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Mark Kelly now heavy favorite to be Harris’ running mate as he blasts JD Vance on Ukraine
  • I hope that age in politics snaps back hard in the coming years. As I get older I'm really getting sick of old people

  • Too spicy?
  • They also want to defund the IRS and other federal agencies, which exist to enforce laws. Once of the biggest CSAM busts in history was spearheaded by a single IRS agent and resulted in hundreds of arrests across the globe, including a border patrol agent. It ended with taking down a huge darknet website called "welcome to video."

  • Somehow USB disks are still the easiest and most reliable way
  • Most phones are only USB 2.0. I don't know why you would want to mess with that if you don't have to.

  • Paying more for policing doesn’t stop or reduce crime
  • The answer is mental healthcare and economic opportunities. If you've ever been to a local jail, you'll quickly realize that the majority of people there needed a mental health intervention in their early childhood. Problem is that there's no will by anyone to do it. Parents are resistant because of the stigma. Even if they're not, the cost of mental healthcare is too high if it's not covered by insurance. Even if it's covered you get a p-doc once a month for 15 minutes. Nevermind trying to get a diagnosis from a child who can't explain their symptoms because their symptoms are just normal for them in the first place. Then you have to try different medications at different doses and get everyone on board to take the medication on time every day. That's all if you can get a doctor that listens to what a kid says. Doing all this as an adult is exhausting, can't imagine trying to do it as a kid and having to trust a number of other adults not to fuck up.

  • Secret Service director steps down after assassination attempt against ex-President Trump at rally.
  • She's covering for the people on the ground who fucked up. She's not throwing people under the bus. Sign of good leadership.

  • Windows 3.1 saves the day during CrowdStrike outage — Southwest Airlines scrapes by with archaic OS
  • They exist, but they might not work with all hardware and keyboards. The problem with the industrial space is that nobody really thinks to keep something around like that just in case. Something stops working and then it's a scramble to get it back up and running again.

  • FTC launches probe into 'surveillance pricing' that it says links cost to customer data
  • Stores have been using your phones Bluetooth Mac address to see where you walk around and linger for at least a decade. I assume they use cameras to do it now. They can also use facial recognition, at least in most states.

  • FTC launches probe into 'surveillance pricing' that it says links cost to customer data
  • If you go through a drive through or to a gas station they can grab your license plate number with a camera and associate it with the information from your credit card.

  • Biden calls for justice after footage released of police killing Black woman
  • Having mental illness in America might as well be a crime. Local jails are just mental healthcare facilities without the mental healthcare.

  • Casually Admitting to Buying a Candidate
  • That's why politicians publish books. The pac or whoever buys a bunch of copies and gives/throws them away.

  • Biden calls for justice after footage released of police killing Black woman
  • Police suffer from paranoid delusions that they are the "thin line" between good and evil and that they are the ultimate example of virtue. They justify their own actions as for the greater good. It is a job that requires you lack critical thinking skills and officers are brainwashed into enforcing a certain ideal puratain society where one must be obedient to authority and work hard and suffer to be a moral and good person.

  • Biden calls for justice after footage released of police killing Black woman
  • From other articles I've read she was schizophrenic and a neighbor had said that this was a fairly common occurrence.

  • Biden calls for justice after footage released of police killing Black woman
  • It's almost exactly like one of the many generic looking suburbs, maybe a little ghetto, definitely not Hicksville some some other places. There's pockets of suburban areas in Central Illinois such as Bloomington/Normal and Champaign/Urbana

  • Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe says too many carmakers are copying Tesla
  • I have an 01' Volvo. It has an alarm siren under the bumper. They put a nicad battery in the siren so that even if the main battery is cut the alarm can go off. This battery is prone to going bad, leaking out, and ruining the control board. This will cause the sunroof to not work. The rest of the car is still fine. You will get an error message about the security system, but the car will start. You just can't use the sunroof.

    If you catch the problem in time, you can cut the siren open and replace the battery, there is also some way to eliminate the alarm feature through reprogramming I think. I have also seen an aftermarket board that will take it's place.

    I just live without the sunroof as it's not worth fixing.

  • Local AI is one step closer through Mistral-NeMo 12B
  • It's in the list I linked on pcpartpicker they're about $50 more.

  • Local AI is one step closer through Mistral-NeMo 12B
  • The best GPU to buy right now would be an Intel arc a770. You can get them for under $300 with 16gb vram.

    You should also make sure that you have a motherboard and CPU that supports a feature called "resizeable bar",51539607552&sort=price&page=1

  • Body-cam video shows Illinois officer fatally shooting Black woman in face
  • I'd like to know which departments he worked at before.

  • Shush Rule