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Be rule do warcrimes
  • Says you. It is a fucking dog whistle for racists and telling me it isn't with that stupid meme confirms it. It's amazing how the term as been so whitewashed that even Jewish people buy it.

  • Be rule do warcrimes
  • Criticize all you want, sensitive ass. You just stated some whiny generalities about any and corporations based on assumptions and cynicism like it's anything but reactionary noise.

  • Be rule do warcrimes
  • Was hoping you'd be self critical and figure it out on your own.

    You think an entire people are one dimensional religious fundamentalists

    "Zionists" = Jews, an entire people.

    This meme portrays them as bloodthirsty psychopaths who fantasize about killing their own people via their mortal enemy because they are gay. My very close friend is a "Zionist", ie a person with more complex feelings about the war than anyone on this goddamn site thinks is possible. A person who doesn't want dead civilians or anything else, but was there when her friends were butchered in the streets. She also happens to be a lesbian, and the "average Zionist" is her.

  • Be rule do warcrimes
  • Lockheed-Martin doesn't commit war crimes, the governments you elected or didn't, do the war crimes. They're a weapon and aeronautical reasearch, development, and manufacturing company. Building weapons and planes and jets is something every single nation on Earth does (or buy from those that do). This is just as silly as Coca-Cola sponsoring Pride, maybe even more so if you knew what they've been up to.

    Corporations are not your friend or ally, rainbow or not. It doesn't matter what they support because they are all in some way evil. But if people want their support in Pride, why not?

  • Brushed [Perry Bible Fellowship]
  • Because artists must be mocked as dirty, unkept hippies. This trope has bothered my family of artists and I for years.

    For you new people. Artists look like your dad, or your school principal. Sometimes they look like hippies, but most people (not all!) who dress the part are not artists and very likey posers or hangabouts.

  • Interstell(rule)

    First post! Here's a stolen meme!

    /196 is the only place I really like on Lemmy.


    People who generalize as if the US is one government instead of one big inept government and then 50+ governments that have districts and counties and cities are aggravatingly ignorant and smug.

    "The US should do X and they suck because they don't!" Each state has it's own laws on education. Some places suck, some do not. It's not a monolith.

    "The US has shitty beer lol" We have some of the best beer in the world but it's local/state/region only and never exported unlike fancy Euro beer.

    The US for better or worse is a, hmmm 🤔 a unity of government states under a federation called America. It's very hard to get federal laws and bills passed, especially for education. The states want the power to chooses for themselves what they do, and the federal government hangs above them, sometimes intervening.

    We are a huge country that has a relatively unique circumstance of government, population, and young brutal history. I'm a Californian and I live in the Bay Area which almost literally a different country than most of America, especially the South and Midwest.

    I'm so sick of people, especially smug Europeans, talking like they know Americans and America but they don't really know shit about us except the movies and going to NYC and Miami.

    Yes I am having a bad day.

    To be honest I love Europe and have friends there that I miss dearly! I've been many times. But dumbassery is dumbassery.

    EDIT: You people are an exhausting swarm of pecking ravens and I've spent all the "toxic" energy I want arguing with half you because you just hear what you want to hear and fit the stereotype I loathe I think you only commented out of trained reflex and a few of you are just unsophisticated haters. Whatever, fuck you, and all that jazz.


    I honestly thought she was lifting to huge barbells like Arnold

    I had to check Max to confirm. Still not sure what they are.