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Sterilization, Murders, Suicides: Bans Haven’t Slowed Abortions, and They’re Costing Lives
  • So some stupid law isn't going to stop someone who cannot have a baby at the point they've gotten pregnant? It's almost like people don't take such a step lightly and the act in itself weighs more heavily on people than the law ever could… but admitting that would defeat the whole point of those “pro-life” hypocrites, I guess....

  • A woman took her sick puppy to a Maryland shelter to be euthanized. The dog is up for adoption again.
  • The shelter diagnosed the liver thing, started a GoFundMe, treated the dog and then put it up for adoption instead of telling the grieving owner one wird about any of this. Instead of doing their fundraising, getting new owners and such, the previous owner said she would have happily paid for the procedure and taken her dog back home. That's what you are missing. It's really clearly written out in that article, so...

  • Families of Uvalde victims sue Activision, say Call of Duty is 'the most prolific and effective marketer of assault weapons in the United States'
  • Oy! Before you spew out shit that is frankly disgusting in the context of what happened in Uvalde, maybe think for a split-second about what you're about to say, eh?

    Besides, if a whole nation continues to fail it's “tired, poor, it's huddled masses yearning to breathe free”, blaming parents for just not parenting enough is misguided at best and delusional at worst. Do you think parents just don't give a fuck when their children suffer? Do you think parents will just let their kids down and let them fall into the void that results in school shooters? No. No, they will not. But there is only so much a parent can do if the entire rest of society doesn't give the slightest of fucks. You don't have kids, have you?

  • New Linux user, here is my use case. Distro recommendations?
  • Okay, there will be people disagreeing with me, but I can't let a new user be misled by us nerds talking distros all day.

    So, you want to choose a distro because you expect it to do things differently than your current one? Thing is: Ultimately, they (mostly) don't differ that much, really. There are extremely few things one distro can do that you cannot do in any other distro. Yes, some files will be in different places, they might use special versions for some packages (which often can be overridden) or use older and more stable versions of stuff (Debian). Yet, in the end, they are all the same OS. They all use the same window managers, the same kernels, the same drivers (mostly), the same logic behind many things. Another distro only feels really different, when you know a lot about the ins and outs of Linux systems. If you don't, the difference will often be that you have to type either "pacman" or "apt", or either change /etc/program.conf or /etc/program.d/foo.conf.

    Play with the distro you already have and like. You ain't missing anything. Just don't get the wrong idea that Distros are like windows: monolithic monsters that can't be really changed. Like mint but want Gnome as window manager? Go for it. Dislike the way the standard terminal software does colors? Get another one. Don't like how Program X does some GUI thing? There will almost always an alternative that just plugs into your system exactly as the preinstalled one did.

    A distribution is basically just a pre-selection of packages that can be changed at will. Hell, you could in theory get pacman on Debian or Apt on Arch. I don't know why you'd want to, but in theory you could.

    Don't waste your time reinstalling your machine. Play with the things you already have!

  • Steam Deck game library now 29% larger than that of Nintendo Switch
  • Yes! Exactly! A comparison between two things based on form factor is not useful! My original point

    But by that logic, there is less games on my WiFi router than on the Xbox. Same form factor after all.

    Was that a comparison between Nintendo switch and steamdeck because "they have the same form factor" is not fitting, which I tried to illustrate with my router to Xbox comparison!

  • Steam Deck game library now 29% larger than that of Nintendo Switch
  • See, your "argument" so far has been "you're wrong" without ever answering anything or engaging on anything. I repeat my question: what is a "form factor" in your mind? Because yes, to me a "form factor" is exactly that: size, shape, dimensions. Wikipedia confirmed my definition. You just keep telling me how ridiculous I'm apparently being without ever telling me why...

  • Millennials are 'quiet vacationing' rather than asking their boss for PTO: 'There's a giant workaround culture'
  • That's what media tried to sell as "quiet quitting" here as well. They used the English term instead of the German one to make it appear as something new, cursing "gen Z" for not wanting to do overtime and such (which in reality is not a gen Z, but a Baby boomer thing here in Germany) which came out of fucking nowhere.

    On the other side, someone who's gotten into a "Stille Kündigung" mindset might not even quit. They'll just withdraw to a point where the barely meet the minimum requirements for their job, become passive and inflexible. It's usually seen as the ultimate consequence when employers disappoint someone too often and seen as something unrecoverable and to be avoided.

