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DVDs are dying right as streaming has made them appealing again
  • I am pretty sure 1080p video will fit on DVD just fine if formatted as regular data disc. But I am not sure if H.264 or anything newer is supported, and video may not have the highest quality, but still better than 720p I guess.

  • Rounded Window Corners Reborn - GNOME Shell Extensions
  • Cant'wait for square borders to be popular again! I've lived long enough to see borders get from squared (90's) -> rounded (early 00's) -> squared (late 00's?/10's) -> rounded (20's). So I guess by this trend we'll return to squared ones in 2030's.

  • OpenSUSE is the best
  • Yeah, that's the first distro that I use in a long time (last time before that I was running some early version of Ubuntu MATE), and having a blast already. I also very like customizability of KDE Plasma 6.

  • Why do you still hate Windows?
  • I don't think the ability to destroy your entire system by one command is a good thing for a desktop operating system. On Linux random program with root rights can bring down your entire system by one poorly written script, but Windows at least has multiple mechanisms in place to prevent that.

  • AI art steals from the poor and has no place in modern society
  • I feel like enjoying AI "art" is the same entertainment type as scrolling through Facebook or TikTok. Fine to kill time, but nothing that will improve our lives. In other words It's a perfect media for the future to get addicted to, and get nothing done.

  • If you could create a new religion, what would you include to make it wholesome, interesting and helpful for the world?
  • Probably a deist one. One where it says that God have left us, because he wanted that we need to go forwards without his guidance, and it's the only way to have more civilized society, especially given how bed-time stories don't have much to do with today's reality.

  • [DQ5] But all I wanted to do was to catch some monsters. What do you mean I need to do math?

    From this GameFAQs guide:

    languagelearning Matriks404

    Watching ads


    Since I got confused about platform availability for each game, I made a sheet with a detailed table about that. Dragon Quest platform availability

    Game versions Name,Original release date,Platforms PC-9801,NES,MSX,MSX2,SNES,PlayStation,Satellaview,Game Boy Color,PlayStation 2,BREW,DoJa,Nintendo DS,Wii,iPhone,Android,iPad,Nintendo 3DS,Wii U Dragon Quest,1986-05-27,Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes,No,Yes,Yes,No,No,Yes,No,Yes (1),Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes,No (2) Dr...

    If anything is wrong, tell me please.

    I have made that table with help of MobyGames and Wikipedia.

    You can also put comments in the sheet if needed.