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[Game Thread] 27-28 MAY 2024 - Conference Finals Game 4s
  • The Pacers should have been able to dominate the paint, because they have bigger and stronger players.

    If anything, I think the Pacers did a good job resisting doubling. The Celtic's strategy is to always have many shooters on the court. Normally they would be able to probe the defense to draw a double team and then send the ball around to the uncovered player. To me, it looked like the Pacers kept everyone covered and guarded passing angles. Many of the Celtics possessions ended with the ball handler looking for an opening for 15 seconds and settling for a loosely contested 3.

  • Dragonforce
  • Not all power metal is cheesy. Symphonic metal is all about showing off ridiculous vocal abilities.

  • Does the USA have any open market cellular options that are legitimate pay-as-you-go and only for what you use options like Europe yet?
  • The US has had prepaid plans for ages. The first phone I got, back in 2006 or 2007 was like that. If I recall correctly, it was 25¢/minute to call and 10¢/text. If I bought a $25 balance card, the credit would expire after 90 days instead of the usual 30 (plus unused balance would roll over, as long as I had unexpired money in my account.

  • AI is the future
  • AI is the future, unfortunately we are eternally stuck in the present.

  • [Game Thread] 25-26 MAY 2024 - Conference Finals Game 3s
  • I could see both teams stealing a game or two to get a gentleman's sweep.

  • Fuck Draymond Green
  • Not just losers. Dennis Rodman is in the Hall of Fame. The 90s were a different time. Many of Green's antics would have ended up with him getting beaten up.

  • Groceries
  • It is a conspiracy by big food. Why sell you durable groceries when they can get you addicted to single use food?

  • Fuck Draymond Green
  • In general, I don't like networks featuring active players as analysts. I always take their critique of other players with a grain of salt because they are all competing for the same roster spots. They can hate on a team all they want, but remember: the reason that an active player is working as a play off analyst is because their team lost and the team they are critiquing did not.

    But yes, Draymond is a dirty player. I do think he is not Andrew Bynum (who actively injured other players) but more out of control than Metta World Peace.

  • startyparty - a start page extension to rule them all - sorta
  • Ok, but why? If I want news, I will look at a news site. I want tweets and videos, I almost always want content from the creators that I subscribe to.

  • [Game Thread] 21-22 MAY 2024 - Conference Finals Game 1s
  • You have to give them credit for winning despite having Kyrie on their roster.

  • Anthony Davis, Victor Wembanyama, Rudy Gobert Headline 2023-24 NBA All-Defensive Team
  • Surprised that there are 4 centers in the first term and 4 guards in the second. Was the list always positionless or is that a recent change?

  • ALAT.
  • It is an asymmetric relationship. The landlord only cares if a tenant can be trusted to pay rent and not trash the place. On the other hand, the tenant is getting a service (shelter and upkeep) from the landlord.

    Like other service providers, an aggregate rating is probably more appropriate. Some people are fine as long as they have a roof and indoor plumbing while others rate 1-star if the water takes a minute to warm up. Some tenants care about kitchen appliances while others care about an updated bathroom. Some like to be woken up by the first rays of sun while others want a dark room to sleep in. It is important for tenants to both get a good aggregate of a landlord's quality but also understand if the landlord's faults are ones that they care about.

  • The MSI Claw is an embarrassment
  • Welcome to Lemmy. If Windows is ever mentioned, the knee jerk reaction is "Windows bad. Linux good.”

  • NBA Playoffs: Celtics put away Cavaliers to reach 3rd straight Eastern Conference finals - Yahoo Sports
  • It was too bad that the Cavs had so many injuries. They were out-hustling the Celtics. It could have been a much closer series.

    I am happy that the Celtics advance, nonetheless.

  • Elon Musk axed the entire Tesla Supercharger team after their division chief defied orders and said no to more layoffs
  • As mentioned in the article, now Tesla is scrambling to rehire them. I am curious how many will come back, how much of a premium they will want, and how many will stay long term. It makes sense to take the offer (especially if it comes with a better salary), wait for your former colleagues to find jobs, get some feedback from them about companies, and then jump ship.

