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Contemporary African Music is not getting the credit it deserves
  • Thanks for reco, actually heard about Alien Weaponry first due to close proximity (I am Australian). A YouTuber called Steve Terreberry did a video reviewing a heap of culturally diverse bands that I should rewatch (it's where I found Bloodywood) just be aware his persona is pretty grating and cringe and I can only tolerate in doses.

  • Contemporary African Music is not getting the credit it deserves
  • Tbh it's not just African music, I find it's anything not Western. So many cool instruments that just aren't used that commonly in the mainstream. I've been really enjoying a metal band called Bloodywood as they incorporate traditional Indian instruments and I've not heard anything like it before

  • YouTube videos are skipping to the end for users with adblockers
  • I thought I was going insane with the wrong video thing. I have premium but also an ad blocker because the entire internet is a cancerous cesspit without one, so I wonder if I get hit with anti ad blocking measures or I was just tripping?

  • Introduction to capitalised pronouns
  • If you don't mind me asking, (seriously feel free to tell me to go away) how have you found transitioning in Australia?(assuming based on your instance). I'm curious to know the state of affairs here