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Cops investigated after claiming criminals 'turned into cats' and escaped from cells
  • Maybe they were almost out of Wild Shapes until they rested.

  • 8 More Democrats in Congress Urge Biden to Step Aside.
  • Except you can't just do that now. We dont have plenty of time. Good luck organizing primaries in all the states again before November. And good luck pressuring the law to allow you to do that.

  • Kamala Harris Holds Emergency Call With Dem Donors
  • Its not, last time we did this Reagan won by a fucking landslide. I am very nervous but voting D.

  • Bet y'all are very familiar with this
  • My fucking back tensed just looking at this shit. Never helping plant signs again. Though it was cool the signs were made to use one of those instead of just stabbing it in the ground like those weak ass wire frame ones.

  • The Power of 💩
  • The world is already shit, it might as well run on it.

    In all seriousness though I do think this is an avenue worth exploring. As we will always have human waste to deal with as long as humans are around.

  • What is the most neat Open Source smartwatch?
  • That covers all my smart watch use cases tho.

  • The Whole Murder Thing, I'm Guessing
  • Its the Russian stratagem. Flood the air waves with anything and everything. Call what's true false and what's false true. Now consensus reality no longer exists.

  • Ancient Roman folding pocket knife, ~1st century AD
  • Damn, the design is that old? Thats cool.

  • The ultra-wealthy just gained $49 trillion in wealth thanks to stocks
  • We should start a successful Occupy Wallstreet.

  • AOC says many who want Joe Biden off ticket also want to remove Kamala
  • You got a good point there. Its just, who else is palatable? Whitmer + AOC?

  • does anyone use a modern screen-foldable phone as their regular phone?
  • I just love having a tablephone. I play Sky Children of Light on it nightly with my kids. I also use it to remote into anything I need at work and its easy to work off of it. I'll be getting the fold 6 through my company when it is released and still have my fold 3 in storage just in case something happens to my employment.

  • Inside Ziklag, the Christian-Right Group Trying to Sway the 2024 Election — ProPublica
  • Why wait? Plan the date, let's do what the French did to blackrock

  • does anyone use a modern screen-foldable phone as their regular phone?
  • I had a fold 3, now I use a fold 5 as my daily driver. No issues with either except I used the 3 without a case for a while and now the hinge is slightly damaged, everything works tho. Love them.

  • Donald Trump's chances of winning election slump after RNC speech
  • You think everyone is just tired of this shit? Both these dudes are older than my grandfather when he died. I am fucking tired boss. It shouldn't be this crazy just to get sensible candidates who are actual human beings. It really shouldn't.

  • AOC says many who want Joe Biden off ticket also want to remove Kamala
  • Kamala and AOC would be a lit ticket. I still think we're barreling towards another Reagan era victory by doing this. But that "medical emergency" + instant COVID was almost a sign from the universe.

  • [Xbox Adjacent] Halo TV Show Canceled After Just Two Seasons
  • Its because they made their own story that shat on existing lore. Simple as, fallout meshed it in a tasteful way and thats why its good (plus fallout games were honestly easier to do this with).

  • She made it back!

    After 3 days. I can't describe how happy we are at my house. Someone found her behind a decorative vase by their front door.



    This is my family's cat Mimi. She is the sweetest and smallest cat we have ever had. I just needed to make a post about her. She is missing and I'm hoping with all my heart she is okay.


    Lemmy Recently

    They're just shirts


    My brother experienced an Eclipse

    Do not look down little dev, the dead can do nothing for you.


    Not breaking that cycle is an integral part of the design.


    And I will remember your story


    Just a little tired


    This place used to be so familiar


    You were dumb too

    One of these things is not like the others.


    Pioneer II


    you've forgotten where you began


    It Waddles My Dees


    So they say


    Breakfast Terror


    Synthwave City

    First rice ever. Thought I'd post it after getting the ropes on Arch.


    Distro: Arch

    WM: i3

    Terminal: Kitty

    Compositor: Picom

    Bar: Polybar (with Font Awesome 5)

    The dotfiles are here.


    Me forcing my brother to do his data structures & algorithms homework