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FBI joins probe into deaths of 6 foreigners at Grand Hyatt Erawan in Bangkok | The Straits Times
  • Of course it’s odd. Several rich people don’t get poisoned on the regular. The facts of the case probably point to organized crime or a nation-state assassination.

    If you want a conspiracy theory, it’s that the FBI is involved because the U.S. is who did the operation. A more likely theory is that this is bigger than one country and no one is sure what’s going on.

  • Axelrod says Biden chances of beating Trump ‘very, very slim’
  • You’re not going to change my mind on fashion models. Even when they’re wrong, you’re better off just shutting your mouth so they let you in the club. (Or clüb for my continental friends.)

    I think Nate Silver is clever but not a rigorous intellectual. His “model” is not even open source, and predicting presidential elections has 50ish data points and fewer than 10 that are uncertain. He made a good model but it is what it is: a model of the last election. (Nothing has changed. We can assume it’s the same as last time, right?)

    I also just assume he’s gonna get on the right wing grift circuit before too long. One last score is saying “woke is bad.” And he can justify anything to himself.

  • What life hack is so simple yet so effective, you're shocked more people don't know about it?
  • It’s usually just to take a small amount of delicious oil or fat — whatever you have on hand — and saute diced onions with diced bell pepper (or local equivalent) until the onions are slightly transparent. Keep going if you want the onions start being brown and have a sweet flavor. That brown is just the natural sugars coming out of the onion and is what “caramelizes” means. Caramel is sugar. And then add garlic and/or ginger and whatever spices you like.

    If you want to, add meat. If you don’t, do not. (Often, that very oil step is done from browning meat and not wasting the fat.)

    If you want soup, add a lot of liquid and whatever and cook it slowly. If you want paella, jambalaya, jollof, biryani, or equivalent — every culture has a rice dish — use the rice recipe on the bag as if it were water. (Use stock if you have any but water works fine.)

    There are dishes that are different. Like fried rice and French Toast use old rice and toast respectively. Baking is a science. But anyone can make a pot of delicious with a few ingredients and it’s a 10 minute, one pot meal.

  • What life hack is so simple yet so effective, you're shocked more people don't know about it?
  • Learn to cook the base of meals in different cultures. Like a Sofrito.

    Most of the best classic dishes in the world really start with three or four ingredients and are just variations. You shouldn’t overthink it or buy rare ingredients. You’re better off picking one and mastering the basic steps. Learning to cook isn’t about learning to recreate a chef-cooked meal. It’s about learning to cook simple, cheap ingredients.

  • Biden says it’s ‘time to outlaw’ AR-15 after Trump assassination attempt
  • Private schools often suck. Rich people aren’t smarter. They just have more money. There’s plenty of districts where the best public high school is way better than whatever private schools exist. Half the private schools are for weird religious groups or kids who got expelled.

    There’s almost always good public schools in cities. That’s why there’s always loopholes that allow rich people’s kids to go to them.

    And in colleges, Harvard isn’t better than UC-Berkeley or the honors programs at most state flagship institutions. It’s just older. (There have been studies that compared students who got into an Ivy League school and ultimately chose a public flagship and the Ivy grads only did better in the first few years after graduation. But then the public flagship attendees caught up.)

  • Moab Night Sky w/ ISS

    This isn’t a great photo. I was sitting outside in Moab, UT playing with the night sky app. The bright dot right above the hilltops is the ISS. Taken with an iPhone 15 Pro on default settings (3 second exposure in the dark) so it’s not that far off from the actual view.

    I live in a city but I’m near a dark sky site right now so I’ve been having a ball with just my binoculars and a camera phone.


    I’m curious if a team that scores late in regular time is more likely to win in extra time or penalties. Does anyone know the answer or where I can find data about knockout rounds?

    It seems like there would be an advantage because of the type of subs that happen in that scenario. Making defensive subs in the final minutes of regular time would at least hurt you in penalties, if not in added time. But maybe it’s not an important factor.

