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Students’ Leaf Blower Suppressor To Hit Retail
  • So they can talk about the relevant commercialization technical bits (the db) and they can’t talk about the part that’s not…? Uhh… what…?

    Is that your argument? Does that make any sense to you…? The part that should be restricted is being talked about freely… and the part that shouldn’t be restricted is…? You’re defending the system that’s backwards. And you want to call me naive and obtuse… okay, defend marketing fluff that you ate up like they were expecting….

  • Students’ Leaf Blower Suppressor To Hit Retail
  • Is it? Because the next sentence in the paragraph (and the only sentence missing in the quote) is the overall sound reduction. Which is far more important and far less misleading than saying 12db and 94% quieter.

    Its intentionally misleading to deceive people, and than the general public incorrectly defends it, this is you.

  • New homeowner, just sorta winging it...
  • Oh yeah shit downstream water would be huge. Retaining that water prevents it from being available from watershed.

    I’m right next to the Rockies and we get glacier melt and snow melt. So it’s weird seeing those restrictions elsewhere where we don’t have them but being basically the same geographically. BUT we were on water rationing last year to save the reservoir level, but the city also provides a rain barrel program, and no limits as far as I know/saw.


  • We need a serious discussion about power inequality on the Enterprise.
  • You don’t instantly freeze, but you will freeze since space is incredibly cold, regardless of no atmosphere to transmit temperature. It’s still cold and you need heat to survive in any situation unless you are close enough for radiation from the sun.

    That bit about inszantly freezing in space is Hollywood, same with firey explosions.

    Radiational transfer is still a thing even though conduction transfer can’t happen.

    Why do you think you need to heat AND cool something depending on where you are in space? And if space couldn’t transfer temperature the sun could never warm us, there is obviously more than one way to transfer heat here…..

    No one said anything about INSTANTLY feeezing. Try not to be so smarmy while completely missing the point.

  • We need a serious discussion about power inequality on the Enterprise.
  • What…? Space is incredibly cold unless you have the warmth of a sun to warm you up, so you would always need heat, or AC at any given time. You can shut turn these lower to save power and find and optimal orbit for heat or something, but yeah, temperature regulation in space is crucial.

  • Linux Inventor Says He Doesn’t Believe in Crypto
  • Haven’t multiple governments accepted it as real currency at this point? The arguments are valid, but fall flat when you actually look into each.

    Hell diamonds are valuable because of artificial scarcity, so that’s a wrench in every precious metal argument….

  • Linux Inventor Says He Doesn’t Believe in Crypto
  • It gains value because people want it and people want it because it gains value is both a perfect description of cryptocurrency and scams.

    Or gold, or any other precious metal, or any other currency really for that matter….

  • New homeowner, just sorta winging it...
  • Termites aren’t an issue everywhere though.

    The downspout should be discharged atleast 3 if not 5 feet from the house though. BUT that looks like garage? So slab on grade and not as much as a concern, but still not ideal.

  • Giant Hail Is the Weather Threat Keeping Insurers Up at Night
  • Insurance companies aren’t known to just spend money for no reason, it’s adding nucleation points, with less nucleation points the hail can build up larger before it break out of the storm cloud.

    Sure they can’t prove it’s doing anything, but more nucleation points can’t make things worse and they know more nucleation points mean smaller potential hail.

    It’s usually politics at play or environmentalists screaming about chemicals in the clouds that are the hurdles for something like this.

  • We need a serious discussion about power inequality on the Enterprise.
  • What about temperature regulation? Lights? Water? Food? It’s not just air that’s “life” support.

    I think entertainment is also included, so TVs, music, etc. that’s all put on the side burner when life support goes down, it’s a large portion of power if you include everything and not just “oxygen”.

  • Giant Hail Is the Weather Threat Keeping Insurers Up at Night
  • Works here, I think all the insurance agencies pay into the program.

    But what would you sue them for? The storm was happening and it also doesn’t always work, it mitigates their potential payouts for claims that are already going to happen.

    Think golf ball sized instead of baseball, stuff is still getting damaged.

  • Welcome to Schmidt house friends, I hope you can survive some light frost and neglect. Time to go growmies.
  • Hah it’s raining and hailed pretty good yesterday, these plants are from HD, so already hardened for outside, but yeah they’ll hang out there until they are ready to get planted.

    My actual plants being hardened are up on the deck under the table for the same reasons, and should semi shade them too. Will need to pull these ones in though, too cold at night still. I’m semi worried about needing to tarp the others a few times this week….

  • Giant Hail Is the Weather Threat Keeping Insurers Up at Night
  • It’s interesting that they don’t talk about seeding the clouds at all.

    Where I live they (the insurance companies pay for it) seed the clouds with silver iodide to create more nucleation points for the hail. This will increase the amount of hail, but decreases to total possible size.

  • Seed stash! Most are new from today.

    Lots of peas, few different bean options, lots of carrots, some radishes, lettuces, assortment of flowers.

    Nothing too fancy, just lots of options to see what works and what doesn’t.

    Welcome to Schmidt house friends, I hope you can survive some light frost and neglect. Time to go growmies.

