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I'm just gonna stick to slotted, thanks
  • Torx should be the default over Phillips for sure. Phillips is fine for shit like access panels or screw terminals. Slotted is useless for anything but the adjustment on pots and thermostats. Robertson is just a proto-torx. Everything else either exists to make someone money or is a bolt

  • What's wrong with my cucumbers?
  • Bummer.

    I'm gonna go with either spider mites or fungus/bacteria. Probably the latter like one of the leaf spots or possibly downy mildew, though it seems a bit deep into summer for downy. That last picture has some pinpoints of color on the leaf that look like they could be spider mite damage, but I'd still put the safe money on a leaf spot. This far along, you'd be able to easily find them if they're there.

    Get what you can from it all, maybe hit it with some neem once a week to see if that'll slow down the decline, but I think that's just gonna be cucurbit hospice.

  • Taters at Dawn
  • We had an insanely wet spring, then have been dry for about three weeks before the storms that kicked through yesterday.

    Damn, man. Two weeks of summer and it's already a drought on you guys? You're a masochist

  • Taters at Dawn
  • Yup! As was said, they're just cattle fence made into round cages. The bottoms I lined with some landscaping fabric for a growing medium (75/25 compost/soil) and planted the potatoes about half way down. From there I just mound up in straw.

    Edit: I forgot a few details. They're held up on either side by t-posts. Nothing fancy, just driven in and wired to each post three times (top, center, bottom) for stability and support. I put sprinklers on the top because that's what I had, though I do want to do something different in the future. I don't like top watering, but I haven't quite figured out how I wanna do it otherwise. I'm thinking a strand or two of drip that gets mounded up with the potato as it grows, but that's experimenting for another time

    There's some folks that will actually do a core of medium up the center for new potato roots to take hold in. I'm trying something that's a little more fertilizer-intense, but easier to scale up. Little blood meal every couple weeks while they're growing up then some 10-10-10 twice (once at the beginning and once again here in a bit).

    If I can make this work in my home garden, I'm hoping to tweak it a bit for larger scale. We'll see

  • Taters at Dawn

    Just admiring the sprinklers in the morning light


    They Came in the Night

    They topped all my sunflowers, about 30 bean seedlings, mowed down one of my full-grown bush beans, and over-pruned one of my watermelon vines in a single night. I saw some spots where they nibbled at my potatoes as well. These suburban deer are a menace. With as many dogs as we have running around here, you'd think they'd stay away, but no, they don't care

    I'm gonna have to build a fence next season


    Pink Lemonade Raspberries

    The plant is still small, but it's putting off a few here and there and man are they tasty. Looking forward to getting enough to actually do something next season


    A Before and After to Soothe Your Tuesday

    Trying to get in the habit of taking more pictures for work stuff. An abandoned sunflower bed that is gonna get planted with various squash. Hand weeded with a hori-hori and some shitty knee pads. I also forgot my gloves today


    Unintended Experiments: Peas and Terra Cotta (plus bonus taters)

    The heat is starting to climb, so the early season stuff is starting to struggle a bit. Looks like terra cotta beats plastic and big beats small. There you go, empirical evidence of a fact everyone already knew: plants prefer the expensive pots


    A Garden Helper

    Some kind of beautiful black widow, probably a Northern. Built her web on a bag of potting soil, so I had to scrooch her along. Absolutely gorgeous and huge! She was definitely well fed


    Ganked by the Gastropods

    My pak choi army has fallen. I sent them out to harden and the slugs just rolled over them in a night.




    Open-Air Casserole

    Metal of some kind, probably thrash or hardcore


    The weeds she tells you not to worry about

    Spent the day pulling honeysuckle vines out of a homesteader client's back fence. I turned a perfectly good set of pruning shears into beaters pulling all that stuff out, but this guy was just extra in every way


    Corn on the Rise (and other stuff)

    Corn is finally peeking out, but something has been digging it up and chomping seedlings, too. I shotgunned it, so I can afford the losses. More stuff in a comment to follow


    Once More, With Feeling

    Daikon goes boom. Pak choi is on the way up with it. Gotta solve my soil issues before I put these down. Speaking of soil issues, I probably gotta start over on my squash bed. Nothing looks too happy in there and instead of watching it die a slow death, I'm just gonna direct sow everything after I get some amendments in with it.

    In the mean time, I'm just watching these guys revive some hope for a summer harvest


    Middle of a Clean Up Day

    I got sick a week and a half ago, so things got a little messy. We're back on schedule, tho. Kale has been the hero this season. Couple broccoli doing what I ask. Slugs got all my first round peppers, so on my back foot there.

    Herbs need to be moved out into the sun and a new round of starts there. Tomatoes in the ground, started a bunch of tubers (daikon, french breakfast radish, and beets). All of my pak choi is ded, which makes me worry for the ten million carrots I have coming up. Started like, 30 pak choi to make up for it (get em young, cut em in half and roast em with salt and pepper, finish with Lao Gan Ma. One of my favorite veggies).

    Garlic and onions coming along, taters growing, put down some corn and spinach yesterday. Been having hard luck with the spinach. Had an unidentified rodent living in that bed picking off my seedlings as they sprouted. Took the cover off and let the ferals deal with it, so here we are again on a fourth round of direct sow and I STILL AIN'T GOT NO SPINACH.

    Oh, I put some watermelon down, too. Makes an awesome cover along my walkway and the ferals love to hide in it. Also, watermelons, I guess.

    Squash arch is archin, but I worry about my soil out there. Same mix I used for the hugel and the new beds and I'm having problems. Shouldn't have rushed to get them done, but hey, that's my problem now.


    A Real Big Garden

    Doing a crop walk for one of my clients this morning. Air was real still, goats were only a little bit desperate for grain. Good start to the day


    The Game is Afoot

    A bit ago I posted this image and a sharp-eye named Even_Adder (not sure exactly how attributes work on Voyager yet) saw that something was written to it. I dug around a little, but couldn't come up with the answer, so I figured what the hell and sent them an email. The Institute has responded.

    Light the beacons! Or whatever we're supposed to do. Wait? I think it's wait. I'll post an update when we get an update.