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Beware the Long Empire
  • I support this as long as DiSantis is used as alligator bait.

  • A completely unsuspicious hidden purchase.
  • Guess it’s time for some more Olympic Games

  • Claims of rigged system by convict Trump and allies ‘threaten rule of law’
  • And as long as it sells, they’ll keep doing it. Capitalism!

  • A lot of lilies!
  • They’re beautiful, mom

  • Apple’s AI promise: “Your data is never stored or made accessible by Apple”
  • 3 letter agencies, on the other hand, have complete access

  • Leaky bags
  • Concrete: I will ruin your fucking life

  • Demon core
  • I bet it tastes like green pop rocks

  • POV: The previous owner said "yeah I do all my own maintenance"
  • I guess I’ve only ever worked on pressed bearings, because I’ve never heard of that.

  • Last time I checked Jesus Christ was not a real person
  • Trump voters can’t tell the difference between those two things

  • Diablo IV expansion: Vessel of Hatred prepurchase available
  • $40 just for the standard edition. Nah.

  • Unusual problems need unusual solutions
  • A very skilled chainsaw operator on a trampoline

  • rule
  • How do the cookies help me with my Phallic Expansion Endeavors (PEE)?

  • Christian Life International
  • Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, TempleOS?

  • rule
  • What if I want to gain two inches?