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Roman day laborers carrying an amphora
  • While it's not impossible that they're slaves, slaves were a relatively small proportion of laborers in the Roman economy. And even then, most slaves were employed in agriculture, mining, and domestic servitude, not productive urban labor. It's generally pretty accepted anymore that the Roman economy was a market economy in which wage labor was normal and widespread.

  • Me beating Hannibal every day of my rule
  • "Put that thought on hold for a little longer, would you? I have important things to not do."

  • Document from Charlemagne, Westphalia, 813 AD
  • I don't know that the res is high enough to make out words, but I think it's Latin in Carolingian Miniscule Font

  • Ancient Gallic warriors scouting the woods
  • Saddles are ancient; you may be thinking of stirrups, which only spread to Europe after the arrival of the Franks.

  • Me beating Hannibal every day of my rule
  • The Romans: "Fabius the dictator ('Speaker')? More like Fabius the CUNCTator! ('Delayer')"

    The Romans after getting their asses kicked by Hannibal 10 more times and realizing Fabius is the only sane man in the fucking country: "ONE MAN, BY DELAYING, HAS SAVED THE REPUBLIC"

  • a r(ule)ant about game design
  • Throw the switches on the forge. They release lava into the arena.

    BG3 is pretty lenient in general, but I think your solution is really more of an open-world style kiting solution.

  • Do you recognise any usernames on Lemmy?
  • I'm not. I'm extremely anti-Israel, but not supporting a Trump presidency makes me pro-genocide in the eyes of accelerationists.

  • a r(ule)ant about game design
  • Wait, what on earth are you trying to do? Jump into the lava?

  • Because it takes slightly less mental energy to sit and stress than to do the thing.
  • Reminiscing on my school days, my mother recently suggested that I might have ADHD (Inattentive).

    Really have spent the past few weeks reflecting on how figuring that out sooner could have cleared up so many things.

  • Political Compass Memes PugJesus

    "Anarchy is..."

    History Memes PugJesus


    When you're absolutely insane but buy into your own spiel
  • Explanation: Goldwater was "Mr. Conservative", the 1964 GOP presidential candidate, a man so entrenched in small government delusions that he thought segregation by private businesses was a "states' rights issue". Yet come the 80s and 90s, when evangelical interests took over the Republican Party, Goldwater was a supporter of LGBT rights because the Federal government had no 'right' to interfere in such matters. Man was bizarre, but points for a strange kind of consistency?

  • History Memes PugJesus

    When you're absolutely insane but buy into your own spiel

    Boston Pride Parade, USA, 1970
  • Weather weren't so fair at the time. Though there were a few companies in the 70s which afforded benefits to same-sex partners.

  • Gun waifu (Asimo)

    Processing olives into olive oil in Ancient Rome
  • Well, the screw bit is true. The screw press was revolutionary in wine and olive oil processing and invented around this time.

  • Non-negotiable
  • This dog has interrobangs and semi-colons in his head.

    Translation: "Furthermore; it is necessary to the security of the household that you allocate unto me a portion of all baked, cooked, or roasted goods that pass herein. For should I waste for want of sustenance, there would be no watch at the door; no bold guard to prevent the trespass of wicked men into the holdfast of our fair clan. And what could such a trifling price be, but rightfully rendered payment to a hound most virtuous and fair; indeed, such a payment is ennobling, even, to bursar and beneficiary alike!"

    Dog Mind: ";;;"

  • Prosecutors say Alec Baldwin was ‘engaged in horseplay’ with gun before fatal shooting
  • Unfortunately, guns are deceptively simple. Just about anything that can detonate a realistic looking blank is capable of firing an actual bullet. And even if it's just a blank, any obstruction in the barrel can end up becoming an ad-hoc projectile by the force. Every once in a while, you have that happen in Civil War re-enactments.

  • Non-negotiable
  • With those eyes, I can hear him licking his chops just from the photo.

  • Omg guys war with China would be terrible we wouldn’t want war with China
  • ♪ Kill for gain or shoot to maim ♪

    ♪ We don't need a reason ♪

  • Political Compass Memes PugJesus

    Fuck the state?

    History Memes PugJesus


    Illyrian funerary helmets, 6th century BCE
  • Found in a necropolis, they're death masks. Gotta look good going into the afterlife!

  • History doesn't repeat, but it can rhyme
  • Pelopidas, the first commander of the Sacred Band, was part of an uprising against a Theban oligarchy and one of the statesmen involved in the new Theban democratic regime. Lived a humble and modest life, gave most of his wealth away, led an untried unit to some of the most glorious victories of his day, and died as he lived - fighting tyranny like a badass. I'd pay my own blood to see a miniseries around him.