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24 June 1979
  • Where'd the plate go?

  • The mask ban shit is unreal.
  • Maybe the real delusion is all the diseases that can cause a compromised immune system we met along the way.

  • I don't mind paying taxes for services. I mind very much billionaires not paying taxes.
  • I don't hate the concept of taxes. I hate the concept of my taxes not actually going back into the community I live in and instead being used to line pockets and blow up middle eastern people.

  • Controversial take
  • It looks like a poorly rendered video game until you look at the people.

  • Me trying new weapons without respeccing
  • Just more misconception. Swords were made with shaving sharp edges if the blacksmith was anywhere near worth his weight in salt.

    The idea that swords weren't sharp is a total misconception and anyone who actually practices swordfighting techniques or bladesmithing will tell you the same.

    Swords weren't generally meant for armor. Swords were backup weapons when you lost your spear/hammer/pole arm.

    If you were pulling your sword it was a last resort in most cases.

    The swords that were designed for armor in mind (longswords) were still as sharp as they could be but more oriented towards thrusting as that's how you beat armor, by piercing through the gaps with a strong thrust.

    Swords were sharp. Sharp enough to remove limbs. If your sword is doing more blunt damage than cutting you're doing it wrong and just need to use a club instead.

  • Me trying new weapons without respeccing
  • This is just misconception. Swords could very easily be sharpened to shaving sharp and still be used in halfswording. It's all about the type of grip you use and using thick gloves also helps.

  • Oh no!
  • Ye it's only when these things happen to the point of disrupting your life to a dysfunctional degree do they warrant a diagnosis.

  • Our community at night
  • Meanwhile in my head:

  • It's how you turn a goth gf into a goth wife
  • Some of y'all ain't worth gomez energy but ain't ready for that conversation

  • to put it nicely
  • Edit: No I get it now. I'm the one who misinterpreted what was said. I'm stupid.

  • to put it nicely
  • You misinterpreted what I meant.

    "Those who come after" doesn't mean someone's coming after us as in chasing us.

    Those who come after as in those who exist after us. Future humans or whatever species takes over after we inevitably fuck ourselves over.

    Edit: I'm the dumb dumbass here. I'm the one who misinterpreted what was said.

    As a true rebuttal with my updated understanding, I don't see humans dying out. We already survived one mass extinction. I have no doubt we'll in one way or another survive the next.

  • Electricity prices in France turn negative as renewable energy floods the grid
  • Am I the only one that doesn't understand how something could fall into a negative price range? Like does that mean the power companies have to pay the people using power? And how is power being that cheap a problem in any way? Isn't cheap accessible power what we've been striving to achieve??

  • TIL most cultures and peoples all over the world have historically had trouble recognizing the color blue
  • For the longest time orange was just called yellow-red so it tracks.

    Humans didn't really care much about details until lately.

    Iirc either Greek or Latin use the same word for hands as they do arms or something like that.

  • “Born To Kill” Phrase On ‘Full Metal Jacket’ Movie Art To Be Restored On Prime Video After Backlash
  • Yeah but remember the 80's where cartoons couldn't have any real violence in them at all?

    He-man Thundercats. Hell Transformers only got away with the violence level it did because they were robots shooting lasers.

  • And they say English is bad
  • I mean if it's moist I'm doing something right. Right?

  • Calling all the meatsplainers.
  • Yeah but bees always make more than they need and the humans can leave them plenty of honey to survive winter

    And with eggs the eggs don't come out fertilized. Your not killing a baby chicken every time you eat an egg. And it's not like the chicken is gonna do anything with the egg. At most they'll either leave it so another animal comes and eats it or they eat it themselves cause chickens are gluttonous little bastards.

    I'm not even trying to argue just to troll you or anything it's legitimately confusing. The chicken doesn't create the egg for any reason other than potential procreation. They'll produce eggs even when no males are around to fertilize them. They'll drop an egg and then promptly fuck off like it never even happened.

  • Calling all the meatsplainers.
  • Okay but eggs and honey are valid questions.

    Chickens are gonna lay eggs regardless and bees are gonna make honey regardless.

    As long as your not going out of your way to hurt the animals while collecting eggs/honey, what's the problem?

