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  • Well they're not wrong.

  • Wife of dead rally-goer says she hasn’t heard from Trump
  • It's a lot more fun to tag them with "Troll 🧌".😁

  • Sticker Mule cofounder supports fascism
  • Wannabe dictator has been promoting violence for 6 years. The chickens have come home to and the call came from inside the house.

  • Next week's GOP convention to go on as planned in Milwaukee, with Trump in attendance
  • He should use his blood stained shirt to sanctify some MAGA flags. /s (If you know you know)

  • Vote against Project 2025.

  • Anybody else think it was messed up that Data kept Spot trapped in his quarters?
  • The ultimate cat toy would be a custom holodeck program.

  • France Is Busing Homeless Immigrants Out of Paris Before the Olympics
  • Before you board the bus be sure to take a shit in the Seine.

  • IRS collects milestone $1 billion in back taxes from high-wealth taxpayers
  • I keep seeing this same post over and over...and I keep up voting it every damn time.😁

  • At this point Biden is the wasted vote
  • Vote against Project 2025 and/or for reproductive rights.

  • Twitter is big on censorship right now
  • Can we revoke his government contracts now?

  • The total combat losses of the enemy from 24.02.22 to 12.07.24
  • Turning the invaders into tallow candles.👍💯