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  • Agreed. I never took courses on either piece of software. At the age of 12, I tried both PS 6.0 and GIMP (whatever version was the latest in the year 2000). I found Photoshop to be considerably easier to use, and that's what I've stuck with ever since. GIMP was at the time—and continues to be—completely and utterly unintuitive. It should have been completely rewritten from scratch over 20 years ago.

  • Now that DuckDuckGo is out. Give me your search prompts and I'll answer them as best I can. That includes images (based on what I have saved on my PC). So what is it you wish to know or see?
  • It's not. This is yesterday's news. DDG is back up now.

    One thing that annoys me about Lemmy is that it keeps stories on the front page for way too long. They should be gone after about 14-16 hours IMO. Until this is fixed, in the meantime I've been changing my post sort from Active, to Top Posts in the Past 12 Hours.

  • Windows 10 EOL PSA
  • Garuda Linux Gaming Edition is another option if you can get over the teenage "Dr4gonized" theme. I'd recommend it over PopOS because it's basically Arch with everything you need for a smooth transition from Windows pre-installed. PopOS is Ubuntu-based.

  • Just use Firefox
  • Brave is sketchy. Their whole "unblock ads to get rewards" thing doesn't sit right with me. The only companies that do that are those who are in bed with the ad companies.

    I have yet to find an extension that didn't have a usable Firefox equivalent. But if you must stubbornly stick with Chromium, at the very least use Ungoogled Chromium and grab a script off of GitHub that allows you to still download and install extensions from the Chrome Web Store, as well as an auto-updater.

  • Elders [Alex Krokus]
  • Hell, I was gaming on a PC from 2013 all the way into 2022 (i5-4670K, 16GB DDR3 1600, and a 770, later upgraded to a 1070). My CPU stopped meeting the minimum requirement for games around 2018-2019, but it was enough to maintain 60 FPS @ 1080p in all but the most demanding titles. If a pile a money didn't fall in my lap, I'd still be gaming on it today. But now that I've experienced 4K 120Hz gaming in HDR with Ray Tracing and DLSS, I could never go back. It was worth building a new PC for HDR and DLSS alone.

  • Anon helps with his gf's vaping addiction
  • This would actually work out fine because she'd get he new bottle, hit it as hard as she did with her diluted bottles, then to proceed to throw up. The nausea alone from nicotine overdose should be a decent deterrent.

  • Free time [Mr. Lovenstein]
  • I tried to bring others on but hardly anyone was interested. It was a struggle enough as-is just to find reliable DJs. Nobody wants to work for free, and frankly I don't blame them. And unfortunately I didn't have the funding nor the listener count to bring in enough revenue to actually pay people. Lemmy just doesn't have a big enough pool of users to keep a project like this rolling. I thought about recruiting people from reddit but then that would defeat the whole point of having a radio station just for Lemmy users.

  • Free time [Mr. Lovenstein]
  • Can relate. Last year I learned HTML+CSS+PHP and then built and ran a radio station called Radio Lemmy. It was the whole package. Even built programming blocks and brought on DJs. I did this all in under three weeks.

    And then two months later I got lost all motivation and shut the entire project down. Didn't even make a post in the community for the station. One day the station/website existed, the next day it didn't. I feel guilty for fucking off, but I'm too embarrassed to go even check to see if anyone made a post asking what happened. Even created a new account in a different instance to hide. I'm pathetic.

    Fucking ADHD. I'll never have any accomplishments in life because I lose all motivation to carry on the moment I have to actually put in work to make the dream a reality. I've always wanted to run a radio station ever since I was a kid, but it stopped being fun and started feeling like a job way sooner than I wanted it to. I'd love to reboot the concept but I know I'm just going to get tired of it and ghost the listeners a second time around... *sigh*

  • Seriously, why aren't most people using adblock these days
  • I used to use it all the time, but after a few years I got tired of constantly playing a game of "which blocked script is breaking everything this time" every time I visit a new website.

    I wish I could remember the discussion (ADHD), but I remember someone pointing out to me a few years back that Ublock Origin makes NoScript redundant. It does have the ability to block scripts, it just enables them by default instead of blocking them. Don't quote me on this but I believe the reason was because it only blocks malicious Javascript.

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