  • I would hope that he could have foreseen this outcome before signing the deal. He accepted a difficult job knowing that he would likely be to blame if it did not work out. He got a lot of money and (I hope he) knew not to bother moving too much stuff to Phoenix.

  • [Official] Switch 2 will be announced this fiscal year + June direct confirmed
  • More news on Pokemon Legends AZ, assuming it is far enough along in development? I would expect it to be one of the last Switch games, especially if the Switch 2 is backwards compatible. Pokemon Company is known for releasing games for previous generation systems.

  • [Official] Switch 2 will be announced this fiscal year + June direct confirmed
  • It makes sense to have a final press conference about the final games for the Switch. They want customers and partners to know about major games still planned for the system,. especially if it is still going to be "current gen" during the holidays. It could be a going away party for one of the most successful video game systems.

    It is possible (and even likely) that the Switch 2 will not be announced yet. I suspect that if they planned to announce the system this month, they would have said as much. This feels more like "we plan to announce in 6 months but don't want to say as much in case plans slip".

  • Helldivers 2 went from one of the most beloved Steam games to one of the most hated pretty quickly
  • The supply lines were Creeking when people tried to play? Oh no. Why is that bad?

  • Accessory maker MobaPad says that Switch 2 will accept Switch cartridges and extra Joy-Con buttons Report suggests Switch 2 can play all original Switch games

    New Joy-con buttons, 1080p screen also feature in MobaPad's "first-hand information."

    Report suggests Switch 2 can play all original Switch games

    MobaPad is a Switch controller and game case maker (that I have never heard of), so they should have reliable info. They said that:

    • The Switch 2 will have physical cartridges and the slot will also be able to accept Switch 1 games.
    • There will be a new button on the back of each Joy-Con, behind the triggers.
    • There will be a new button on the right Joy-Con, by the Home button.
    Any good April Fools jokes out there?

    Are there any good April Fools jokes today? For example, a few years ago Google announced a sewage based ISP (i.e. flush some fiber optic cable down the toilet and they would fish it out and connect it).

    The only one I have come across is IGN article about the Nintendo Virtual Boy Pro.

    50 lateral thinking with withered technology

    I've been thinking about Gunpei Yokoi a lot lately. Before his tragic death in 1997, Yokoi was a game designer at Nintendo — one of the first, in fact. For them, he created the Game & Watch, the Virtual Boy, and the original Game Boy; over in games, he produced games like

    lateral thinking with withered technology

    TL;DR: The author asserts that Nintendo is able to be so creative because they retain employees long term rather than hiring and firing like other game developers.

    Some excerpts that I found interesting:

    > All of the designers of the original Super Mario Bros. on the original Nintendo Entertainment System are credited designers on Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

    > Back in 2013, the late Satoru Iwata — the former president of Nintendo — said this at a shareholder meeting: > > "If we reduce the number of employees for better short-term financial results, employee morale will decrease, and I sincerely doubt employees who fear that they may be laid off will be able to develop software titles that could impress people around the world."

    Has anyone ever shopped at Gate Play?

    Has anyone ever shopped at the online store Gate Play? I have never heard of them.

    I saw an out of print expansion being sold below MSRP and wanted to see if anyone knew if the site was a scam. I am going to pay by credit card and read the terms of service, but don't want to have to bother with charge backs if I am not their first victim.

    Are there clients that allow switching accounts without losing my place?

    Are there any Lemmy clients that allow me to quick change accounts and return back to the last community or post that I was looking at? Ideally, one that has an Android app version.

    This matters to me because whenever I see any discussion of instances degenerating or having uptime issues, the go to answer is to create accounts on several servers. It is also good to allow me to have several distinct "identies" (for example a professional one, a hobby one, a local one).

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    Subscribing to a KBin magazine from Lemmy

    From what I understand, KBin can import a Lemmy Community as a Magazine. Is the inverse also possible? Can I subscribe to a KBin magazine in Lemmy?

    I want to subscribe to @[email protected], but [email protected] returns no search results on .

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