    They aren’t going in yet, hopefully slowly over the next week, still need to harden off my starts, but didn’t want to be left with nothing for options either.

    Wife and kids picked most of the flowers so don’t know all of what they are, but I got a few tomatoe plants, a few pepper plants, a couple squashes and a few other random pickings.

    I also got a bunch of seeds too!

    Students’ Leaf Blower Suppressor To Hit Retail
  • The hate is for making a pretty obviously false claim about no power loss. Increasing or even decreasing the exhaust length will affect performance. So for them to add 8” and claim there is no loss of power is quite frankly an outright lie. So it’s being called out, and yet people are defending the asinine claim, it’s hilarious and very concerning as well.

    People are also focusing on the wrong information, the total db was reduced by a paltry 2db, not 12db like what’s being talked about.

    So they provide sound data that is misleading, and make a claim about power and not provide the data. This just reads marketing piece instead of anything on the actual tech.

  • Students’ Leaf Blower Suppressor To Hit Retail
  • We agree that the -12dB is what's important for human hearing ... Now, you may agree that the 94% reduction is what counts regarding engineering // fabrication // design.

    -2db* and 37%*

    Why are you perpetuating the wrong information?

  • Students’ Leaf Blower Suppressor To Hit Retail
  • They provided the DB data so your argument for all of those reasons is invalid. They could have easily spent a single sentence providing the CFM data. So no, not a single one of those reasons is valid to omit 6 words.

    They made a claim, they didn’t need to mention the power claim, but they did. They should have omitted the claim itself using your logic, instead of the supporting data. The argument is flawed itself.

    and we commonly have to accept that a certain presupposed level of knowledge as well as ambiguity is necessary.

    Like knowing making a discharge tube longer or shorter affects its aerodynamics….? So we know the claim is false already…? Their ambiguity is meant to mislead people with zero working knowledge of the subject… anyone with any experience will see its flaw immediately.

  • New homeowner, just sorta winging it...
  • Yeah I can’t even think of a secondary or tertiary reason.

    Unless it’s to stop people from storing it and using it inside? But even than… so my thought on that one is overall maintenance.

    In my city you get charged 30% iirc of your water use for sanitary use, so that pays for waste water treatment and maintenance of sewer lines. It’s not a full 100% because people water the yards and other stuff, and it’s not feasible to measure waste discharge.

    So the only reason I could think of with, is so people aren’t getting around water fees and therefore sewer maintenance fees.

    But it’s probably capitalism instead of trying to maintaining infrastructure.

  • Students’ Leaf Blower Suppressor To Hit Retail
  • The team reduced the overall leaf blower noise by about two decibels, making the machine sound 37% quieter.

    It’s an insignificant 2db, I don’t know why buddy didn’t provide the relevant information.

  • Crushed it growmies. After a week of drying and slight cleanup the total is 600g.

    She’s fruity with just a hint of spice, cleaned this one up quickly with a canna brush, not hating the result actually.

    I know it's a little late for most of you, but what's your guys spring lawn care routine?

    Me I just got done mine, snow and rain made it a little too wet to do fully, but I dealt with it.

    Once the snow is melted (I get a few chances during the winter at least) I’ll clean up all the land mines from the dog, I’ll then give it a light rake to clean up the leaves and some of the dead grass.

    Once I’ve done a light rake I’ll run the lawn mower over it at the highest setting, then the lowest setting. I grab a leaf rake and give it a good rake, I used to power rake, looking at getting a detatcher machine/rake next year. I aerated with a manual tool last year so skipped this year.

    Once it’s gotten a good deep rake I will then give it a blow with the leaf blower before mowing at the lowest setting to clean it all up. After that I overseed with some white clover (only started last year) and regular grass seed. Then give a her a soak, in three weeks I’ll follow up with a fertilizer.

    Harvested and all hung to dry in the tent. Shooting for 60rh and it keeps itself around 18 degrees.

    All in all, it was over 5kg of material, but a lot of fan leaves and stems.

    2x Durban Poison taken to day 65 in aeroponics with technaflora nutrients.

    I mainly trim off the fan leaves and leave the rest for a dry trim, usually dryer here so try to leave more material as long as it’s got trichomes on it.

    New lid and smaller net pots this time growmies. 2x Durban Poison and 2x Blueberry auto.

    Unfortunately the tomatoes weren’t able to be modified to put in here, and it’s not nice enough to go outside yet so they are gone.

    She screamed at my growmies.

    Saw some nanners, so called it. Will make a post about it later, currently knee deep in harvesting!

    Of course she's gonna be ready when the weather outside is beautiful.

    Raining all day today, but looks like a couple more days according to this one.

    Check off one thing, totally ready growmies.

    1.3 yards to fill the entire 3’x40’ flower bed. Cedar mulch.

    Got the last flower bed demulched. Album with list of plants with before and after.

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    Still needs a top up of compost/loam and mulch, but happy with the amount accomplished.

    Weather was nice enough to get one of the raised beds raised another 10".

    Size of each bed is 4’x12’. All that’s missing is the 50/50 loam compost mix for the one. Other needs a tilling and the extension as well.

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