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When the fuck did we start singing "shit"?
  • Seems like a bad graph? It feels like there is an obvious sudden upward trend sometime before 2000, the most important trend on the graph, and you cant tell what year it starts! Could be 80's could be 90's. Idk maybe I'm missing something or lacking some graph display info.

  • McDonalds removes AI drive-throughs after order errors
  • Does anyone have a link to the caramel ice cream video?

  • 19 June 1979
  • Cake looks like it's covered in oil

  • Animated wizard by drawnfromthedead


    Looking for card suggestions for a janky bday deck for my SO

    Current decklist:

    My SO's bday is at the end of July and they've asked me to build them a deck. Most of their deck's are pretty high power so they requested something silly and different. I've gone over the commander/idea of the deck with them and they love it so now I'm just trying to touch it up before I order cards. With all of that out of the way here is the basic idea of the deck.

    The deck is looking to give its opponents as many creatures as it possibly can. To this end it runs many creatures that give opponents tokens like [[Varchild's War-riders]] , [[Hunted Phantasm]] , and [[Ox Drover]] as well as ways to flicker them to recur those effects. It also runs cards like [[Alliance of Arms]] that can produce a ton of tokens quickly.

    The next thing that the deck wants to do is pillow fort to not die at the hands of what it created. [[Pramikon, Sky Rampart]] is here to help with this, and the decks flickers make sure the direction can be switched to not ruin the game for one player. The deck also runs [[Propoganda]] , [[Windborn Muse]] , [[Ghostly Prison]] and similar cards to protect itself.

    The deck makes tokens itself and can win with [[dragonshift]] when the opponents are beaten down enough. [[Storm Herd]] is in as another late game finisher. It can also win pillow-fort stlye with [[Azor's Elocutors]].

    I'm trying hard to make sure the deck stays fun to play against. We play with the same pod every week and I don't want to give my SO a deck everyone hates. As long as the deck doesn't shut down the game completely I know it will be popular, the guys are very into goofy/unique ideas.

    I'm not the greatest deck builder so I'm looking for feedback on the balance of different cards ie lands/creatures/draw/pillow-fort. I'm also looking for any cards that would be fun and fit the deck that I've missed. I'm trying to keep the budget around $100.

    Thanks for reading!!

  • proof?

  • Master wizard Bob Belcher
  • Red robes > Blue robes

  • cRUELstacean

    get it cruel bcuz hes mean but also ruel is pronounced like rule (please clap)

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    The Internet is becoming genuinely unusable without an ad blocker
  • Thank you! Had no idea this existed. Just downloaded and donated so you just helped the dev!

  • Do you recognise any usernames on Lemmy?
  • What software is that? Sounds nice.

  • Do you recognise any usernames on Lemmy?
  • I always check people's comment history before I block, to see if they are always a jerk or if they're just having a bad day.

  • Burning Delusion
  • Wonderful motion in this. I love how the swirling flames carry your eyes around the piece while the stoic figure holds them still.

  • One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge
  • I learned about this in middle school and I would daydream about getting real powers and taking the challenge and blowing everybodys mind.

  • Reber Plan
  • 2.5 billion doesn't actually seem that bad for a project of this scale. But according to a quick calculation on an internet site it'd be about 26 billion today.

  • Raggare - Punk hating Swedish greasers
  • Meta note, I like a short description after the article title, I feel it gives the community more life and makes this place feel less sterile. I'm a lot more likely to click on a post if there is a brief description. I know the rules discourage it but Im not sure why. Is it a holdover from reddit? I know the subs there have a lot of rules due to the large volume of posts but its not really an issue on Lemmy with the smaller size.

    No editorializing seems like a great policy though.

    If the mod asks Ill edit this post to just be the article title

  • Tumblr has the weirdest social commentary sometimes
  • Fair enough, any site can take a dark turn tho

  • Tumblr has the weirdest social commentary sometimes
  • Tumblr is a lot of fun though. We have fedi versions of a lot of sites but no real alternative to Tumblr

  • but its really pretty
  • Maybe you're powerless, I could stop it if I wanted to

  • Testicular torsion this mend buttcrack that I CAST EIGHT FUCKING BEARS
  • Woah an 8/8 for 2 mana!! Wizards needs to ban this before it breaks the format.

  • NSFW
    Finally doing something useful with that mouth
  • Mods if this is over the line let me know

  • Gunbird 2 cutscene

    Fantastic game btw. Players 1 and 2 each pick a character, and then you get cutscenes featuring those two characters interacting between every level. Gives the game a lot of replayability.

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    gotta get inside their head

    Been here for a year, haven't regretted it ever
  • Usually I just go with the most active/largest one. If there are multiple active I either sub to both or whichever one comes from the smaller instance to help keep lemmy diversified.

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    It's a great honor to wear the hat


    wizard city by graskip

    Check out their blog they have a lot of other awesome art!!

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    \#woke problems


    Something in the woods

    Darren had decided to go exploring a local forest , having heard there was an old spring house nearby abandoned long ago. They said the spring was magic, granting health and longer life. As he made his way along the mostly unused paths he......