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DIY electronics and Insurance
  • Note for you: phones aren't UL tested for safety. As I read it this morning, Their listing falls under UL110, a sustainability spec for product lifecycles. And a battery spec or two.

    Nice project though! I've got a handful of LED strips, mostly in the kitchen and more lighting outside. One thing you might care about is to give your wled instance a station ip address.

  • DIY electronics and Insurance
  • Is it a 5, 12 or 24v project? If it's 5v, use a USB power brick, that will be ul rated.

    The NEC says that anything under 50v is low voltage and not considered hazardous.

    What's the project? I have a handful of wled things in the house

  • Texas asks people to avoid using their cars
  • Wait wait wait, climate change is fake! Why would not driving do anything? I'm gonna double down and idle my RV and hummer and spare cruise ship burning bunker fuel in my driveway!

    Hope it's obvious, but /s just in case

  • Friday's pie (taco)

    Had leftover taco fixings, so we made a taco pie this weekend. A bit of the pizza had crushed nachos (kid requested). Overall, a solid pizza.


    (homemade) Tonkotsu ramen, with pork, egg, corn, spinach, and enoki mushrooms.

    This was yesterday's dinner, the last of my freezer pork (this means I get to make another batch)