  • to put it nicely
  • Honestly I've given up hope for humanity. I want us to hurry up and destroy ourselves already. Maybe those who come after will actually learn but looking at human history they won't.

    It'll be the same shit different millennium.

  • Evidence.
  • My problem would be that even if whatever god themselves came down to show themselves to me I'd just think I was hallucinating and going crazy.

    Doesn't help my family has history with schizophrenia so I'd legitimately just think "Oh it's finally happening..."

  • 19 June 2024
  • That's how the original genies acted though. They weren't happy about their imprisonment so they fucked with the people who made wishes by deliberately misinterpreting them.

  • It's not that serious.

    Inspired by a recent post about fork types. Stuff always seemed unnecessarily complicated.


    What do you do with Nazi memorabilia?

    I own a long dagger/short sword. The hilt is in the design of the German eagle with its wings spread out as the hand guard and in the middle of the hand guard is a swastika. The scabbard is also adorned with swastikas on the top, mid section, and bottom.

    I don't want to own this piece as I don't want to be seen as a Nazi sympathizer or anything of the sort, but I don't want to sell it to someone who actually is a Nazi sympathizer or something like that.

    What do I do with it besides trash it? I don't want to trash it because it's decent quality. It's not historic in any way (which disturbs me to think about) but it's well made.

    What can I do with it?

    *The item in question is not historical


    Me to myself everyday.

    I hate waking up and immediately jumping up to do shit


    Borger 😁

    It's a bit out of focus but still clear enough to see.

    I made myself a BBQ burger. BBQ sauce, ketchup, lettuce, red onion, bacon, with cheddar cheese.


    Life uh uh uh... finds a way.

    I don't even think there's dirt in there. It's an old birdbath with the top removed.


    I was reminded of this after my phone autocorrected "honestly" into Throckmorton.

    And before anyone complains about the ifunny watermark this picture was taken from Google.


    Does Lemmy have a bump system?

    By bump system I mean someone interacting with a post causing that post to move higher in the main feed.

    If so what are the specifics? Is it just upvotes? Just comments? What about if someone archives your post?

    Also what's to stop someone from trying to manipulate their own post by adding new comments to try to raise the post in the feed to get more interaction?

    Political Memes ThatWeirdGuy1001

    Me whenever someone brings up futuristic dystopias.

    Seriously, it doesn't get much more dystopian than this.


    Me every time someone brings up possible futuristic dystopias.

    Seriously, it doesn't get much more dystopian than what we already have.


    A salad my friend made at work for some photographers at our new restaurant.

    I work at a newly opened restaurant and we had photographers come in to take pictures of the food. My friend is in charge of our salad station and created this masterpiece.


    Would you drink breast milk if it was commercially available?

    This question popped into my head after an ADHD moment of deconstructing the concept that humans willingly drink cow milk on an industrial scale. Would you drink milk if it was human women pumping the milk themselves?


    Newest edition

    The eye is a little fucked up but I'm getting it fixed once it all heals.


    Just enjoying my jup of jea

    Inspired by recent trends

    Edit: I just noticed this thing is a pipe/mug in one


    Are humans the only animal that wipes things off?

    I know the title is poorly worded but I can't really think of how exactly to word the question.

    I was watching a cat try to find a place to sit that wasn't covered in snow and it made me think about how humans wipe off snow covered seats or just dirty seats in general.

    Is that a uniquely human thing or are there other animals that exhibit similar behaviors?


    How do I stop hating children?

    Almost all my life I've absolutely despised children. Pretty much from the moment I stopped being a child I've hated being around children.

    It doesn't even matter what the child is doing. Whether they're laughing and having fun or screaming and throwing a tantrum. The sound of a child being loud activates an almost primal rage that I can barely contain.

    I've had to leave social gatherings/restaurants/grocery stores all because if I'd stayed I'd have made a complete ass of myself by screaming at a child just for existing.

    It's even worse with infants which makes me feel horrible because I know they can't help it. I know the kids don't know any better and it's our job as adults to get them through childhood, but my blood boils when they get loud or demand attention.

    Has anyone else dealt with something like this? Is there anything I can do to stop from getting so angry?