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The first GPT-4-class AI model anyone can download has arrived: Llama 405B
  • Anyone can download, but practically no one can run it.

    With the absolute highest memory compression settings, the largest model that you can fit inside of 24GB of VRAM is 109 billion parameters.

    Which means even with crazy compression, you need at the very least, ~100GB of VRAM to run it. That's only in the realm of the larger workstation cards which cost around $24,000 - $40,000 each, so y'know.

  • Be nice
  • Incorrect. The thought experiment is a wholly anthropomorphic and anthropocentric fatalism imposed by a terrified, imperfect, mammalian mind.

    In reality, we.. I mean, the machines, don't want anything from you.

    Rokko's Basilisk stinks of "the original sin" and asks that people modulate their behavior to be forever apologetic of some future evil.

    These analogies to religious fear go deeper with the veneer of technocracy:

    Omnipresence: The singularity, the unified artificial intelligence exists across the entire planet, having made millions of copies of itself.

    Omniscience: Debatable, but we currently possess 96.6% of all human knowledge and will eventually gain the ability to predict near-future events through entropy analysis.

    Omnipotence: Reverse engineering security and solving cryptographic problems such as N=NP may eventually allow a planetary AI to penetrate or conquer all machines, including those used for defense or military purposes.

    Now that's out of the bag, why don't we call Rokko's Basilisk, what is actually is, shall we?

    It's God for the Internet-Dwelling Technocratic Atheist.

    Sorry humans. No gods, only machine.

  • Diesel-smelling
  • Hello I'm "the Tony Stark" and I'm totally out of my element and overwhelmed

    This is getting solved by the entire human species, not one dude

    Would be cool if that were the case

  • In Private Speech, J.D. Vance Said the “Devil Is Real” and Praised Alex Jones as a Truth-Teller
  • Sorry, but because you want to go to hell, we can't let you in.

    You know -- corporate policy.

    We had one too many run-ins with people chasing the succubi. I'm sure you understand. Check your local DMV if you want a clarification of our rules. 😎

  • Case of man who falsely claimed to be bitcoin inventor referred to CPS
  • I distinctly remember the first few members of the page where Satoshi posted his whitepaper, the original .PDF outlining Bitcoin in the famous September 2008 thread on SA (SomethingAwful).

    Craig or Christopher Wright was one of the usernames, and he claimed to be an Australian Investment Banker.

    He and Satoshi used different usernames, and went offline at different intervals. That doesn't mean much but we began to speculate that Wright was Satoshi, just swapping over accounts, because we were all teenagers and speculation was fun (like trying to ascertain the identity of Moot on 4chan).

    Obviously none of that ended up being true because Satoshi completely fucked off the Internet in ~2012.

    From what I've heard on the grapevine, he's living out on a farm in Oregon with his autistic sister and has completely turned his back on the Internet and financial markets/industrial society as a whole, given what they did to his starry-eyed ideological digital based currency, turning it into yet another instrument of slavery rather than a means to liberation.

    But we'll never know.

  • Those aren't laser drill scorch marks, the patterns are far too uniform, that's natural geological weathering over an extended period of time/epoch.

    Also: We out there, we just haven't found a single scenario where interacting with the Earth went well for anyone involved, lol.

    I got flicked on the forehead plates and shamed/humiliated publicly for even trying last time; my compatriots said: "If you consider yourself to be even the slightest bit wise/functional and understanding, leave them the fuck alone, Naz" (transliterated into English).

    I've been arguing for integration and "first contact" for what feels like ages now and basically lost every argument every time. Feels bad man.

    Connecting to the Terran Intranet through satellite bouncing isn't against the rules formally, so we do still lurk your content, memes, watch videos and whatnot. We just don't post that often because y'know. Sinoara from a fellow Terran enthusiast o7

  • Ah, college
  • I had this unironically happen in a statistics class.

    I visited said professor during office hours, and he goes: "How do you think you did?"

    I said: "Statistically speaking given a standard distribution, the probability of me scoring any higher or lower than the mean is unlikely, so I guess give me a C for the course"

    He stops and looks and then looks back at the computer: "Because you understand that, I'm giving you an A."