  • Multiple HDDs in a RPi5 vanish

    Hey, I'm really stumped by this issue so perhaps one of you folks might be able to help me out here. I run a little server on an RPi 5.i got for another project originally. So ce I cannot finish said project due to time constraints, I repurposed the thing into a little server. It's running smoothly so far with one really weird exception. Whenever I attach more than 1 HDDs to the pi and use at least 2 at the same time, both HDDs will start to fail, unmount and the whole USB hubs I connected them to will just disappear from LSUSB. Originally I thought this was a power issue but the weird behavior continues when I connect each HDD to it's own powered USB hub. I'm really at a loss as to what's happening. Any ideas?


    Suggestions wanted: Self hosted newsletter unsubscriber

    Hey there,

    I recently got increasingly annoyed by all the newsletters that keep to pop up in my (admittedly rather old) E-Mail-Accounts and I thought it might be a cool idea to have them unsubscribed from in bulk. Now I know of services like, but those will of course scrape everything they can from your mail account. So: Is there any self-hosted alternative to these services so I can run them myself?

    Thanks in advance :)


    Got it running, now how do I back it up?

    Hey there, I'm in need of a bit of wisdom here: I recently got myself a shiny new Vserver and have it running exclusively with docker containers that use regular volumes.

    Now: how would I back this thing up? I mean, I have read a lot about borg for example, but I'm not sure how to do it the right way: Do I just copy / to a repo and fiddle the data back in place if stuff goes wrong, or would it be wiser to backup the volumes, do a docker save and export the images to a folder and then send that to the storage box?

    Since docker should stop the containers to prevent data inconsistency during a backup: How do I tell Borg to do that? I've seen several approaches (Borg Dockerized with some sort of access to docker's .sock, Borg setup on the host, and some even wilder approaches).

    Since Backups aren't something you can "try again" once you need them, I'd rather have a solution that works.

    me_irl Norgur


    Gaming Norgur

    Ubisoft thinks it's okay to delete your games library now apparently

    20 Rammstein-Fans im Zeitgeist: Die Verwahrlosten

    Mit ihrer emotionalen Verwahrlosung stehen Rammstein-Fans keineswegs allein. Sie repräsentieren eine Minderheit, die immer weitermarschieren will.

    Rammstein-Fans im Zeitgeist: Die Verwahrlosten

    Ich bin mal gespannt auf Meinungen zu diesem Artikel, mit dem ich persönlich ein Thema habe.

    Ich meine, das Sprichwort "Where there's smoke, there is fire" wird auch hier zutreffen und an den Vorwürfen gegen Til Lindemann wird am Ende was dran sein, ich glaube nicht, dass die Menschen, die ihre Geschichten öffentlich gemacht haben, lügen.

    Gleichzeitig finde ich es verwerflich, wenn Artikel wie dieser hier direkt alle, die auf z.B. Gerichtsverfahren warten, bis sie Vorwürfen Taten folgen lassen, statt der Medienberichterstattung blind hinterher zu springen. sehr direkt in die "AfD-Wähler" und "Klimaleugner"-Ecke stellen. Vor einigen Monaten wäre da noch ein Hinweis auf Impfgegner und Maskenverweigerer mit drin gewesen.

    Hier wird alles was man "falsch" findet auf den selben Typ Mensch heruntergebrochen und damit eine Ablehnung desselben legitimiert. "Der hat noch ein Rammstein-Lied in der Playlist? Der wählt doch AfD!"

    Ich finde den Trend, öffentliche Verurteilungen auf Medienberichte zu stützen, sehr bedenklich. Gerade, nachdem der Spiegel gegen Rammstein ja scheinbar eine Klatsche vor Gericht kassiert hat, weil die angeblich bestehenden Quellen in diesem Prozess irgendwie verpufft sind. Jedenfalls ging das aus den Auszügen hervor, die ich vom Unterlassungsurteil aus Hamburg gelesen habe.

    Ich finde tatsächlich, dass wir sorgfältiger sein sollten, als "Der Spiegel hat geschrieben, dass jemand gesagt hat, dass wer anderes was schlimmes gemacht hat, also ist jeder ein ewig gestriger Klimaverweigerer, der nicht sofort alles blockt und stoppt, was dieser andere so macht und wer 'Beweise' abwartet, ist eigentlich mehr so ein Verschwörungstheoretiker". Das macht das selbe, was wir auf der rechten Seite beobachten: Es schafft ein vermeintlich monolithisches Feindbild, gegen das vorzugehen man jedes Recht habe. Dabei fliegt so etwas wie die Unschuldsvermutung oder die Beweislast einfach aus dem Fenster.


    Success kid Success Kid

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    Success Kid

    Let's think about this for a second Philosoraptor

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