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  • Being single is so chill. No extra families to go to during holidays or birthdays, you can do what you want. No need to keep track of someone else's calendar.

    No arguments. I always hate when the say: in every relationship you will have arguments. No thank you, I don't to waste time on that.

  • State of Play Megathread (2024.05.30)
  • Need to see more of that aliens VR game, can be loads of fun.

    Behemoth looks interesting. I'm surely keeping a eye on that. Want to see more of it.

    Also: Astro bot! Going to play the heck out of that!

  • Can i use a extension cable for the psvr 1?

    Hello there,

    I was wondering if could use a extension cable for the ps camera so that can setup the camera there where i have more room to use the psvr. i think i need about 4 meters. Is that possible? Found plenty of extension cables online but no experiences how or if it works with the camera.

    Also: is there some sort of stand for the camera i can place it in? something easy to setup and break down when done playing?


    Looking for a app to read webstrips and keep track where i left off.

    Its there any app that let me add/select webstrips and keeps track what I've read and left off?


    Just finished Grim Fandango remastered.

    Always wanted to play it when it was released, but never got around to it and totally forgot about it.

    Till it popped up in my recommended feed and bought instantly.

    Damn, what a game. Point & click adventure game at its finest. If its not the humor or the beautiful art that draws you in, the music certainly will.

    If you like point & click games, this one you should definitely play this game.