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Renters' hopes of being able to buy a home have fallen to a record low, New York Fed survey shows
  • It's a vicious pinch, rent rates going up preventing you from saving while housing rates (and minimum down-payment if you want a decent monthly mortgage/interest rate) are going up at the same time. My wife and I got lucky and we own our townhouse, but half of the properties vacated in our neighborhood either through eviction or owners moving out have all been turned into rental properties owned by a corp. It's fucked up, they want noone to own anything anymore so they can get richer through obscene rent hikes every year... And we live in MD. I can't even imagine trying to survive in NY or any other big city.

  • How did you meet the love of your life?
  • Also OK Cupid, but my wife and I also knew each other back in high school. So that was our icebreaker. Ok cupid was the only dating app I could actually use because everything else required a Facebook profile, which I do not have...

  • More older Americans delaying retirement, returning to workforce
  • At my last job we actually had a guy die of a heart attack right on his forklift. Not a public spectacle, but it made me realize how bad that company actually was. His position was filled by Friday...none wanted to tell the guy his predecessor just died right there on the forklift he's sitting in a few days ago.

  • 1 in 3 Americans maxing out credit cards because of inflation
  • Maybe the percentage is exaggerated, but I have no doubt that more people are having trouble keeping debt under control. I've hit a point where my debt is indefinitely growing, despite throwing every spare cent at my cards, and I've always been good with my debt. In the process of not using one of them, another gets piled on. Half of my pay goes to mortgage/utilities and the rest goes to my cards which are used for gas/groceries/dog food/emergencies. I've cut out everything I can at this point. My wife and I haven't gone out to dinner in almost a year, no vacations, and I'm hesitant to even take a day off because I will only get 8 hours of pay, losing the overtime. All of this, and my card debt still goes up every month by about $50, which isnt a lot, but it's unsettling that it's at a point of steady increase. In a few years, at least one of my cards will be maxed or close to it. One emergency like my last (3k in car repairs) will immediately max one of them. The only other options I have at this point are giving up my dogs, or starving myself. The working class, even the responsible ones, are struggling.

  • Dragon’s Dogma II sales top 2.5 million
  • Problem is that these will always be a thing because of whales. Am I supposed to not buy a game because of a micro like this? So basically quit gaming? Because they're everywhere now, and as long as whales exist, micros will exist. You need to pick your battles. I stopped buying multi-player games all together. I'm not limiting myself on single player games because of a minor micro that changes nothing about my single player experience.

    Everyone could boycott this game except for the whales, and that handful would still be considered a win for them. Don't be disappointed in a single games sales, be disappointed in the current state of gaming.

  • Dragon’s Dogma II sales top 2.5 million
  • While occasionally I wish I could save scum when I make a mistake, I've gotten through rough patches. I will say the performance is lacking sometimes, hopefully that will iron out in time. One save file can be a pain, but you can rebuild your character in any way you'd like throughout the game, and there is NG+. But I have 10 wake stones and 20+ ferry stones. They aren't THAT limited without buying them. This just encourages me to explore more and think about my combat a little more thoroughly. I've run the same roads over 10 times and I'll still find a new path to a seekers medallion or a cave I hadn't gone through on the 11th time. I've only used 1 wakestone and that was because I fell a half a mile and ended up somewhere I hadn't explored yet.

    The game is not bad, it's just built different. GOTY? I don't know about that yet. But to be 'disappointed' that a game you didn't like is selling well is nonsense. The micros are irrelevant as far as I can see with the stockpile of those items I have, and while I don't like the idea of them being slid in there, it's not predatory like lootboxes in some games.

  • Sir Pounce a lot

    Pounce likes to hang out nearby and judge you, no matter what you are doing.


    Kitty Town

    Has anyone in the US heard of Kitty Town? I like the idea of a percentage of profits going to feeding cats, so I decided to try some out and they have some interesting selections from around the world.