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Push for battery subsidy as home owners say solar benefits becoming 'marginal'
  • that's a good question. I think it's due to the scale. Household also always runs through an inverter to supply mains to a house, and interacts with the mains board whereas a caravan usually runs the standard regulator (which manages load requests)

  • Daily Discussion Thread: 💿💿💿 Friday, July 12, 2024
  • aww shittttttttt

    when out for my daily stomp a month or so ago I noticed something that looked very very promising being built on Cochrane's road. From an open door of a recently sold warehouse I spied what looked an awful lot like a looping indoor track under construction. "Wah wah you're crazy" the husband said "wah wah it's the tile area, probably the conveyer track for marble cutting or something"

    Well the signage is up and who's wah wahing now my friends? HA!

  • Daily Discussion Thread: 💿💿💿 Friday, July 12, 2024
  • eh, the greater public are starting to find out about project 2025 for the first time (despite it being a public website for ages, and very vocally pointed out by multiple parties) so it's going rather insane.

  • Daily Discussion Thread: 💿💿💿 Friday, July 12, 2024
  • I actually have a UVC sterilising cabinet, but it's....not designed for these. Dammit.

    (For anyone interested, voila. and well worth it if you do stuff that requires regular sanitising. or even just want to nuke water bottles)

  • How would you transition this?

    Marble outdoor to internal hardwood. House built in the 60's and i just spent ages clearing up old carpet tack and cement some dickhead had slapped over the floorboards.

    It's not even, but hangs around 3cm difference between flooring surfaces. The surrounding walls are original bullnose sideboards in spectacular condition, so would like to be sympathetic.

    Ideas? Suggestions?

    (Yes i'm treating the rot and putting in a moisture break between the cement and wood)


    Linux GUI termserv

    Due to hardware reqs we're tossing the idea at work to replace the Microsoft termserv with Linux. Due to the userbase being all windows fans we'd need a full on GUI and i've been prodded towards Mint. Good idea or bad?

    I've happily set up a remote kunbuntu for my workspace previously, but accomodating multiple complete linux neophytes is giving me a bit of pause.

    Bit more info: The current termserv is a debloated win10 machine with the multisession registry edit. However, it's on an R515 with proxmox (and running extremely well). Due to partner network requirements, we can't run depreciated software, and the box won't support win11, and frankly, I sat the boss down and asked him if he wanted to be microsoft's bitch for the forseeable future and junk serviceable hardware. He's absolutely up to getting on a linux ecosystem, but the graphical desktop environment is non-negotiable on his end.

    **EDIT: ** Anyone else looking to run this system: Video link at

    Aussie Frugal Living Taleya

    Bulk buys

    Stumbled across earlier today, has some good stuff if anyone's interested.

    homelab Taleya

    For anyone looking to retrofit SATA SSDs into internal Dell 3.5" bays....

    Based on an r210 II I'm currently doing up

    random info I thought may be useful to others


    Victoria to expand vacant residential land tax across state in bid to increase housing supply

    Tim Pallas told an industry breakfast on Tuesday that he planned to introduce legislation to parliament this week, which will see the vacant residential land tax expanded to include the whole state from 1 January 2025.


    Unable to comment?

    Running IOS version, can post to the body of of a thread, but unable to reply to comments in any way, shape or form. Not even the option to do so. Not in-thread, not from inbox. Only options are report or copy text/link

    Definitely logged in seeing as the whole inbox thing....

    Also can't upvote/ downvote, attempting to do just collapses the thread