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Seeing a lot of this lately...
  • There are a bunch, sadly none of them stand a chance, despite being better candidates. In the upcoming election, voting for Biden results in a better outlook in every aspect. I've always voted 3rd party, but I pivoted last election cycle because anything is better than Trump, and I recognize that. Once he's out of the picture I'll go back to third party.

  • Gangs mix another potent sedative into U.S. street drugs causing 'mass overdoses'
  • Not sure who downvoted you without adding anything to the discussion (coward). I think legalization is the best path forward, for both humanitarian and financial reasons. Legalize and tax the shit out of it. Use the taxes to fund education and rehabilitation.

  • Ticketmaster hacked. Breach affects more than half a billion users.
  • I don't even check anymore. I get a credit / "your info was found on the dark web!" Email literally every week, what's the point. I've been fucked by giga corps and I have nothing to show for it besides weekly notifications of my compromised info

  • Male alligator fashion choices
  • Odd, it wasn't for me.

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    SCIENCE NOT EXACTLY ROCKET SCIENCE The Alligator Has a Permanently Erect, Bungee Penis ByEd Yong February 12, 2013 • 7 min read In the video above, Brandon Moore from Louisiana Tech University is dissecting a freshly dead male alligator. You’re looking at the creature’s underside, near its hip area. As the sequence begins, Moore’s scalpel touches the alligator’s pelvic nerve. The metal makes the nerve fire and… well… just watch the video.

    That’s the alligator’s penis—ten centimetres long, ghostly white, and surprisingly quick-moving. It flips out in an instant and just hangs there for a few seconds to greet a startled Moore, before twanging back inside just as quickly. I love that Moore back-steps and freezes. There’s no audio. I wish there was audio.

    The video was a revelation to Diane Kelly from the University of Massachusetts, and the key to interpreting the utterly bizarre penis of the American alligator. Here are the highlights: it’s permanently erect; it shoots out like toothpaste from a tube; and it bounces back because it basically has a rubber band attached to it. “It is really weird,” says Kelly. “Really weird.”

    an American alligator

    American alligator PHOTOGRAPHY BY SARAH TOWNE That’s not something she’d say lightly. Animal penises are her speciality. She has studied and dissected the male organs of mammals and turtles to better understand their anatomy and their evolutionary history. Meanwhile, her close colleague Patricia Brennan—“the other penis lady”—had done a lot of work on birds, snakes and lizards (remember the infamous duck penis video?). The crocodilians—crocodiles, alligators and their kin—seemed like the obvious group to target next.

    Here’s what we knew about their penises before Kelly started. The males have a single large phallus stashed within the cloaca. That’s the joint opening you can see in the video above, which also gives way to the urinary and digestive tracts. Sperm travels along a deep groove running the length of the penis, which is surrounded by dense tissue. Okay, but how does a crocodilian inflate its penis or eject it from the cloaca?

    To find out, Kelly needed to get her hands on some crocodilians. Fortunately, she didn’t have to work with living ones. In September, she headed down to the Rockerfeller Wildlife Refuge in Louisiana, which has an annual cull to control the local population of American alligators. They let her work with four of the animals that had been shot, including a huge four-metre-long bull. “It was really scary, even though it was dead!” says Kelly.

    Through dissection, she discovered that the alligator’s penis doesn’t inflate at all. It’s permanently erect. The whole structure is filled with dense layers of a stiff protein called collagen. Even the central bit, where blood would normally flow down, is just collagen, collagen and more collagen.

    That’s bizarre. Whenever a reptile, bird or mammal has a penis (and some don’t), it always inflates in some way. Maybe blood pumps into it, as in humans, other mammals, and turtles. Maybe it explosively turns inside-out like in ducks and some lizards or snakes. Either way, some shape-changing occurs. But not in alligators—when Kelly tried to artificially inflate the penis by pumping saline, it didn’t change in either length or diameter.

