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Biden News Conference Megathread:
  • I would walk 300 miles and I would walk 300 more

    Just to get the rights the were denied to me by the shitty Supreme Court

  • Dwayne "The Trek" Johnson
  • And not once in that episode did we smell what the Rock was cooking

  • Republicans really want you to think noncitizens are voting in droves. They're not.
  • I can see why since they define "non-citizen" as anyone who doesn't vote Republican.

  • dont threaten me with a good rule
  • Imagine if we all took turns riding on the back of the truck. Then we wouldn't get bored with it and it would always be fun.

  • Worrying signals from the universe.
  • Shit winds, Randers

  • Harris Sharpens Her Attacks on Trump
  • Same here. But it's not a lack of faith in her, it's a lack of faith in Americans.

  • Biden News Conference Megathread:
  • Thanks for reminding me to change my furnace filter

  • Microsoft is not done yet: more ads spotted in latest Windows 11 build - gHacks Tech News
  • Back in the 90s Apple charge for OS upgrades. I saved my allowance money to get OS 8 and was super happy when I got OS X 10.2 for Christmas. Once they could reliably deliver upgrades over the Internet they stopped charging for it.

  • Get in the Hilux
  • That's too credible for me to believe

  • Get in the Hilux
  • Conspiracy theory: The reason we have the Chicken Tax is to keep the Hilux out of the US because it's too effective a weapon against the military

  • Thanks I hate it

  • Nato summit: Ukraine on 'irreversible path' to membership
  • If Russia hadn't invaded Ukraine they wouldn't be joining NATO. Same with Finland and Sweden.

    Also, if they stopped being dickweeds they could have normal and friendly relations with the West. Russia's paranoia is the problem, not NATO.

  • Nato summit: Ukraine on 'irreversible path' to membership
  • Yeah, the Russians totally didn't force other countries to adopt their economic system and extract their resources for their own gain.

    Totally didn't happen anywhere, especially not in Eastern Europe.


  • Drunken driver who snapped photo going 141 mph before deadly collision imprisoned for 17 years
  • That's not a limiter, just an alert that you're going over the posted limit

  • We need to settle this debate once and for all.
  • Kbin is still down :( This is my alt

  • Time is a flat circle
  • With all the drones in use I'm amazed we haven't seen air raid balloons make a comeback.

  • a cool guide to diets
  • Hunger is the feeling of fat leaving the body.

  • We need to settle this debate once and for all.
  • The Amish would win but only once

  • 90s Semi-Hemi-Lemmygod

    John Oliver's Opposite Snakes site is delightfully 90s

    Complete with "Under Construction" gifs