    I tried googling it but nothing came up. But it’s 2024 Google so maybe I just asked the wrong way or it wanted to sell me stuff.


    Columbia University’s student newspaper has an editorial about what transpired.


    Are there any Windows-exclusive programs you use?

    I had to test/fix something at work and I set up a Windows VM because it was a bug specific to Windows users. Once I was done, I thought, “Maybe I should keep this VM for something.” but I couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t a game (which probably wouldn’t work well in a VM anyway) or some super specific enterprise software I don’t really use.

    I also am more familiar with the Apple ecosystem than the Microsoft one so maybe I’m just oblivious to what’s out there. Does anyone out there dual boot or use a VM for a non-game, non-niche industry Windows exclusive program?


    Lingonberry Pancakes

    Waitress: You folks ready?

    Dieter: I have lingonberry pancakes.

    Kieffer: Lingonberry pancakes.

    Franz: Three pigs in blanket.

    Woman: [asks for blueberry pancakes in German]

    Dieter: [translating] Lingonberry pancakes.


    Who are your favorite overlooked historical figures?

    Lots of people were way more important than history books give them credit for. Do you have a favorite?

    Mine are Ibn al-Haytham and Mansa Musa. For very different reasons. Ibn al-Haytham basically invented the scientific method. And Mansa Musa was such a baller that he caused inflation when he visited places.


    I was just telling someone about how the loyalty plan for groceries was that you got the next letter's edition of the encyclopedia.

    I remember Funk and Wagnall’s at A&P but was that universal before we got computers?


    How much power do older mainframes need (if they're actually even run)?

    I’ve never worked with major enterprise or government systems where there’s aging mainframes — the type that get parodied for running COBOL. So, I’m completely ignorant, although fascinated. Are they power hogs? Are they wildly cheap to run? Are they even run as they were back in the day?


    Stalin the Tankie Engine

    I had Midjourney make Stalin the Tankie Engine.


    I think I accidentally made a meme

    I’ll be named THIEF soon enough.


    The Aristocrats!

    I found the least efficient way to get to the Linux CLI.


    Does Pi-Hole disrupt anything important?

    I ordered a Raspberry Pi 5 so I have a Pi 3 that’s about to be redundant. I haven’t used Pi-Hole so I was thinking it’d be good for that but I’m curious if there’s any downsides for users. Are sites blocked if you dont whitelist them? That sort of thing.

    Basically, I’m not worried about me having issues but I’m worried about a maintenance headache if friends and family can’t access things.


    Remember the High Life commercial about biking in the snow? Miller High Life--Alternative Fuels

    Miller High Life commercial done by Errol Morris.

    Let the OPECs keep their gasoline.


    Can Far Cry 5 be played stealthily?

    This weekend, I watched a 13 year-old play Far Cry 5 and the game just seemed like wave after wave of enemies to shoot or blow up (or hit with a shovel). But he also has the patience of a 13 year-old and has no concept of beating a stealth mission by throwing a rock or waiting for a guard to turn around.

    It made me curious: does Far Cry 5 have a hidden “GTA police level” system where violence begets violence? Or is the gameplay always basically a shoot ‘em up like Asteroids?


    After 9 months, the New Orleans Police Department’s use of facial recognition has resulted in zero arrests and multiple false positives New Orleans police use of facial recognition nets zero arrests in nine months - Louisiana Illuminator

    Facial recognition technology was used by the New Orleans Police Department only 13 times from Oct. 1, 2022, to July 1, 2023.

    New Orleans police use of facial recognition nets zero arrests in nine months - Louisiana Illuminator

    Does Elon Musk (or CEO Linda) know about FedNow? The Fed this summer will take another step in developing a digital currency

    The Federal Reserve will release a research paper this summer that explores a move to a central bank digital currency.

    The Fed this summer will take another step in developing a digital currency

    The Federal Reserve has already launched a small test of near-instantaneous financial transactions. Every time they talk about payments as a future feature of X/Twitter, I wonder if they know that’s getting Sherlocked.