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MEGA THREAD - Trump shot but safe, 2 others killed at PA rally
  • I agree. We're all just processing this and should probably take a break and come back when there is more info and we can think critically. That said, this is very scary, like, I feel like my physical safety is at risk because of this. So, not knowing what others are going through, I'm going to have some compassion for any initial reactions. People are having these same discussions face to face right now but not everyone can do that and may need to.

  • What do you think of this prediction?
  • I'd drop Steam if that happened. There are other ways to get games and managers like Lutris make organizing them easy. I'm sure Valve knows this and with how long they've been successful, fucking with gamers would not make sense. Look how it's working or for some of the bigger gaming companies recently.

  • Appeals court tells Texas it cannot ban books for mentioning ‘butt and fart’
  • Good. Fuck Butt Fart Texas. Books should not be censored for words. I remember a teacher in maybe 7th grade reading a book outloud with the word fuck in it, and he just said it and kept reading, he.knew the book well. I gained a lot of respect for that teacher and listened to him because I felt like he wasn't going to censor what he taught us.

  • Speaking the truth
  • The LAPD had been abusing black people forever. The OJ trial brought international attention to the situation of systemic racism in policing and the legal system. It wasn't that black people were glad he got away with murder. Read up on the trial. The lead detective talked with a reporter on tape years earlier, and talked about beating, killing, planting evidence, and other abuses against black men specifically.

  • L.A. County wants to cap rent hikes at 3%. Landlords say that would push them to sell
  • I'll add, as a minority there are neighborhoods that are off limits because I know I would not be accepted, and, I have an "ethnic" name, so I assume some bias may be held towards people selling in neighborhoods like that.

  • Sewer Vent Through Middle of Standing Seam
  • I'm not a roofer, but I'd have the vents installed the correct way. Even if it was sealed well the whole setup looks sloppy and prone to leaks. Show the boss or forman of the roofing company the pictures of the work you dont like and see if they'll fix it. If not you could look up your local laws, the roofer may have to make this right. If they do then document the work and make sure it's good. Either way I'd fix it, you don't fuck with your roof.

  • More older Americans delaying retirement, returning to workforce
  • HR update:

    If death of an employee is certain, ensure employee positions their body as shown in figure 1. If positioned correctly, spasms from the deceased can be capitalized on to produce additional value for the company post mortem.

  • It doesn't exist once you step out of the shower
  • Yeah, I'm in my 40s and just now being tested. Based on the one test I did, it seems I probably have it. If I do it will explain a lot of my struggles, but thinking about all that lost time being untreated is gonna tear me up a bit. I always heard ADHD was one of those made up illnesses and all boys are hyper, and I believed that for a long time.

  • Can homeless people be fined for sleeping outside? A rural Oregon city asks the US Supreme Court
  • It's getting to the point that you can't sleep anywhere legally unless you're paying someone for the space you're occupying. Most of the cities near me have destroyed the woods that homeless people lived in, forcing them to move and leaving behind a weird ass looking stand of trees.

    I used to work with homeless people and as much as being outside sucks, shelters can be worse. We had people in their 70s who went to shelters and slept on the floor, their heads almost touching their neighbors. They had their meds stolen and had to sleep on top of their belongings to keep them safe. A lot of people chose to sleep outside in the summer because they felt safer.