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Why White Feelings Trump Historical Context?
  • Don't do that. Part of the reason white America is whinging out at the moment is they feel tribe-less. Every human is as ancient a culture as the next, it's simple math! Imma just assume you're some euro trash. Go suck on a macaroon!

    Now obviously we should find something better to celebrate than some asshole slavers who lost a war they started... Devils always in the details.

  • Ride for free rule
  • People used to have bumper stickers that said "grass cash or ass" as in payment methods for a ride. It often meant they were willing to give a stranger a ride. As fear and irony took over our nation it eventually became a shitpost. No one hitchhikes anymore tho

  • Fair and Balanced
  • On taking office, Nixon established the Council of Urban Affairs, under the leadership of Daniel Patrick Moynihan, to develop a welfare reform proposal. Moynihan's proposed plan centered on replacing welfare programs with a negative income tax, which would provide a guaranteed minimum income to all Americans. Nixon became closely involved in the proposal and, despite opposition from Arthur Burns and other conservatives, adopted Moynihan's plan as the central legislative proposal of his first year in office. In an August 1969 televised address, Nixon proposed the Family Assistance Plan (FAP), which would establish a national income floor of $1600 per year for a family of four.

    Taken from his Wikipedia. Nixon. I mean how far the bar has dropped.

  • Coconuts 🥥
  • You always believe the latest thing presented to you, no matter how ridiculous. It was obviously the very same time travelers who masquerade as pyramid building aliens, whom are also responsible for Winnipeg, the Harlem shake, and the noble platypus. Getting all willy nilly with the coconuts, fuckin degens.

  • 30 years in prison for a bong with water in it. Vs what for Trump?
  • I used to live in that region. She'll do some jail, maybe even prison, depending on priors and exactly what went down, but not 30yrs. Just asshole cops making the most out of what they got. No judge will let that shit fly. Maybe in Alabama but not MN.

  • What's the dumbest blockbuster movie you have seen that somehow received high praise?
  • I never got the dune hype either, book or movie. The latest was fun to watch on the big screen, and the 80's make is awesomely 80's in all its 80's terribleness. But over all it gets a meh from me. And I'm a huge SF nerd.

  • Mint is up and running!

    Thank you all who reached out, it really was awesome.

    Was super easy, even my Nvidia cards driver was basically automated. Haven't played anything yet but I'm sure I'll be fine.

    I opened up the command thingy a couple of times just to get some settings how I wanted them, but could have gotten by without it.

    The biggest stumbling block for me personally was getting the thumb drive in order, then the hardware to boot from it. First you gotta use a thing called Rufus to format the drive correctly, not sure how or why, but you do.

    And then I couldn't get my laptop to load bios no matter what key/s I mashed at restart, but searching " advanced startup options" in settings brought me to a menu to reboot from my (now correctly formatted) USB drive.

    The rest drove itself. Still some stuff to figure out with it but it's doable. Very polished and user friendly.Thank you all again so much!


    Need a good resource to learn linux

    I just fucking can't with windows anymore. I'd preach about it but I imagine you've heard it all. I have minimal computer expertise.

    I use my PC mainly for streaming, downloading torrent files who's copyright you don't need to worry about, and light gaming. Usually just messing with New Vegas mods.

    If someone knows of a good YouTube channel or guide or something written for andelder millennial caveman I would be grateful.

    Edit: after having been recommended mint OS and giving it a quick Google, I got this! I haven't fucked with anything linux scince the early aughts. And holy shit has that come a ways. Guess I remembered back and got a little intimidated. Mint is downloading now. As a small f.u. I booted up edge to do it. Ty you beautiful people!


    Beauty queen

    Sorry to flood y'all with photos of the same cat. I have time on my hands for a bit and have been posting daily. If you guys get sick of it let me know and I'll cool it.

    This is Miss Caligula, we call her calie or just kitty for the most part. I found her as a stray kitten a few years ago. She's the most social cat, will go on walks with you and involve herself with most activities. I swear sometimes she understands English.

    Great mouser, horrible birder (thank God). I know there's a lot of good reasons to keep cats indoors but she was not having it. We try to keep her collar on when she's outside. Such a good kitty


    Dignity and fluff in the cool light of morning.

    First survey of the bird feeder/breakfast supervision. Such a helpful kitty.