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A TL;DR of the Goldman-Sachs AI Criticism
  • It will be integrated in products. Imagine libre office with local text prediction / grammar assistant / translation.

    Sure the layman actually doesn't even know how to install libre office, but that's a different problem.

  • A TL;DR of the Goldman-Sachs AI Criticism
  • It will not be wasted or forgotten. The cat's out of the bag. You can run it locally on your machine. It can summarize text for you, it can help you write boilerplate code, it can help you find that file with that thing that you don't quite remember, it can create a poem about your left nut. The tech already has proven useful, it's about where you use it.

  • Microsoft says it won't let you use Mail & Calendar app on Windows 11
  • Support for weird stuff like integration with smart home (home assistant), better syntax highlighting / autocomplete for specific cases (like the home assistant mentioned above), better support for mixed fonts, database integration, more efficient use of screen real estate for side panels and less effort to add new languages in general (cdk, terraform, k8s with crd, go, etc), one click github copilot...

    My current role needs me to deal with whatever the customer is using, so a whole lot of variability, custom resources and libraries, languages that I'm not super familiar with... It's just easier.

    If it helps, I'm still running Arch, BTW. (but probably will go with just debian when my computer dies, whenever that will be).