - Racism On Campuses

    28:40 - Cenk on if Campuses Should be Cancelling Commencements

    30:20 - Where Is Will Palestinian Protest Momentum Go?


    The Heartbreak and Perseverance of Whoopi Goldberg | The Don Lemon Show

    Don Lemon is joined by The View Co-host and EGOT winning actress Whoopi Goldberg to get an in depth look at her new book, "Bits and Pieces: My Mother, My Brother, and Me." Whoopi opens up about her grief following the loss of her mother and brother, and her journey to becoming the influential figure she is today. She discusses her childhood, struggles with drug use, her incredible weight loss & how she landed the role on Star Trek.

    WATCH & Subscribe on YouTube @TheDonLemonShow!

    Listen on Apple, Spotify and iHeart Radio!

    00:00 - Intro

    00:21 - Weight Loss

    01:48 - Whoopi’s New Book on Grief

    05:20 - What Inspired “Bits and Pieces”

    06:57 - What’s Your Favorite Memory?

    11:31 - Feeling Lost or Lonely

    14:59 - Relationships with Mothers

    22:11 - Feeling Grief Differently

    24:43 - Using Drugs

    30:06 - Whoopi Values Her Alone Time

    32:35 - Getting Her Spot on Star Trek

    36:10 - Acting to Talk Show Host with The View


    Dan Abrams on Stormy Daniels, the Trump Trial and Campus Protests | The Don Lemon Show

    Don Lemon sits down with Dan Abrams, Chief Legal Analyst for ABC News and Host of NewsNation's Dan Abrams Live. They dive into the latest updates in the Trump Trial drama, Stormy Daniels, and the campus protests.

    WATCH & Subscribe on YouTube @TheDonLemonShow!

    Listen on Apple, Spotify and iHeart Radio!

    00:00 - Intro

    01:17 - The Dirty Details from Stormy Daniels Testimony

    06:50 - How Is this Going to Effect Trump in the Polls?

    09:07 - Cameras in the Courtroom

    10:59 - Where Is the Fulton County Case At?

    14:20 - Is The Classified Documents Case Favoring Trump?

    17:48 - Abrams on O.J. Simpson’s Death

    20:08 - Conservative Media Condemns Kristi Noem

    24:10 - Campus Protestors and the Complexities of the First Amendment

    30:50 - Should Students Have More Leeway?

    32:40 - Abrams on the Future of News and Media

    Data Vizualisations TropicalDingdong

    Update to presidential polling as of 5/08/2024

    So the big news at this time would be that both DJT and Biden are declining with the most recent months polling.

    Biden has effectively lost any gains he made with his strong performance with the State of the Union. It looks like he'll be sub 40 going again, where he was dipping into the high 30's around December. Keep in mind that Biden's quarterly current polling places him in as the lowest polling president ever with regards to economic performance.

    >President Joe Biden averaged 38.7% job approval during his recently completed 13th quarter in office, which began on Jan. 20 and ended April 19. None of the other nine presidents elected to their first term since Dwight Eisenhower had a lower 13th-quarter average than Biden.

    Interestingly, Trump has not been able to make any real gains from Bidens record under-performance for an incumbent. Trump is also slipping in the polling from a stable 44% that has been fairly consistent post Presidency, to now nudging into the high 30s. This decline began around the time of the start of the ongoing hush money trial and with betting markets putting it at a ~70% probability of a guilty verdict. So the gamblers are for once not putting their money on Teflon Don, but its extremely unclear how this will effect Trumps polls nationally.

    In other news, Robert "the brain worms made me do it" Kennedy has failed to catapult into relevancy since his surge in late March. Kennedy's overall polling numbers have declined with both Biden and Trumps. Its still disagreed upon whom Kennedy is drawing voters from more significantly, but its becoming clear that he'll need something big to be able to capitalize the moment into something larger. Anecdotally, Kennedy's campaign has been compared to Ross Perot's infamous 1992 run that is often attributed to the reason why George Bush Sr. lost that election.

    In summary, it looks like we're in a race to the bottom among voters this election cycle. Obvious causes for this on the Biden side are his position on Israel/ Gaza, student protests, and the refusal to hold Israel accountable in any meaningful way. On the Trump side we have an ongoing criminal trial, as well as renowned puppy-killer Kristi Noem taking much of the headlines. Is there a chance that the worms in RFK Jr's brain might give him a clever idea that can catapult him into the 20-30 point range where he can represent a competitive alternative to either major party?

    I'll be posting another update in around 30 days, and as polling increases frequency as we get closer to election day, I may increase this posting to around 15 days depending on the availability of data.

    Cheers and happy polling!



    Rainn Wilson on The Office, Buddha, Ketamine, & the NY KNICKS | The Don Lemon Show

    Don Lemon sits down with the Office's Rainn Wilson to discuss his childhood and his journey with spirituality. They dive into drug use, the New York Knicks, and Rainn's connection with Dwight Schrute.

    Check out Rainn's podcast @SoulBoom

    WATCH & Subscribe on YouTube @TheDonLemonShow!

    Listen on Apple, Spotify and iHeart Radio!

    00:00 - Intro

    01:56 - Rainn, Where Did Your Name Come From?

    05:05 - What Started Rainn’s Spiritual Journey

    09:33 - Finding God

    15:00 - Rainn’s Eclectic Childhood

    19:55 - How Using Drugs and Alcohol Affected Rainn

    25:17 - Is There Something Destructive About Using Psychedelics

    31:30 - Dwight Schrute Calls out Consumer Capitalism

    36:55 - How Fame Affected Rainn

    38:18 - Star Trek & Kung Fu

    41:19 - Rainn Reflects


    Live stream from NYU protests! Don Lemon is Live!

    Don Lemon is live streaming from NYU protest.