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Biden ‘needs to drop out’ campaign official tells NBC News
  • There is a concerted foreign effort to manipulate the election.

    We all know some people don't want Biden again and we know the reasons.

    Posting 30 some links a day of people saying the same thing isn't news, it isn't informative, and it isn't useful.

    I don't doubt some people are saying it. But the effort is being made to make it sound like the DNC is suppressing a rebellion when that isn't at all what's happening.

    We do not have other candidates ready. In the last four years, not one person in the party tried to make themselves the successor.

    We have the No Labels guy and the Brain Worms guy. No serious candidates have stepped forward.

    So unless this endless tide of hand wringing has a plan, it's fucking useless.

    As such, I do not believe mamy party insiders are trying to tank their candidate. This is foreign influence to demoralize the left, specifically to get the 'Bernie Bro' crowd to stay home because the DNC betrayed them again.

  • What is your favorite movie theater where you live?
  • The West theater in Duluth MN.

    We have an Imax elsewhere in town but The West is a single screen theater owned by a local couple who wanted their old neighborhood cinema back.

    I don't go to the movies often, but I always try to go there. And it's the closest to my house too.

  • It’s our democracy, America! A second Trump presidency would be nothing like the first
  • If we want to continue to have a country that has any potential to be improved democratically this is the last shot to do it.

    It's not hyperbole. The trolls are out in full force to discourage you from taking action. Don't like the Democratic Party? Had it with the DNC?

    I get it. But there are far fewer levers of power that can be pulled by citizens if Trump gets in again. We all know this.

    This is our very last chance to start to turn things around.

  • Autism and food sensitivity.
  • There's a whole range of possible symptomatic 'quirks' autistic people have. I wouldn't go trying to determine "how autistic" you are in such a way.

    If you go out of your way to try new foods, but settle in on the one thing you like and keep getting it, to me that would seem a little obsessive from both sides.

    "I must try everything so I know the best one."

    Most people would go "Hmm, what do I want tonight?" That's the 'normal'.

    Me, I was very picky as a kid. Then I opened up my palate and tried a bunch of new things, surprising relatives who had known me my whole life.

    Then I discovered I have serious sensitivities, which is probably why as a kid I stuck with just a few foods.

    But in the end I don't know I am autistic. I'd just be surprised if I wasn't.

  • I'm the Duluth Critter

    Hey all, I'm a cis ally in the upper Midwest of the USA. I offered a room to Keris a while back and she accepted.

    She got here Wednesday night and things are going very well. She likes me, my wife, and our cats and one dog, and is learning to tolerate the other.

    She has an attic bedroom that is her space alone.

    She has time to unwind and figure out what she wants to do without fear of being dumped on the streets.

    I just wanted to let you all know that we have taken her in and that she is safe and loved.


    [GENERAL] John Flansburgh is a superior musician to John Linnell

    I've been a fan of They Might Be Giants for most of my life and have always been surprised that people universally disagree with me on this.

    Linnell's songs tend to be quirkier but also shallower. (State Songs is a good example here - there isnt a song for every state and theyre often abstract to the point of meaninglessness. I expected such a project to have more inspiration behind it.

    I've always found Flansburgh's more melodic and thoughtful, slightly better composed, and with a superior singing voice.

    Of course they're a great duo and they play off each other's strengths. I don't dislike Linnell at all, just the songs that he sings tend to not be my favorites.

    Out of Context DnD Pronell

    "I can't believe I didn't get to poison anyone last night."

    Said by one of my two DM friends to me while we were in a pizza joint together.

    "Dude! Context! We are in public."

    I have a bountiful life of riches. I run two games and play in three. Just a problem finding time for them all.