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What can i take to drink less caffeine?
  • Melatonin helps me sleep the first four or so hours, then Zyrtec helps with the last four. You can take the Zyrtec any time since it's a 24 hrs pill, but I try to take mine around bedtime. They don't make me groggy or anything during the day, and they even help with mosquito bites!

    Edit: Also Costco sells a year's supply for the cost everyone else sells a month's worth.

  • Authentic Texas recipe
  • I often make a veggie chili with lentils, quinoa, dal, carrots, jalapenos/serranos, and ground beef, but no beans. It's pretty good! Last few times, I tilted the seasoning very slightly east African.

  • My laptop hinge just ripped its screws right out.
  • Actually if you want a serious answer, I usually try to apply force as close to the hinge as possible when opening and closing the lid. This way the full length of the screen isn't acting as a lever multiplying the force on the relatively short span of the hinge mounting bracket.

    I definitely agree this is too common a problem not to be by design.

  • California socialite Rebecca Grossman sentenced to 15 to life for killing 2 kids in crosswalk
  • It really is a great apple! I've recently tried one for the first time. I can definitely recommend!

    Also the licky fingers thing doesn't bother me nearly as much as the people who dig their long, dirty fingernails into produce, and sometimes I don't notice until I've already brought it home.. Blehhh!

  • McCricket Protein Bowl
  • The first question I proposed to Copilot was simply, "what new hit product can McDonald's bring to market today?" The response was potentially more shocking than this one since I spec'd insect-derived proteins in the one I posted. The response was some sort of maximum vegan abomination McVegan with "cheese" or something. I've enjoyed some vegan patties before, but I draw the line at fake foods like vegan cheese. Also seemed dubious this new product heavily characterized as vegan even in the naming would be a hit product in America. I'd probably try one but I'm pretty open-minded.

    I suspect the nationalities of the programmers at Microsoft might have a lot to do with all this vegan and insect protein business. When I worked there at the main Redmond campus, the programmers seemed to be about 40% Chinese, 40% Indian, 19% white, 1% other. These were almost entirely immigrants with many from rich families that were able to arrange dual nationalities for their kids. Not a criticism mind you -- just an observation. Hate the game not the player.

  • McCricket Protein Bowl
  • Oh I agree. I'm a big Texas BBQ loving guy, but I can see the writing on the wall. I just got a big kick out of the naming and the "cricket chunks" as being marketable to anyone remotely American. I believe they're already slipping cricket protein into products under a pseudonym like they did with cochineal.

    As a species, we are going to have to feed ourselves more sustainably, or seriously reduce the population. I suspect our benevolent leaders are already working on a version the second option -- reduce the population of everyone else.

  • McCricket Protein Bowl

    **Me **

    Can you describe a potential new food item for a company like McDonald's that uses insect-derived proteins and would be marketed to Americans

    **Copilot **

    Absolutely, I'd be happy to help brainstorm a new food item for a company like McDonald's that incorporates insect-derived proteins. Given the increasing interest in sustainable and alternative proteins, I propose a new item called the "McCricket Protein Bowl". Here's a detailed description:

    McCricket Protein Bowl


    Cricket Flour Tortilla: A soft tortilla made from cricket flour, which is high in protein and has a subtle, nutty flavor.

    Black Beans: A hearty serving of black beans for added protein and fiber.

    Grilled Vegetables: A mix of grilled bell peppers and onions for a smoky flavor and added nutrition.

    Cricket Protein Chunks: Pieces of cricket protein that have been seasoned and cooked to perfection. They have a unique, savory flavor and a texture similar to grilled chicken.

    Avocado and Corn Salsa: A fresh salsa made from ripe avocados and sweet corn. This adds a creamy texture and a sweet contrast to the other ingredients.

    Chipotle Sauce: A smoky, spicy chipotle sauce that adds a kick to the bowl.

    Unique Selling Points:

    Sustainable: Cricket protein is a sustainable source of protein that requires less land, water, and food compared to traditional livestock.

    High-Protein: This bowl is packed with protein from both the cricket flour tortilla and the cricket protein chunks.

    Delicious: Despite using unconventional ingredients, this bowl is flavorful and satisfying, with a variety of textures and tastes that work well together.

    This new food item could appeal to adventurous eaters, those interested in sustainable food sources, and health-conscious consumers looking for high-protein options. It's a bold move that could put McDonald's at the forefront of the alternative protein trend. However, it's important to note that introducing insect-derived proteins to the American market would require careful marketing to overcome potential consumer hesitations.


    Man-eating Pelicans

    How big would a pelican need to be to generally be capable of swallowing grown humans whole? What body changes would we expect to see in such an organism? Thanks in advance for your educated insight. Also sorry for the split infinitive. Just call me Captain Kirk!


    PROPOSAL: Make a rule banning jeans-related posts

    Encourage those impacted directly to create a new community so people can opt-in or out as desired. Please!

    Seriously though.. Is it the anniversary of the invention of the jeans or what? Is this an attack?

    EDIT: I can see I've made a fundamental error in the appraisal of this community. As I am newly old, I've resorted to the "get off my lawn" approach to a decidedly mild irritant. I will retract my proposal and agree to "live and let live."