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What mundane things of our era could be seen as beautiful or admirable in the future?
  • I live within 20 miles of a big airport, a smaller commercial airport, and a small (mostly private and corporate) airport. We used to live in line with the runway of the small airport and I insisted to my husband that the lights were dimming every time a plane went over. It was just a shadow. Daily you don't really notice it unless you're doing something outside that's quiet, but when it was gone, it was shocking how much we noticed the absence.

  • Older women, women with weight changes or visible disabilities, or transfolk of Lemmy - how has the male gaze changed for you?
  • I'm oblivious and always have been. I assume every smile is a friendly smile and I'm ok chatting with almost anyone. I only really notice if someone says something creepy or touches me too much. My husband accuses me of flirting with everyone.

  • What are the best (or worst) parts of your job?
  • Good - I never have to work weekends or holidays (other than finishing a few things i didn't finish during the week) and i get 8 weeks off in the summer. I have an office but i don't normally have to go there. Unless i have a meeting or appointment, no one notices if I'm a few minutes late. I drive among about a dozen buildings so i get to see the sun and there's always an opportunity to grab a drink. I work mostly with kids and some are hilarious! I love my team.

    Bad- Driving and getting in/out of your car all day sucks when it's hot, cold, or stormy. I haul a lot of things so my car is always a mess. Sometimes i have to work with or for unpleasant adults. Occasionally there's poop or vomit.

  • What do you think about my idea to help renters buy their home?
  • I don't know what you mean by " If you don't like it, just buy another one." I've rented many times and no one has ever said that to me. I don't understand the context.

    I think you have a narrow view of people who rent out homes. Not everyone is a corporation looking to make millions of dollars. Many are just trying to cover the cost of the home temporarily while they deal with life. My mom sold her home and bought a smaller house a year before she retired. She rented the new home until she was ready to retire and move in. When she had to move to an assisted living apartment, she rented her home to cover the mortgage so she could pay for care. She didn't sell as she hoped to be able to return to her home. Now that she's passed, I've inherited the home. I'm renting it to cover the mortgage while we make decisions about our own retirement and where we want to live.

  • What's the best US site/app to sell stuff?

    Cleaning out my mom's house. I hate to trash things that may be useful to someone else and some of it's probably worth some $$. I've used Facebook marketplace a couple of times. I've heard of OfferUp and LetGo but haven't used them. Where will i get the best response and $? Should i just pile it all up and do an online estate sale instead? TIA. Also, if anyone has done this and has any general tips, please share.


    Have you ever scent trained a dog? Do you have experience with a blind pet?

    My 10 year old pup is going blind. We've been in the same house for most of her life and she's doing ok, but I'm worried it's going to get more difficult for her. She's not the smartest, but she can sit, lie down, and shake on command. I've read several articles about scent training but would like to get tips from someone who has done it. I'm thinking of using 4 different scents for bed, toys, stairs, and food/water - i know she can smell the food, but i want to make sure she can find the water bowl when she's outside. Is that too many?

    One article recommended marking a path on the floor/ground so she knows where there's a clear route. Another suggested marking furniture/obstacles so she knows where to avoid.

    If you have any experience with this and can offer tips, i would appreciate it. Also, if you want to share any happy stories about your VI pets, i would love to hear them. It's heartbreaking to see her misjudge the doorway or bonk into things.


    political polls

    Have you ever been asked to participate in a political poll? Do you know of anyone who has?


    TIL about Thomas Midgley and I wonder what's 'perfectly safe' today. Once celebrated, an inventor’s breakthroughs are now viewed as disasters — and the world is still recovering | CNN

    Though the dangers of leaded gasoline and CFCs are now well-known, their inventor, Thomas Midgley Jr. — the subject of a film under development — was once lauded as a hero. But even he couldn’t escape the impact of his creations.

    Once celebrated, an inventor’s breakthroughs are now viewed as disasters — and the world is still recovering | CNN

    I'm glad we don't snuggle people as a greeting the way we snuggle animals.

    Edit to clarify that by 'snuggle' i meant all pets, scritches, belly rube, squeezes, ass pats, questions about who's the goodest, nicknaming, etc.


    What to watch?

    Sick and feel like I've hit the end of Netflix, Prime, ... Is there a community about what everyone is streaming/recommending?


    Do you leave a tip for housekeeping if you're only staying one night in a hotel?

    Is it a 'thank you for prepping my room' or 'please clean my room today'? If you tip post cleaning, it's likely going to someone else the next day. Many hotels now only do housekeeping on demand. How do employees feel about this - do they miss the tips or are they happy for a less stressful workday?

    ETA- I'm in the US. Does the rest of the world tip housekeeping? I always have when traveling because I do at home, but I don't know what the norm is.


    thca and dry herb vape communities

    There's a vaporent community and a vaporists community. Neither have been active for almost a year. It would be nice to have one of those going to see what everybody's using. I also miss the old old cult/ Franklin/thca groups from r/. Anyone interested in starting one of those?


    What's a fun office prank? Christmas themed if possible.

    Boss is going away for a few days and we're trying to create a fun surprise for when she returns. Our offices are all shared so it has to be limited to a small area and can't impact other people toooo much.


    Not really casual but I i don't know where to put this. I lost a school kid last week...

    It's very sad, but with the holiday weekend I've been able to keep it in the back of my mind instead of the front. Now that Mom is sharing info on services, i can't imagine actually going there and seeing and what to say... and it's getting to me, a lot. Today is a celebration day in my house and i don't want to bring my family down, so i just need a place to rest this until i can get back to it tomorrow and begin processing. Sorry for public journaling.


    Texas has an open primary

    Anyone registered to vote can choose a Republican or Democratic ballot. Many of the people on the Democratic ballot (in my area) are running unopposed, so it was a good opportunity to try to get the least crazy people on the November ballot. Also, the republican ballot has 13 propositions that are not on the Democratic one, so that's your only chance to have a say in those (and IMO they are really really bad!)


    TIL about the phrase 'carbon footprint'

    It was initially used by BP to shift blame to consumers instead of oil companies.


    Is there a way to cancel a report?

    Image popped up. I reported it as 'not labeled nsfw'. Just as it was going i saw that it was labeled but the app i was using (liftoff) must have missed it.


    I wish my contacts packaging had raised numbers...

    so I could tell which one goes in which eye without glasses.


    Whats the lemmy demographic?

    I keep seeing people comment that Lemmy is mostly men in their 20s and 30s. That's not my demo and many of the posts/comments i see don't seem to fit that.

    Trees Today

    Is this a real community or a bot-run repost of everything from r/trees?


    Do you find that you're on the fed more than you were on r/ just because you're really really excited to watch your favorite communities become more active?

    I do, but as more people join I'm also feeling a little republican - i got my spot and this is good; everyone on the outside can go fuck off now. I don't want it to get so big that it's what we left. No intended disrespect or lack of acknowledgment to those who were here before.