    So, if the penis doesn’t inflate, how does the male alligator extrude it from the cloaca? Muscles would be the obvious answer, but continuing the theme of “really weird”, the penis has no muscles attached to it. It’s almost free-floating. One pair of muscles—the levator cloacae—cradle the penis like a sling, but doesn’t actually connect.

    This stumped Kelly until she saw Moore’s video. She now thinks that when the levator cloacae contract, they force the penis out by squeezing the cloacal chamber. “This squishes the whole penis and pops it out of the vent,” she says. Indeed, when Kelly yanked on the levator cloacae by hand, the penis of her dead alligator leapt into the outside world.

    I said the penis is almost free-floating. It’s got a tendon that connects to its middle, which helps to swivel it forwards when it pops out. Its base is also attached to the hip bone by a pair of large ligaments, that are “the consistency of the big rubber bands the post office uses,” says Kelly. When the penis comes out, these rubber bands are stretched. As soon as the levator cloacae relax, the elastic ligaments yank the penis back in.

    an alligator penis

    Alligator penis. PHOTOGRAPH BY DIANE KELLY This is just a hypothesis. Kelly now wants to do some tests of the muscles, tendons and ligaments to check that the “ones I think are everting the penis are actually the ones that are doing this”. Then, it’s time to look at living crocodilians to see how they actually use their penises, and how they might benefit from a permanently erect organ.

    I leave you with this—an autographed cocktail napkin on which Kelly sketched out the alligators’ genital tract for me at a bar in Raleigh, North Carolina. She would like me to note that is it not to scale.

  • Afghan mine-clearer killed by Taliban after it sees him in Emmy-winning film
  • Wow, the film makers Heineman and McNally are total pieces of shit. They were warned several times that people would be killed if they didn't blur their faces. Heineman and McNally said it would be fine, then said no one ever warned them, then said it's normal to show faces, then said it's really the governments fault, not theirs.

    Heineman and McNally are responsible for this person's death, and are too cowardly to admit it.

  • Corporate astroturfing is the norm

    Went to Google Play to complain about Hulu. I noticed Google advertising that over 300 reviews had the verbatim quote "watch and movies that you love". It's always confusing that buggy corporate apps have >95% 5 star reviews until you see that the majority are just completely fake, and no one cares or is doing anything about it.

    YouTube: 5 ads the norm now?

    For context I'm in the US. The last time I used YouTube without an ad blocker, there were 2 ads back to back, and way too frequently. I tried watching on my PlayStation tonight, and not only are they more frequent, they've increased in quantity by 150%. It's also very common for the last ad to last 2 minutes to over an hour long. What the actual fuck, why would anyone watch YouTube without an ad blocker at this point? It's literally unwatchable

    Edit: the amount of unsolicited advice in the comments is unreal. I don't get ads on my phone or on desktop, I'm very aware of how to block them. I simply won't watch YouTube on my PlayStation anymore. I'm not looking for suggestions, please stop with the recommendations.

    Happy Thanksgiving brothers

    I don't have many people to celebrate with. Part of getting older is celebrating alone, which is sobering and a change of perception. If you're reading this, I hope you're safe. I hope you're with family that loves you, I got you have a friend.

    The world seems dark, but it truly is safer than ever. Don't give into the media my friend. We're truly in a golden age of information sharing, which makes life terrifying but lucid and evolving.

    Play Store Astroterfing

    Has anyone else noticed that the Google Play store reviews are suspicious?

    Like, you find a scam company or app, and every review you scroll through is 1 star. And yet the reviews claim 95%+ are positive.

    Is there a way to prove it? I've noticed it for 3 years now, I no longer think it's a coincidence. Something scummy or scammy is going on

    Is there no way to report ads?

    Lately I've seen some... Questionable ads, to say the least. Is there no way to report these ads on sync?

    If there is, am I just dumb and blind? Or is it easier than it seems?

    It feels like early Reddit all over again to me, hopefully I'm wrong

    For context, Android user, been here a few months, and I opt out of everything that's easy/simple/apparent to opt out of

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